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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well Porchies it is time for me to get ready for nighty night. So, I will tuck you all in after I give you all some yummy milk and cookies, choc. chip and whatever you like.

    If the cookies will keep you up like Elaine says just drink some nice milk, with some choc syrup with no caffiene in it, if you don't like plain milk..

    Well, check in on the old volume if you all need to check in on everyone. Goerogia posted that her dear AUNT has passed on. Hopefully, she and Georgia will be at peace after all her suffering.

    Sleep tight everydobby and do not let those bedbugs bite. Hope I didn't get caught in the door or catch someone else in there too.


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  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia – Sorry to hear about your dear aunts passing; but it must also be a comfort to all that she is out of pain and discomfort now…it is one of the hardest things to do watching and knowing a loved one is suffering. I did hear people in spirit world revert to their prime age, around 30 after passing on from here….the age which you saw her.

    Granni – thank you for starting up and the milk and cookies and tuck in is one of the gestures that make anyone feel safe and secure and content. I surely hope and pray the bill for the damage doesn’t come to too much. My son hit a little child with his bike, it seems day before because kid broke free from its dads grasp and ran across the road…and there was no time to break…she wasn’t hurt too bad, son and others got her checked up did xray put plasters on the bruises…and it cost him rs 600. Then yesterday the father rings up my DH and says your son hit my daughter …..and DH didn’t know about it, neither did I, so he tries to ask what happened and the caller says Ill call later. He hasn’t called back till now so it looks like he may have wanted to squeeze out more money and got scared at my DHs voice which sort of bellows into the phone. You’d think if a child was seriously hurt they wouldn’t wait to follow up.

    Elaine - dont envy you having to share space with brother for some time now...I know its going to take a lot of patience and tact...the other day my older brother told me to phone my middle brother and tell him to lay off drinking, seems he got invited to a wedding and got piss drunk...and his wife phoned from israel and knew and she phoned older brotehr and cried into phone. That night i dreamt my brother had taken a mistress and i stormed into their room and bodily lifted the woman and threw her out. When i woke in the morning i was so tired as if i had really done that!

    We are having a political crisis right now, with the Maoist PM resigning. I hope this doesn’t bring the security and economy down…the country was beginning to find its feet again. The amount of building that’s going on. My home which used to be surrounded by fields is now encircled by tall buildings which obstruct the view.

    Last time I went into town and was so tired and hungry and I forgot and went and ate pork dumplings in this little place and wondered why it was 3 quarters empty when on three other ccasions I had to turn back because the 30 odd tables were all filled up. After eating and on my way back, it suddenly struck me….swine flu!!!! They only sell pork dumplings..and no other meat. I walked around praying I hadn’t contracted the disease but we have had no reports of any pigs dying and they are screening visitors at the airport.

    Yesterday my Chinese friend called and was complaining about how her new help is getting on her nerves….she tells him to clean a room and he ends up trashing even useful things….i told her I don’t even let the help into my rooms if I can help it, they end up stealing stuff….I suppose she just needed to vent

    Well, I had better heigh to my waiting chores…as usual I have a mountain piled up, so whats new.

    Hugs to everyone …

    God Bless.
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    Well I just found out Ashley won't be able to come home until 8:00 pm on Mother's Day, but that is okay, i will at least get to see her on Mother's Day so that is what counts.

    Georgia i wrote to you on the previous volume, I hope you are doing okay. I love how Rocky and others are thinking that when you get to heaven you are 30 again. Oh those were the years I would love to go back to. What a wonderful thing to look forward to.

    Cate I am so sorry you are having so much pain, do you have a book stand that you can use. I think they sell the ones that have a pillow behind it that you can prop up. Hmmmmm, hint hint, Mother's day is coming.

    Granni thanks or getting us up and running hope your day goes good. Ours is kind of cloudy and rainy, but oh well at least it is not cold.

    I am having everyone at my house on Mother's Day, but the guys are doing all the cooking. I asked my hubby to make his wonderful barbeque pork steaks. I love Mother's Day, because that is the one day i don't have to do anything. LOL, yeah right.

    Elaine - I am just like you when it comes to giving presents, i cannot wait until the day, I just get too excited and love to give gifts. Actually I am going at lunch to Kohls to see if i can find a picture for my mother in law to hang over her couch. She loves how i decorate and since their house is new they haven't decorated everything yet.

    I have no idea what to get my mother, she is harder than anyone to buy for. I don't even know if i will see her on mother's day. My brother, sister and i will probably take her out to dinner during the week next week. I just want to stay home on MY Mother's Day and relax and not have to go from place to place.

    Well it is lunch time for me so i will see you all later. Take care


  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Whew, I think I may have dodged the bullet as they say with that car. It seems that our insurance company will be paying it all, at least that is what the lady said, when I spoke to her today. I broke off part of the headlight coverings on one of the headlights. The lights I think still worked but of course he did not turn them on since it was daylight. I was just coming out of the driveway ( a long and curvy one) and our friend's car was on the side of it. I did not see it and boom, there it was. Can you believe it cause them over $2,000 to fix it??. It happened yesterday and he already had it down to the deealer to be fixed.. It is a Corvette, so you know it is expensive. At first we thought we would just pay it and then when we found out the price we decided we had better call the insurance adjuster. Now they have to call and talk to me again tomorrow,she said.. I will be glad when that is all over with. That is my first accident that I have had to turn in to the adjuster. So hope they do not jack up our rates. Maybe they won't.

    Cate - so sorry you are still feel badly. Gee, isn;t pain fun - good grief !! I have had mine for about 25 years so I know all about that. Sorry that book you are reading is so heavy.. I know, I hate to read those type of books to due to that same reason and also many of them have print that is so tiny it makes it hard to read and also concetrate on those story lines, if they are so long.,

    Mickey - sorry that Ashley will be in late for Mothers Day but that's OK. We may have one of our kids over, not sure. One daughter asked us to come over but were jus there and DH doesn't want to have to drive, I know. I probably will get a few phone calls ffrom otherw especially that live a distance away. It wouldn;t be the first time we stayed home and tried to relax.

    Julie - glad you enjoyed teh cookies :) !! Hope you get a chance to rest this weekend, my dear.

    Springwater - sorry to hear about your son;'s bike hitting a little girl. Glad that she wasn't to hurt and is OK. Some of these people you can;t figure them out. Yes, maybe he was hoping for a larger settlement or more money out of you . I hope not and that it is all over with. Thata can be so exassperating and upsetting. I am sure your son was u pset that he hit her by accident.

    Elaine - well it sounds to me like you have it figured out and you will be there to help your mom if your little brother tries some of his old tricks. I hope he behaves himself. I know that can be worrysome. Just let us konw and us Porchies will give him some grief :) !! Practicing your singing and dancing?

    Georgia - glad you are taking time off this week to do what needs to be done for your Aunt and yourself. I know it must be very hard on you.

    Hi to everydobby including Rock and Rocky765. Hope all is well with you both. Sorry but I cannot mention you all but know Iam thinking about you all.



  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Georgia, I'm thinking of and praying for you. Such a hard time to go through, and yes, lots to do afterward. You were a good niece to your aunt, and I'm sure she appreciated all your efforts.

    Did you ever have that visit with your dad? How did that may have said and I've forgotten already....

    Rock, yep, those critters have a way of making themselves known here also, but I certainly wouldn't have thought they would be in the city. I'm not fond of skunks...they're not quite that docile here, especially with a dog chasing them! And oh, that smell lingers forever, no matter what I use to try to de-skunk her with.

    Loved your titanic humor! Thanks for the laugh.

    Elaine, answering before asked is something I need to try. At least I couldn't be wrong that way! haha

    Our grandson is in two more rodeos this weekend, near where our one daughter/hubby/family lives, so we're going to try to make it...although the weather is only going to be in the low 50's so not sure if I'll get to be there when the time actually comes.

    Yes, he knows about the danger involved. He's already caught a hoof in the face...huge black eye, cut on forehead, and abrasion on other side of face. Why anyone wants to ride is beside me, but he loves horses and challenges. I never would have let his father do something like that.....

    A good friend of my one daughter went pro...a bullrider...and was so broken up by the time he quit at 30. He had so many broken bones in his face that had to wire the bones together. and he rode with ribs taped due to fractures, and hands in splints, leg in brace, etc. The money they make certainly isn't worth it! None of them get rich by any means! Just gets in their blood and they're not happy if they can't ride.

    I say they should just break wild horses for a living and do something good.......

    Whoops, lost part of my post, so will close with a big hug to everyone else, and hope to be back tomorrow. Love to all***Jole***

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hey honey, would you mind changing the title to start with Porchlight. I think some of the porchies are getting confused because they always start with Porchlight and that is what they look for.

    Thank you sweetie pie.

    Love ya

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope this helps the confusion !! I know that I am confused enough already !


  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am just dropping by for a minute. I have had a couple stressful days, other peoples stuff but everything is ok now, I am just beat. THis raining for the last week or more doesn't help either.

    I am still in pain in my hips and my right elbow is really bad so have to stay off the computer, typing really makes it worse.

    I do want to say hello to Georgia and how sorry I am about your aunt but as others said, she is at peace now. I am glad you have your man by your side to comfort you and hope things work out with your dad.

    I did get my roof on my deck the other evening, the roofer came around 6 pm and was done by 8, so one more thing off my list. I am still working on finishing my bedroom door, I am in the process of faux painting it but only can do much a day because of the elbow.

    Sorry I can't address everyone today, my brain is mush this week. So hello to awl and hope you are doing as well as you can. Carla
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – Thank you for the information…about swine flu..sure was a relief to know it doesn’t get passed on from eating pork…can empathise with your sis in laws FM and not being able to do chores…Im stil trying to catch up on all my cleaning and errands lol!

    Cate – my goodness, I hope the flare subsides soon….i laughed out loud at the thought of your sticking a dirty dish and dirty sock under your pillow so the cleaning fairy can get the hint…

    Jole – the rodeo thing sounds really dangerous…..but your grandson very brave…I hope he is okay and wont get serious injuries in the future too.

    Carla – hope the elbow and hips heal soon..looks like lots of us in pain this week…what colour are you painting the door?

    Granni – hope the insurance adjuster can make a good deal, unfortunate business that little bang up.

    Mickey – it’s a lovely idea for the guys to do the cooking on Mothers Day…thank goodness Mothers get one special day for themselves, lol.

    Elaine – you mum is so lucky, getting all those gifts…the rose bushes sound beautiful – yellow, red, peach!!!

    Georgia – here too we cremate those who have passed on..and then pour the ashes into running water…a river or stream.

    Well, I got my mo jo back somewhat and have been busy tackling chores left and make up for lost time….so much dusting to do…and due to summer, the dogs are getting more fleas than usual, so more baths and powdering.

    My help is down with a fever so I know I shouldn’t spend too much time here otherwise I will be late for everything and then get myself into a temper. Yesterday I tried to make some different kind of mushroom (dried kind) with vermicelli and while the husband liked it, son flat out refused….he didn’t like the smell. I had also made fried bitter gourds the other day for the husband , and kept the leftovers along with chicken leftovers in a little bowl…next day I told my son to help himself after he came back from outside and he came in after a while and asked me what was the dark green stuff with the chicken…I told him it was bitter gourd….so he said…”I wanted to know so I know what to feed my kids later on, if I want to make them hate me”. Hahahahahaha. But he does eat a lot of stuff he never used to when he was younger like tofu, and button mushrooms. When he’s a bit older he will like bitter gourd too.

    We ve got some curd which has gone bad in the fridge due to power cut and I mean to put it in my hair….some one told me dry hair can get nourishment from curd. My daughter used to put curd and mash banana…but she says now there is no time…but I don’t think it wil feel pleasant – cold curd in the hair for 20 mins..yuck but my hair is so dry. And I don’t want to feed the dogs the curd…in summer they take ill so easily, and I don’t want to waste the curd either.

    Rock, Barry,Monica,Debra, Joan and all …big wave around

    God Bless
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't got enuff NRG to do a long post.

    What sort of a day was it? A day like all days. Filled with those annoying events
    that make one want to scream, "Enuff Already!"

    I went to two stores. Asked 4 employees where to find something. Only one of
    them spoke English. Finally found one item I was looking for. Four or 5 employees
    wandering around the store, but only one check stand open.

    Long line including a family wearing long robes. It's 80 something degrees in LA.
    A wonder the didn't collapse from heat stroke. Anyway I just left.

    Got to get out of LA.
    I'm planning to visit northern Calif. I read they only have two inches of snow during
    the winter up there. In Minn you could have 6 inches before breakfast. Maybe I can
    move up north. Found a little town on the net called Red Bluff.

    Got an e mail from my old friend Renee. A wonderful person but born with a
    serious disability. She is lacking a humor gene.

    I sent her the Titanic-mayonnaise joke. She didn't realize it was a joke.

    She sent me a clip of a cougar and a bear cub. She thinks it's a nature film.
    I wrote back and explained it's part of a film made in France in l988. Told her
    where to find it on Youtube.

    She responded with, "I suppose you're right."

    I wrote back and said no suppose about it. It's a fact. Like Dover is the capital of Delaware.

    All I heard on the car radio over and over was the fire in Santa Barbara and the
    ballplayer who makes over $2,000,000 a month was suspended for drug use.

    You know, a society that spends all its money on entertainment and needless wars and
    failing corporations will itself fail. I feel sure that within a few decades there will be
    dozens of books on the rise and fall of the American Empire. Thank goodness I won't be
    here to read them.

    Made some Jello w/ whipped cream. It's the new watermelon flavor. Just like the
    actual fruit nowadays. No flavor.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    the day is almost gone already. I haven't done a whole lot, shopping with DH and then put away all the food and then outsdie to do some more weeding. There is so much to do utside we will never be done I think. If I ever get ride of the weeds and dead stuff it will be time to do it all over again.

    Julie - sorry to hear about Granda's bloody nose. DH uused to have that problem alot when he was young. He was always having his nose packed ! Yes, you do need some time for yourself.. I know that when you live not to far from your parents as they get older there is so much to do. He sounds pretty good for his age.

    Carla - glad that yougot yoru roof on your porch finally done. It has been solong in coming since the storm took down your roof, etc. You surley have beena a busy girl even with the help you have had with it.

    Elaine - You are such a good daughter - getting your mom plants and getting stuff also for your older brother. Yes, you need to change him a fee for all your work (-: !!

    Springwater - Hi there. I wish I could remember everything you said. Yes, I do hope that the insurance adjuster payers for all of the damage or at least most of it. It was a huge bill !!!
    Hope all is well with you my dear and that you are feeling OK and ar perky and getting all of your chores done. Inever get them done. Ihave been putting of vacuuming all week. I had abeatter dosome tomorrow and then may go to a Memorial for a dead gal who has been suffereing for so long with this strange infectious breast cancer. It is very strangae and does not show up on mammograms. It is so sad and then I sing for church tomorrow night instead of sunday. Our aon qill come sunday and his wife also if she doesnt have to work. We will have steak on the grill, baked pototoes, salad, veggies and ice cream.

    I didn't attach to the volume so I cannot remember what everyone e has said.

    Hope all the moms out there will have a wonderul Mothers Day on sunday, and get to have a great day with their mom. I just got a pretty vase of flowers from daughter #2. They are so pretty. I am sure I will get a few more cards and calls. Daughter #2 and family live in Noreth Carolina.

    Hugs to Jole, Rock, Joan, Linda (hope she is feeling better)), Rocky, Deb, Cate et al !

    Well, I had better get off before this goes poof.

    Love to everydobby and have a wonderul Mothers day yourselves of with your mom's if you can !!

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Rock - yes the ballplayer is Manny Ramirez with the Dodgers and he actually makes $42 million, don't you think that would be enough for him to stop cheating. He only gets 50 games suspension, WOW, whatever. He deserves a lot more than that.

    Well in other news, there is a case of the swine flu in the St. Charles area, yikes!!!!!! I asked my hubby to make pork steaks for Mother's day, I hope it will be okay, Ok well it will be worth it, they just melt in your mouth.

    Other than that, Ashley has found a double wide mobile home close to college to rent during the summer (she will be going there every other weekend) and the rest of her college years. They are only asking 500 per month and there weill be 3 to 4 girls splitting the cost. Much cheaper than the dorm amount, plus it is on a lot of land (hunting land too), she will be in heaven. I am so happy for her and so proud that she is doing all of this by herself.

    Well still haven't gotten my MIL or my Mom anything, I guess after work I will have to start the hunt. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated. My MIL is not a green thumb so no plants for her, however, she does have a new house so maybe something for that would be appropriate. My Mom, I have no clue.

    My duaghter emailed me and told me she can't wait to give me my present so i am excited and Lindsay too asked me what i wanted, I gave her a few cheap items, so we shall see. They are such wonderful daughters and i just love getting gifts from them. Especially when they were younger and made things for me in school, those are by far the best presents i have ever gotten and still have them. I even have some of the them in my office. One that lindsay did is a little painted pot with paper cut out flowers glued on popsicle sticks, i love it. Ashely made me a chalkboard frame with "we love our mommy" written in chalk and a picture of them when they were about 6 and 4. The chalked is still readable, but pretty soon i might have to have her rewrite it. It also has balloons drawn on it.

    There are so many other gifts that they have given me over the years that they made that i made a special box for each of them to keep them in. That way when they have children they can show them what they made for their mommy.

    You are right Elaine, I am a Mother and i should be able to enjoy it too, which i plan on it. Every year the girls have always brought me breakfast in bed, however, this year it looks like Lindsay will be the only one that gets to do it. Then Russ is making the main courses for dinner but I will probalby make some side dishes to go along with it, but that is okay. I want to. Not sure if i am going to my Mom's house or not. We may just take her out to dinner during the week sometime.

    Carla, I guess you will be spending it with your girls. What you gonna do with them. Give them a ride on the golf cart, that is so cute.

    well gang, It is Friday 4:30 and just about time to close up and go home, well not home, but shopping, yuck. Gotta do it though. Russ would have no idea what to get his Mom, however, he always picks the cards out when it comes to his family and he picks out the best most sentimental cards too.

    All you Mommies (even if it is just pet mommies), have a wonderful Mother's Day. I love you all so take care and talk to you probably on Monday.


  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's meeeee! I'm just checking in to see how everydobby is.

    It's been a tough spring here. I've had shingles followed by muscle spasms in my back and today I had to have a new water heater put in. CHA CHING!!!

    I hope you are all doing well and, as usual, now I'll go read the posts. :>)

    I'm leaving warm hugs here by the door. Help yourselves.


    OH! So sorry to hear about your aunt, Georgia. I trust she's in a better place. And 30!

    Happy Mother's Day to all.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Marta -so sorry to hear that you have been feeling so poorly. Hope that you can get to feeling much better now.

    I just came from a funeral of a gal that died of the new (not sure how new it is but it is just starating to get some notoriety" and very different infectious breast cancer. It starts like a little bug bite or something on the breast and after it gets so bad or the patient gets to the doctor it is to late to do anything.,. It is already stage 3 or 4 many times. She suffered with it at least 2-3 years. So, ladies be leary and very careful.

    Mickey, Georgia, Julie, Jole, Elaine, Carla and everydobby else have a wonderful Mothers Day with your Moms , your kids, grandkids, or furry kidds !! Our son and dil will be here for steaks on the grill - yummy ! Going off to church tonight to sing in the choir instead of tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Linda - So glad you are back home. Have a wonderful Mothers day yourself and have all the kiddos wait on you :) ! Yes, enjoy some good food , your own bed and all of your family. Hope you are not in to much pain.

    Georgia - sorry you still haven't been able to clean out your aunts stuff and that you are getting so much grief from everyone (if you can even find them). I'll be they will be there if thee is any inheritance to pick up ! Sorry also you hve to get a new washer. Unfortunatly, that is something you do need.

    Sorry if I missed anybody else in my last post. If so sorry !!!

    Everydobby enjoy Mothers Day if they can with family.

    I left some more cookies and milk for you all before beddy bye time. See you later alligators ! Am I showing my age - or what ???

    Love you all,

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Lincamp - Yeah, you are home, I am so happy you are back, poor baby. What an ordeal you had to go through. Sounds like you are really recovering well, already walking, that is great and probably the best thing to start doing already. We missed you dearly!!!!!!! I bet Lucy was so excited when you got home, hope he didn't hurt you jumping all over you. But i bet you got lots of wet kisses from her. LOL

    Marta - Yeah, I am so glad you are back too, i missed you too. Shingles, OMG, you poor thing, boy i bet you really went through a rough time and i heard it can take months to get over that. You take care of yourself and come back as soon as you can and are able.

    Granni and Julie, happy Mothers day to both of you too and Julie please don't work on Mother's day, let others do for you for at least one day out of the year. YOu are such a giving loving person. I really am such a fan of you because of your unselfish spirit and giving ways. God Bless you and love you!!!!

    Rocko, where art thou?????

    Georgia, you can only do so much and it sounds you have tried everything to notify family of your Aunt's passing. It is so sad that people can never change even when something like this happens. I guess the only thing you can do is pray for them and hope that one day they will understand why they should have changed.

    Well it is Saturday night about 9:00 and I have been working my butt off, literlly. LOL I walked Jack this morning about 8 for about 2 miles and then again about an hour ago about a mile. I did 8 loads of laundry, vacuumed, washed dishes, put alot of Ashley's things away that Russ brought home from her college (she is still there because she has to work). Be right back gang. Gotta get off the computer for now.
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Marta….good to hear from you again although sorry to know about the shingles ..

    Granni – that type of breast cancer sounds weird…poor girl…you are going to be busy as usual with the church and everything

    Linda – welcome back…what a relief the operation is over….wishing you now a speedy post op recovery. And all the lovely home cooked food you want.

    Mickey – that was a gigantic amount of work you did! Made me tired just to read. But im slowly regaining some energy. You must be jumping up and down with impatience to see Ashley. Well, now you will be having her for a couple of months at least..I bet you two and Lindsay will do some catching up and hitting the town spots together!

    Georgia – aunt seems to have had some strange people in her life…I hope the friend does what is right…and the step kids get the message and call or something. It is good of you to do all you are doing for her.

    Julie – I don’t know how you don’t fall down with exhaustion with al the stuff u do. The paw print card was so sweet , it made me smile. Den seems to be a really hard working man….actually both of you.

    Rock – are you serious about wanting to move? I would love to move to somewhere cooler myself. I saw a movie called Dolores Claiborne many years ago and still remember the beautiful location it was shot in. Last time, I got to thinking about it and googled and it was Blue Rock Nova Scotia! The St George house there was set in such a beautiful place, I almost cried when I was saw it on utube…my dream place, .i googled Dolores Claiborne and they had a clipping of the movie, where Kathy bates kills her abusive husband Joe…the scene was riveting, so full of angst but set amidst such beauty.

    wil first post this
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The day Buddhists celebrate as Lord Buddhas day of birth, death, enlightenment. Also Full Moon day.

    Husband went to golf as usual since it was Saturday..he is not overly religious although he is a good man inspite of that. Since help is still ill, I was rushing to get things ready in morning before going off to the monastery. I took son with me. We had to stop the car outside….and walk to do the perambulations, all around the monastery; walking one round takes like a half hour…it took longer because it was crowded with worshippers and I kept bumping into people I knew. And had to slow down and talk. Son wasn’t feeling too well, bad cold…but he said he would have enjoyed it otherwise. It was quite hot but hordes of young kids as volunteers were handing out free bottled water to pilgrims.all along the route.

    I fed son and myself cheese pizza because we want to go vegetarian on this day and then I went and got daughters dress from the tailors….it didn’t turn out exactly as I had wanted…tailor has done rather large embroidery and put in large stones…whereas I had wanted it to be delicate. But whats done is done.

    Came back and in evening we took brother in law, uncle and aunt and cousin to dinner. Half the people we called couldn’t come because it was Buddha Jayanti and they were otherwise engaged. Ma in law, two cousin sisters, their kids. But we had a nice time nevertheless. It was also a sort of farewell to uncle and aunt in addition to birthday dinner for bro in law.

    Hugs all around

    God Bless
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just had to check in on everydoibby before getting dressed and started for the day. Dh is at church. I went yesterday. After this I have to get dressed and finish up the prp work for our dinner with DS and DIL. Steaks on the grill - they are so huge.

    Springwter - how interesting about your Buddha Jayanti Day. All your special days sound very interesting plus I would love to see he lovely dresses you ladies wear for the occasions. They sounds so pretty andbfestive. Wow, you having been having another busy one today. Hope you get some more NRG and have fun with all your gatherings, etc. How funny that you guys have pizza too. Wondering if it is the same as ours. Is it a brand name or what. I know there are many western things that are over in your part of the world and Europe. Yes, and I too love pizza. For me it could be a FOOD GROUP.

    Julie - My friend, you really wear me out girl. I know, I know you are younger than I and that must be the reason :) HA. You are just to sweet a person.

    Well I have to go and get dressed and start working before our guests come.

    Everyone having company or visiting today. Have a wonderful time and be safe.

    Hugs and blessings to you awl,


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