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    Hi there. I am new to this. I haven't even been diagonosed professionally but...... For the last few years things just haven't been right..early on I went to the doctors several times but came out feeling like an idiot so unless I really have to I don't want to go. Question time... can stress cause CFS... in the last 13 years I have looked after my stroke affected father (died 1990) then our son died in 1994.. I thought I would do the right thing and look after my mother in law...Bi-Polar until she finally went. I thought at the point that I had done my bit for family and that i could enjoy what was left but Oh no. husband has Trigeminal neuralgia as well as marfan Syndrome( that doesn't need looking after but the Trigeminal does at times). Daughters marriage ended and crys on my shoulder but that is what a mother is for (I think)... I was a very heavy smoker but gave up 18months ago it has been since I haven't had that crutch that things seem to have got strange. All the symptoms that I have previously been to the doctor with is on a common Symptom list I found for CFS. If sleeping is one thing when I stopped smoking i would get up in the morning get my husband off to work sit in a chair and go to sleep wake up at lunch, sleep until dinner time, get dinner then once that was over with sleep until bed time then go to bed and sleep all night. I am not as bad now but still get tired. If it is the case that I have a form of CFS I am going to have to go through this on my own because the pain my husband has has made him think that he is the only one with a problem but we won't go into that.. So that is my case. My memory...what that???:) What do you think????
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    Hi Cadi, welcome to the board. I hope you have another illness that is cureable and not CFS! Lets hope for the best here.

    You sure have been through a whole lot of stress in you life. Sorry to hear that.

    I guess we can all relate to stressful events that seem to lead up to our illness.

    I lost both parents in a four month period in their fifties, and it really threw me a curve ball at the time. But I think I already had Fibromyalgia before it happened, and it just continued to get worst as the years passed. Then there were more losses, my beloved young son in law was killed instantly in an auto accident, then six months later, my brother, my only sibling passed away six years ago, at his wake I had the first spasm in my back. I had the Fibro pain before this, but that was the first spasm, I will never forget it.

    I now have my husband, three children, two grandchildren and a cousin. All my family is gone. I know what stress and lost is too. Too much at one time, and something has to give!

    I know you will find many friends on this board, as we have some of the greatest people around right here.

    They will laugh with you, cry with you, and support you as best they can. I am sure you will fit right in with all of us.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, as for quitting the cigarettes, it could be that the lost of the nicotine all at one time could have caused the tiredness you described, as nicotine is a stimulant.