New Photo of Grizzly Bear

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, May 31, 2008.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Hi Everyone!
    This photo of a Grizzly Bear was in the local paper this am: it was taken in Glacier Park just a couple weeks ago,,about 20 miles from where i live ,,,,,,,,

    He's ambeling along a sidewalk by a campground just inside the park,,,,,,,,,,notice the long white claws ,,,,,good to use for digging up vegitation and catching rodents,,,,,,,Sis
  2. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Great photo of the grizzly bear. You can also tell grizzlies by their long, distinctive noses.

    He looks like he's hungry and headed for your house, Sis!

    Ever see the documentary, GRIZZLY MAN?

  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I'm hopeing he's not headin' this way!,,,lolol,,,although they have the rule over the park! They are so protected that it seems like they are more important than People!,,lolol,,,,,,

    I find it hard to believe that they only eat berries,other Vegitation, rodents,,,oh yeah and the ocassional human!

    I have seen the "Grizzly Man" documentry,,,,,,,,very interesting and sad!,,,some folks are to trusting of our wild friends,,,,,,,S
  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Oh' Poor Puppy!,,,,,lol,,,Hug him for me!
  5. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    beauty, although he looks like he could use a

    Lock your doors and windows...

  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yes Bevy he could use a Manicure after his long winter sleep!,,,,lolol,,,they look so big and bad in the photos i'm glad he's on the Park side!,,,,,

    Diane~~I've been to the park alot over the years but have never come close to a Griz!,,,i've seen them from a distance,,but they also live outside of the park too so you have to be prepared when out in the woods,,,,,

    The Wild Turkeys are Beautiful arn't they!,,,we also have a few of them around here,,,,Now i Know that where you live also has wildlife around!,,,so wonderful!,,,,,,,Sis
  7. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    He's a real beauty! I wonder what he weighs. And, how can an animal of that size and strength survive on berries, vegetation, and rodents?

    Thank you for this pretty picture. I love it.

  8. sisland

    sisland New Member


    Your welcome! I'm going to take a wild guess and say he's a 3 year old and weighs around 300 lbs give or take a few lbs,,,,,The biggest one that they have on record up here is a sow that weighed in at 800 lbs,,,,,,,,Hope your having a great weekend!,,,,Sis
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    beautiful animal. Also very frightening. I wouldn't want to mess around w/ even a small bear.

    When I was at Yosemite Park some decades ago, a black bear was wandering around picnic table, etc. looking for food. People crowded around to watch and take pictures. Some were within 30 feet.

    One swipe of a paw could put a big hole in vacation plans.

  10. poets

    poets Member

    Wow! That's the scariest looking bear I've ever seen. Something about that long face and those claws. I didn't know grizzlies looked like that!
  11. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    He's a brute!! Is he coming over for some tea?? Glad we only have black bear, but even those scare me.

    Last Spring we had a big ole blackie grazing right out in our front field on the fresh clover like a deer. About 20 yards from the horse pasture.
  12. Wow he's cool, but I sure wouldn't want to live too closeby to them.
  13. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Rock===Your right about the Black Bears they can be just as Nasty as the Grizz!,,,,,Made to be viewed from afar!,,,,,Yosemite looks like such a Beautiful place too!

    Poets,,,,The guy that took the photo is Chris Peterson,,,,,He's the local newspaper's Photo Guy! and does a marvolaus job!,,,,,,,,He has all the long telephoto lenses and the high tech cameras to do all this kool photography of the wildlife around here!

    Misty~~~He's troddin right along,,,lolol,,,,Wonder what kind of Tea i should have ready for him when he gets here!,,,,,Lolol,,,,,The Blacks are plentiful too ,,,,,fun to watch them grazeing from afar too!

    Fibrobutterfly,,,,,They are just part of the wilderness around here,,,,The mama Bears are better known to attack Humans if they happen to come between her and her Cubs,,,,,,,,,

    Lot's of folks carry bear pepper (about $30.00 a can) spray with them when hiking,,,,plus they say to make noise when walking through the woods so the bears know your there!,,,,,,,,,,,If they get suprised ,,they will attack,,,,,,,S
  14. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    couldn't help but not see those claws...good for ripping and shredding too i would


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