NEW PAIN RELIEF device? can help to get off meds

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    PRWeb Press Release NewsWire October 30, 2006
    Biofeedback Pain Relief Device First of its Kind to be Registered with FDA

    ONDAMED® is a FDA registered Class II biofeedback device and currently an IRB approved status as a secondary therapeutic device for the treatment of various disorders which alleviates pain, discomfort, or general malaise. The device is now awaiting final designation as a pain-treatment device. New Windsor, NY (PRWEB) October 30, 2006 -- After passing its preliminary registration phase with the FDA, Ondamed is now awaiting final approval to be officially listed with the government agency as an effective pain-treatment device.

    The cutting-edge device is already receiving great feedback from both patients and doctors, says Silvia Locke (CEO and president of the company), who adds that it is increasingly being recognized in the health community as a viable alternative to painkillers. Practitioners are also finding that ONDAMED® is helpful in relieving the symptoms of Lyme disease and trigeminal neuralgia. Lyme, like trigeminal neuralgia, is a disease that is dreadfully debilitating and for which people have great difficulty in getting effective treatment.

    "I am very impressed with ONDAMED®," says Burton Goldberg, Ph.D. Hr. "In my opinion the ONDAMED® is one of the most astounding devices I have ever seen. I have witnessed several sessions and I am amazed at the fast and lasting effects this system offers."

    "Patients with neuropathy who use ONDAMED® have up to 90% of their pain relieved," adds Dr. Steven J Bock, M.D., ACCUP.

    And, according to Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., C.N.S., "This is the future of medicine."

    Doctors are not alone in this assessment. Patients have also come forward to laud the device, including Rita Losee who was in her late thirties when she experienced her first blast of trigeminal neuralgia pain. Years of unending pain followed. Then, in May of 2005, she learned of ONDAMED®. She purchased a machine in late August, was trained, and has been treating herself 2 - 3 times per week since. Today, she is pain-free, tapering off her medications, and has boundless energy.

    "ONDAMED® makes so much sense," she says. "We know scientifically that the origin of everything in our physical world is electromagnetic energy. Our bodies are also sourced by electromagnetic energy; energy becomes disharmonious before physical symptoms manifest. We measure bodily energy fields with respect to EKGs and EEGs. ONDAMED® is a therapeutic Biofeedback device that works with more subtle energy in our bodies.

    "Traditional medical treatments are generally focused on treating the physical result, the symptom, not the energy imbalances themselves. ONDAMED®, like acupuncture, realigns the electromagnetic energy but this System has the advantage of not requiring needle sticks. This is particularly important for a person with TN as the slightest stimulus can trigger excruciating pain for the individual."

    About ONDAMED®:

    ONDAMED® GmbH was founded in 1994 by Rolf Binder, who developed the ONDAMED® Biofeedback System after 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy. Binder is well known for developing Bioterrain and EAV measurement devices, and other Medical Electronics equipment. In 2002, the company opened its U.S. subsidiary, Ondamed Inc. and currently has customers around the world. The therapeutic Biofeedback device was invented in Germany 10 years ago and has been available in the US for the past four.

    For further information, please contact: Silvia Locke, CEO Ondamed, Inc at 845-496-6673 ext 111


    Fascinating information IMHO, hope this helps!

    All the best,

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    Awesome and hopeful news! Thanks for sharing this. I was just going to order a TENS unit. Want to check into this first now.

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    here's more info from their website (google the product name):

    "ONDAMED® is an electromagnetic frequency device that offers a highly specific biophysical analysis and application based on electromagnetic inductivity. Its principles are based on biophysics. Using the patient's pulse as the biofeedback method, the practitioner rapidly scans the body's preferences, determines interference fields, and simultaneously delivers the frequencies that will support the patient's physical and emotional well-being.

    The ONDAMED® Biofeedback System makes any current treatment protocol work faster and more effective, as has been proven for the past 13 years. ONDAMED® is a simple and gentle, yet very effective application used for the purposes of relaxation training and muscle re-education."

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    not every chiro is a quack... and because a chiro invented it, doesn't mean one can't produce something that works...

    Time will tell. I just provided it as a possibility for some. I don't think I have yet seen any device that works 100%, altho there may be a few.

    all the best,

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    There's an explanation on the website if you google the product name Donnaeil ... it will be very interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

    I actually don't have an opinion one way or another about it; this article was included in messages from a yahoo group for Lyme that posts anything mentioning Lyme.

    If the FDA approves it totally, it will help its credibility of course.


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    If chiropractors and acupuntuncturists approve.. i'm sorry but I want to try it! What is there to loose! I hate being tied to prescriptions.

    Do you guys know whether chiro's or acu doctors can proscribe these, or does it have to be a regular doc?
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    they do have a section under 'patients' to find a practitioner.

    I put in my zip code just to see, and got names of MDs, DCs, and RNs...

    good luck,

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