New Name for CFS

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    I am new to this message board. I have had CFS since 1999 and like most of you, if not all, I went from doctor to doctor for years being treated for all sorts of things because, and most doctors do not understand the disease.

    When I have to tell someone what my condition is I frankly feel embarrassed by telling people I have CFS. Too many times I hear things like "it's just laziness" or really there is nothing wrong with me except "in my head".

    So most of the time I describe my condition as an immune response dysfunction. (my immune system attacking itself) That it is a chronic illness and liken the immune system to the soil in a garden. (Quoted from Dr. Louie Pasteur) If the soil is contaminated nothing grows healthy in the garden, and that in turn opens the door to all sorts of viral and infectious intrusions.

    Since this disease seems to involves the reproduction of cells, whether it is reproducing unhealthy cells or over producing healthy cells at the DNA/RNA level, I think the name should reflect that this is a illness associated with RNA/DNA meltdown.

    Just my thoughts on the subject. I know I would like to see the name changed to something other than CFS.

    At least most people no longer refer to it as "Yuppie Disease" or "Sick building diesease". So, I guess some awareness has been made to the general public. Thank God.