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    heelo, my name is Lizz

    i live in houston texas

    found out about this page through a friend of mine

    since he knows im dealing with anxiety he said this page could really help me in a way

    to express myself and my thoughts. here for good laughs , help , and friends.
  2. rockgor

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    Hello Lizz

    Welcome to the Board. I previously posted some general info about the
    Pro Health Board. You can find same in my response to Wendy whose
    post is currently just below yours.

    I have been depressed most of my life. Have been greatly helped by
    therapy, short periods of hospitalization, and meds. I also got a lot
    of help from a 12 step program called Emotions Anonymous. There
    are no fees. Members contribute what they can to cover the expenses
    which are primarily rent and coffee. The rent is never very much since
    meetings are usually held in public buildings or church basements.

    There are no professional therapists. Just members who share their
    experience. The program also provides some companionship; people
    often arrange to have something to eat before or after the meeting.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Welcome here!!
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Verolinia,

    Welcome to the Chit Chat Forum. There are other forums to offer member support for what ails us but the Chit Chat Forum is a place where we come to talk about all kinds of things. It's often a welcome relief from our illnesses but we can, and do, discuss our illnesses as well. The Porch is just a group of friends who stop by to talk about whatever is happening in our lives. Please stop by to chat. It may take just a bit to figure out who is who but everyone will welcome you with open arms.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Soul*

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    Welcome aboard Verolina! This is definitely a good place for support and some good laughs too.

    There are many people with Fibromiyalgia and/or ME/CFS on the Prohealth forums which is good to keep in mind when looking for or giving specific advise since research has found that for people with ME/CFS certain levels that are normally high in the body system of others with similar symptoms (mental or physical) can surprisingly enough be in the low in people with ME/CFS, and the other way around. People with depression for example have an extra high cortisol but in people with ME/CFS the cortisol is extra low.

    So specific medicine and supplements that might work for them, might not work for you or even have the opposite effect, and the other way around. Always good to keep that in mind when looking for or giving advise specific to your situation in case you do not have ME/CFS. Things might workout completely different for you.

    Friendship and laughter works for us all though so welcome aboard :D
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    hey :) welcome x
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    Hi LIZZ, et al,

    I think I posted to you somewhere else too. A BIG welcome to you. ROCK and MIKIE have already told you some of what the PH Boards are all about. Try some different places and see where you think you feel the most comfortable Chit Chat might be a good one for you and the PORCH the one with the different volumes and Porchlights which is also on Chit Chat, not to be confused with the chat board.. There are also lots of places on the boards where you can chat about possible medical problems, etc.

    If you go to the Porch please don't feel you have to write a long post or do it daily. Do whatever is comfortable for you. ROCK is so right that there is little fee, no payment needed or anything. Just share and make some new friends,

    Hi also to Soul ( Hope you are feeling better). Sorry you haven't been on the Porch for awhile and sorry that I haven't gotten to chat with you. I have been so busy it seems on the Porch , if I am lucky, that I can't get to many other places. I am lucky if I get there daily any more.

    Granni :)
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  9. hello lizz welcome to this forum :)