New Pic from my photography class.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Jackie41, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Jackie41

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    This is a pic that a classmate took of me. The assignment was to shoot an unusual angle of a pose that showed some quirky feature unique to me. I asked the girl taking the pic what she thought was my most quirky feature and she said that it seemed like every time I sat in a chair, I would dangle my shoe from my foot. I told her that lots of women do that. She said that that might be true but nobody else did it as often or as well. She was amazed that I could dangle the shoe from the ends of my toes without it falling off.

    So I guess that's my talent in this world. It's nice to be unique, and good at something. But now my girlfriends call me "the dangler" and I'm starting to feel self-conscious about it. The other day I went out for lunch with 3 girlfriends and they all started dangling their shoes. I think it was supposed to be a joke but I prefer to think I've started a fad.

    BTW, the pic got first place in the class for that assignment.

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  2. kjade

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    Well, congrats for getting 1st place for the assignment. That is a cool picture - unique. And what a talent you have to dangle your shoes - lol! (I'm sure you have more talents than that!!)
  3. Denamay

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    I love it!
  4. Aeronsmom

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    What a great is very relaxing...well for me it was....
    Congrats on being in First Place.

    Love to all, Ann
  5. kholmes

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    Very neat photo: nice lighting and a very relaxed, casual feel. Almost looks like the shore of Lake Michigan, but I'm guessing you were in a city park somewhere?

    And kudos for first place on the assignment.
  6. rockgor

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    Sounds like one of the villains from "Batman".

    Nice composition. Are people still using film?

  7. Jackie41

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    Thanks for the compliments.

    Just about everyone in the class used digital cameras. It avoids messy chemicals in the darkroom. You just need Photoshop on the computer.

    No, it wasn't Lake Michigan. It was just someone's pond. Sorry for the letdown.


    Jackie the Dangler
  8. findmind

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    Yes, that was a very perceptive thing she noticed....

    Of course, anyone with FM understands the painful feet thingy, too!, LOL

    Don't be self conscious...being unique is wonderful...congrats on 1st place1