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    Hi all,
    thought I would write quick. As most of you all know I am battling severe migraines and body wide weakness with them. I seen a Neurologist that treated me like crap a few weeks ago. Today i returned to the Doctor who has been treating my migraines since the first of the year and he is not impressed with the way i was treated. He has set me up with a different Neuro for tomorrow afternoon. He is concerned and said the one i am going to will take all the time i need with him. he will "LISTEN" to me and will be nice to me. he for warned me to expect a brain and possibly and spinal MRI. he said this could possibly be MS or it could be herniated discs in the cervical spine. However he will do what he needs to do to get the bottom of all of this with me. Tankfully..

    So, i am glad to hear that there may be help after all for me. I am sinking down in such a rut I feel I can't get out.
    Also heard from Disability examiner today. he asked if i've had a functional capacity eval before. I explained it was over two years ago and it is totally wrong for my health now. he said actually it would be great to have because the Doctor who has my file wants something to compare my past health apposed to my present. He almost seemed excited when i said i had copies and he thanked me for helping him so much with this. Hopefully this is a good sign and this week is a turning point in my life. My fingers are crossed.