new over the counter topical cream that uses nanotechnology works great

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  1. krje01

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    i came across a topical rub(cream) that uses nanotechnology & works great for my severe fibromyalgia,lumbar discogenic syndrome,tmj syndrome & lumbar facet syndrome.look up definition for nanotechnology.sorry i couldn't copy & paste it here.I don't know if i'm permitted to give the brand name of the product.Can anyone please let me know if i can?if i can i will gladly give the brand name of the product.I'll check back later for a reply to see if i can post the name of the product i am bragging about. Sincerely fibro sufferer in Scranton,PA
  2. Scapper

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    Yes on the creme name.....and yes on your other post re: tens-like unit!

    Names pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :):):)
  3. krje01

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    the site you buy it at is (website URL removed by moderator).
  4. Mikie

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    The name of a product which helped us but we may not post e-addresses for commercial websites.

    Love, Mikie