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  1. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Hi everyone! My three month old laptop that my husband won at work for me got a virus and I was only able to get on for a few minutes once in awhile on my husband's work computer. I am so happy it is fixed now. I just wanted to let you know that my renal scan turned out okay and my kidneys seemed to be empyting good. I learned this in a much awaited phone call after playing phone tag for a week. I will learn more details at my next appointment.

    I posted a new picture that my husband took Saturday night. I had my hair fixed and make up on, which is rare for me now a days. I thought I would put it up to replace the one of me in my nightgown/tshirt. LOL! Hope everyone is doing great!
  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Hi! What a beautiful picture and in such a pretty, colorful background!

    I saw from your bio that you have a few of the same problems as I do (lupus, arthritis, etc. - see my bio for the rest of mine!).

    I'm happy for you that your renal scan turned out okay and that your kidney function is good. Did your doc think your kidneys were malfunctioning due to your lupus?

    You sould like me -- it's a rare day for me to have my hair fixed and makeup on!! I ususally don't wear "real" clothes around the house--I live in my lounging robe (it's like a floor-length version of the old moo-moo's!!!).

    Glad to meet you. I don't know if we've ever "talked"!!

    It's 1:30 a.m. my time, so I have to cut this conversation short and get to bed -- I'm getting tired enough that I think I can go to sleep!!

    Take care,
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    You are so very pretty and your home is just beautiful! You are a very talented decorator--I love your color scheme.

    I'm on a Mac, so I don't have to worry too much about viruses or worms, etc. We do have a Windows machine that I have to keep caught up with everything to try to prevent viruses and worms, etc.

    I'm like you and I don't often wear makeup anymore, so it is a real occasion for me to have it on.

    Thanks for posting the attractive photo!

    Who should be in bed by now...
  4. petsrme

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    Hanging, missed you very much and everyone else here too!

    Jlh, thank you for writing. I saw your profile and we do have a lot of the same things. I really like a profile like yours. I love reading them. It is so good to see what someones life is like.

    lovemycats, Thank you for your nice compliments. I don't feel like I look good much anymore. I also thank you for complimenting my decorating. It used to be my passion. I was so proud of my low budget decorating skills. I painted the stripes on the wall by taping them off and the border was one dollar a roll at the dollar store. I did the top of the wall the wall magic roller. I used to be so happy decorating each room in my house and doing it as cheap as I could. I can't do it anymore and rarely have my house clean or myself clean very often these days> LOL! Everything fell into place and the house and me were clean this Saturday! I wish I could still decorate. My house's decor will probably be out of date in a few years and I will be stuck with it until who knows when.

    Thanks again to you all for replying.
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  5. gramaT

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    I haven't seen your name, I'm fairly new.

    Just wondered if you live near Rutherfordton, NC. My sister, Faye lives there and I've visited. Its a beautiful state.

    Illinois is good, except for the damp and cold winters, etc. We are retired and are looking for a place to go.

    Carolyn (grama T)
  6. petsrme

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    Hi Doxy and Gigi!! Thank you so much for your compliments. You both are such good people and always cheer me up.

    Doxy you are the first person who has told me that I don't look sick that hasn't hurt my feelings. LOL! I take it as a compliment from a fellow Fibro sufferer. We all know how it is and we can say it. Thank you!! I hope you are doing great.

    Gigi, I have missed seeing you here. I try to check to see if you post. I am glad to see you. I hope you are well and rested from your move.

    Gram, I used to be under another name. Sherrieb, but I changed it. I live near Boone in NC. I am about an hour or so from Rutherford. I love NC. I live in the foothills about thirty minutes from Boone. Boone is in the Appalachian mountains. It is beautiful there. It is warm and sunny in the summer there and there is snow in the winter, but it isn't too bad. Even though I live so close to Boone since it is on lower ground it gets very hot and humid in my town in the summer. Winters are pretty mild in my town and we may get one or two snows a winter. Boone is a big retirement place and very nice. You should look into it. I hope you find a great place to move.
  7. petsrme

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    Butzie, I could just kiss you!! Thank you for making me feel good! I weighed 140 and gained to 200 in about 1999. Between Oct 2003 and March 2004 I gained 25 more and was 225! I didn't even know it until I weighed. I was dumbfounded and decided to nip it in the bud. I started walking in March 2004 and lost 25 pounds by July 2004. I was back to 200. I fell and sprained my ankle and stopped walking. I have gone between 204 and 195 since July of 2004. Ironically this week I have started drinking green tea and have lost one pound each day. I was 192 today when I weighed! I am so excited. I have not been that low since 2000. I am about 5'7" and sometimes 5'6" depending on how my scoliosis is and osteoporsis. I look at myself and think I look every bit as much as i weigh, but some act surprised when I tell them. Sorry to give too much info. You just made me feel good about myself and I wanted to explain. Thank you again!

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