New pic on my profile! Help please!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EgyptStarr, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Could some of you please take a peek at the pic on my profile and tell me what colors you see??? On my end, for some reason, the pic shows up looking kind of like a negative: the clothing all looks orange and everything else looks brown or grey! HELP!

  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    There is a little red headed child and a brown headed one with a blue shirt. There looks to be a beige/taupe chair in the background and the shorts the younger child has on are purple with a design.

    The kids look really cute, Starr. Are they your kids?

    Turn your monitor off for a few seconds then turn it back on and see if that makes any difference? Your monitor may be going bad.[This Message was Edited on 11/08/2005]
  3. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Yes, that's my son when he was 10 kissing his baby sister on her first birthday! The pic was taken July 17, 2003.

    Thanks for the help! You guys are seeing the right colors, which was my main concern!


    p.s. Anyone know why toddlers always "kiss" with their mouths wide open??? haha![This Message was Edited on 11/08/2005]
  4. 1horse

    1horse New Member

    wonderful picture. colors look fine to me. the kids are great take care
  5. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Yeah, they're my life! They've both saved me so many times I lost count! Depression has grabbed me so hard at times that I've thought seriously about suicide, but the idea of doing that to my babies stops me every time, so they really have saved my life..... more than once!

    Thanks again to all who responded and take care!

  6. Lynda44

    Lynda44 New Member

    What a beautiful pic !!! So adorable.

    I have 2 redheads too....arent they just the best !!

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