new photo with orbs.....

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    the orbs are harder to see when put up in my profile photo...i can see them better when the photo is up on the computer screen....

    this shot is from my dad's camera...i have the same pose but from my camera....also with orbs...

    this is our family plus daughters boyfriend in the green shirt...

    i am the mama in the mumu....

    i am exhausted from the recital and grad party...i was only out of my house for 4 and 1/2 hours....but today, i am trashed....flat in bed and have another sore throat...the last one i got, i gave to my daughter(the one with cerebral palsy) and she was sick for 2 weeks and was treated with antibiotics because she was on her way to pneumonia....i overdo it, get sick, give to her, and do it all over again....

    i will be much more careful this time...try not to breathe anywhere near her....

    ok...check out the orbs!
  2. natrlvr2

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    angels.That is what Sylvia Browne says.
  3. ckball

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    I was recently taking some after shots of my house, I bought a bank repo 4 years ago and have been renovating it ever since.

    I am a big before and after pic taker. I took about 5 pics of this same shot and the orbs are in every pic and moved each time like they were floating.

    This hasn't happened before but there are pics taken from the living room looking into the kitchen and they are there too.

    I thought how unusal to have these lights in all these pics. Orbs didn't cross my mind at the time. Then my mom got sick and died and I hadn't done anything or looked at the pics since.

    Then when I saw your post the light bulb went off and I went back to look at the pics. I have some pyshic abilities, more so when I was healthy.

    I use to dream alot and many came true and just "knew" things without a resonable answer. I work at a antique store one day a week and a young man comes in several times, he lives across the street from the store.

    Last Fri he came in and I was telling him about my mom dying and the experince I had with her when she crossed over. He then told me he talks to dead people. He said the shop has a man there just hanging around but I have never felt it.

    But I have been in other houses when I knew someone had died in that house, never found out until after the fact. I have lived in 3 houses that still had "forces" still there.

    Well just wanted to share my orbs with you, lovely pic of your family-Carla
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    What a lovely family, etc. You look great and so does everyone else. Did you say the orbs were in this pic ?. If so I do not see them??

    If you can see them in this pic please tell us where they are. I didn't quite understand if you could see the orbsin this pic when it is in the bio. that we see.
    Thanks for posting your family pic.

    Blessings to you and your family too,

  5. ilovepink4

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    Ck, I am totally jealous of your psychic abilities! and your orbs are very very bright!

    granni,there are orbs on my daughters blue dress, on the skirt....there is a faint one under hubby's left ear....and a few faint ones in the upper left corner....they aren't as clear on my profile but still can be seen. If my computer was running on the battery, the screen gets really dim and i bet i wouldn't be able to see them.

    I love sharing information about the supernatural and psychics and contact with people on the other side.
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    Wow What a Wonderful Family you have!,,,Thanks for posting a photo of you all!,,,,i need to look into this orb thing!,,,,,,,S
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    thanks, sis!