New Neuro doc What is OxyIr ??????????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jakeg, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Can some one answer this?????? Is this the same as Oxycontin-ER except instant release??????

    The reason I'm asking this is that the new neurologist that I went to on Tuesday suggested that we should change my break through med to Oxy-IR from 5/500 Vicoden.

    He said that since I take the Oxycontin 20mg twice a day that it would be better to use Oxy-IR instead of the Vicoden. He likes to keep these meds grouped rather then use something different. He said that it would probably be better for me to do this but left it up to me.

    Has any one here used this at all??????

    Did work sufficiently to relieve the agonizing pain that happens when you need to take a break though med.

    This new doc seemed really nice and does treat fibro and we talked about all the different treatments that he uses which are quit extensive and not all covered by my insurance.

    Everything from warm massages, acupuncture, intravenous and many other things that would make the list so long my arms would go away just trying to list them all, but for now I'm going to stay with the new rheumy that I went to on Monday. They seem to have the same treatment plan.

    So should I mention this new med to my new rheumy as a replacement for the vicoden and that the neurologist suggested that it my be better for me then the vicoden????

  2. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I am taking Oxy IR right now. I am using it as my only pain med. I find it pretty good. I take 5mg at bed time, and then usually 2.5 mgs during the day. I've only been on it a few weeks tho.
    I find it better than the Morphine Sulphate I was on.
    I can take 1/2 - 1 tablet (5mgs/tablet) every 6 hrs. I've been trying to stick to 2.5mgs (half a tablet) but at night I don't want any pain waking me up. I am finding it doesn't make me as constipated as the morphine did, tho it is still a problem for me.

    I had been taking T3's for many years and it doesn't do the trick any more. And I wanted something that didn't a the tylenol or the caffinee in it.

    Oxycodone is fast acting, Oxycontin is time release, if I am correct.

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  3. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Thanks for the info Raz. I think I'm going to mention it to my new rheumy and see what she thinks. Whether or not it will have any bennefits for me over the vicoden.

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