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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SPR30, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. SPR30

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    I posted a new picture of my Cuddle Bear in my profile. This was taken days ago. He is 2 and uses a litterbox. He has been the best therapy for me. Please take a look when you can, I am very proud of him!
  2. fivesue

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    He looks like just the right size to cuddle with.

    Thanks for sharing your furbaby with us.

  3. jmcdelaney

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    I had a stuffed animal that looked JUST like Cuddle Bear!

    I think my mom still has him....Awwwww.

  4. mimimurch4

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    He is adorable! I used tohave a poodle, toy that was mostly white. How do you train them to be litter box trained? That sounds like a great idea, just wonder how hard it is to train for that? Also where do you find those mixes? He is just darling. Does he shed? I would want a female. I have not had good luck myself with male dogs. My 19 yr old daughter who is still living at home and working parttime while attending college to be an RN has a female boxer named Maya. She is almost 1 1/2 yrs old. Ok around us, but when someone comes into house she just goes crazy. Neeed to have some training in that area.
    Have to keep her away from grandkids because she would hurt them accidently. She loves her "Mama" to death.
    I like smaller dogs myself. and that do not shed. Maya sheds pretty bad. And with RA, you never feeel like vacuuming every day and that is what it takes with all the dog hair!!!!

    Gentle Hugs,
  5. SPR30

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    He weighs 9-10 lbs and doesn't shed at all. He 3/4 toy poodle and 1/4 shih tzu. People refer to this mix as shih-poo. He was given to me as a therapy dog. My cousin wanted me to have a compnanion and she arranged to get him through a friend of a lady whose dogs got together unexpectedly,it worked out great!
    Poodle mixes are so smart and he was easy to train. He recognizes several words and commands. We use a litter box lined with newspaper instead of litter. Training him was no problem,after feeding and several times a day we took him to it to potty. He had a few accidents,but he learned quickly that his litter box was in his kennel. (We kennel him only when we leave him home alone,which is rare. Even well behaved dogs can get into trouble left unnattended,so the kennel is safer. We have a fleece mat we put in the kennel when we go out so it is soft for him. We remove the litter box too,or you could have a larger kennel and leave it in. Dogs like to den and the privacy seems to work for him when he potties. We draped a large beach towel over the kennel to keep it cooler and denlike.)
    We also wipe him with a baby wipe after he potties,so he is very hygienic.
    He does look like a stuffed toy,I love him so much! He really is my heart and the hubby loves him too,they are so cute together.