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    Hope you like my "Garden of Gethsemane" painting.

    I've started to tell you a story about this painting but somehow I can't find the right words.

    I only know that I did a lot of praying about it and a lot of research.

    I had an angel that showed up in my first draft. I showed it to all my family.

    A few nights later I turned on the TV and there was a picture of President Andrew Jackson and his wife , Rachel.

    Her hair, shape of face and clothing was the same woman I saw in my first draft. This got me started on Rachel.

    I found that she was a christian and a professional gardener.

    Her garden is marked to this day.

    In her time high society scorned her because she went to
    church and preferred to be with her family instead of going to the Balls they had back then.

    This gave me the courage to go on with the picture.

    I finished it and we took a snapshot of it and had it put on transparency and then into the projector.

    Some how my my angel showed up in the transparency. The ones helping me getting this put onto the curtain found her again in an area where my brush had not touched. Only a spray gun to fill in the background colors done by someone else.

    After the curtain was finished we hung it in the auditorium , the lights were turned off. The strangest thing happened. The city in the curtain lit up. We decided that where the city was , there was the least amount of paint.

    The finished version is 9'x 25'. I also added some type of greenery to most of the pots when I did the curtain.

    It's special to me and close to my heart as I know that God guided me through this. I hope you will enjoy it also.

    It's things like this that get me through the hard, painful flares.

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    Thank you so much for sharing, what a lot of work! Very inspiring, too. Marie
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    Looks like alot of Hard work went into this painting!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and an impressive 9'By25'!! Keep painting Wren!!
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    Wow, bravo, wow...

    Nancy B
  6. littlebrownwren

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