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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everdobby,

    Hope I do not get caught in the door. Check out Pippi' ;s post at the end of the last volume and anyone else's I have forgotten. She just went to talke a nap after posting.

    Some choc. chip cookies and milk or teas and flavored coffees are there for you all to enjoy. So let's get started everydobby !!


  2. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Strawberries dipped in chocolate have been added to the table.

    I'm so sorry for all of the stress that people are having to go through right now. I'm also happy for the people that are having some really good things happen right now.

    (I know the above words may sound vague, but I mean them sincerely.)

    I've been on a new, higher dose of Synthroid for two weeks now. My body is sorta fine but my head certainly is not! It's actually been a bit scary. There are times when I shouldn't be alone. Not that I want to hurt myself, more along the lines of I'm so unstable that I worry a bit about safety. I guess that's what happens when you're dealing with hormones!

    Anyway. No worries. When i get really bad, I just call my dad and he brings my niece over to babysit. It's a win-win situation. My parents don't have to worry about me and she gets to play on the internet all day and all night. (Can you tell that's she real attentive? lol)

    I have managed to clean some of my apartment. THAT made a HUGE difference in how I feel. I wasn't able to keep up with my housecleaning while school was in session and it was starting to bug me. Progress is being made though.

    I also did a bit of sewing and piano playing this week. More improvement is being made! Yippee!!!

    I have an appointment with my family doc on Monday. I intend to discuss this head thing with him. I'm going to make a list and give it to him so I don't forget anything.

    Gonna close so I can go check on my dishes. Last night, I was loading the dishwasher while I was talking ot my mom. When I was down to the pots and pans, I started filling up the sink so I could wash those by hand and let them air dry.

    I told her I had to go so I could put the dishes in microwave. I didn't realize what I had said until she repeated what I said. We both laughed and hung up so I could finish in the kitchen. So, now, I gotta go see if they are done!

    Take care!
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is down at the bank and I am writing quickly before he gets home. Then I will have to start finishing up the vacuuming and dusting since we are having guest this evening. They will come here first and then we go someplae to eat, that doesn;t cost to much. It will be fun ! However, I have to do some more cleaning.,. There is nothing like company to get one motivated :) !! UGH!!

    Julie - thanks for moving Pippi's post over. I have to learn to do that. Me and cute and paste and moving posts don't get along to well :) !! Sorry about poor little Keira having flea bites along with those stupid nits. Gee, you all have really been attacked by bugs. Hope that is all over now.

    Teacher - sorry you have been feeling "loopy" for lack of better word due to synthroid dosage. Hope they can get it straightened out for you soon. Don;t worry I am always saying things like putting the dishes in the refrig. I am older than you too, I think and am also on synthroid. That is another story. My endo moved and Ihave to wait till sept to go to a new one. My PCP is also moving and so I have an appointment with another gal on tuesday. Gees, what is it withe moving with these docs.? I really liked both of them. Oh well !

    Pippi - hope you are still feeling better since you started your new regimen of no horse pistals and less doc visits (if any). Hope the supps and natural remedies all help you. I take many of them myself and have tried t get off some meds that I can substitute or natural stuff, if I can. I would love to find something natural for my high b/p but it is to high to not take some meds. They are also not cheap ones.

    Carla - I guess you are on your way home. Have fun at the antique stores, etc.on the way. That will be good for you to do to stretch your legs and do something funalong the long drive home. You surely have lovely memories of Haley's wedding to think abouat.

    Well, dear friends I have to get going now. DH is home and work awaits !! Who would like to come help - MICKEY? Well, she is at home and so can't check the posts so I guess I will have to do so myself.

    Love Granni

  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Just let me cry a little!!!!! Just did a long post to you and I submitted and swoosh---------------nothing. I am too tired to visit again but I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

    Luv and Gentle Hugs to wonderful people!

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for all your kind words and birthday wishes. I was
    surprised, overwhelmed and moved to tears. I got 3 cards, no
    presents, (Well, Gordon brought me 3 cookies from McDonalds),
    had no party and only virtual cake from the board. But it was
    the nicest birthday I ever had.

    Missed my 12 step meeting again. Up all night;
    asleep all morning and much of the afternoon.

    Had some interesting phone calls yesterday. The
    same call 4 times. From a prison in California.
    Collect. Have no idea who was calling.

    I can only hope it was my old boss who still owes me money.

    Actually I think it may be due to the fact that
    the telephone number we have had for the last
    five years used to belonged to a Mexican family.

    Even though we only moved next door, the
    phone company would not let us keep our old
    phone number. The first couple years we got
    phone messages in Spanish frequently. Also
    got a message every 6 months from the probation dept.

    A pretty clear indication, I think, that it wasn't
    really keeping track of its clientele.

    Oh, I had another interesting call. When I
    played back the message, my first thought
    was that it was some drunk at a noisy bar who
    had dialed the wrong number.

    Turned out to be Renee, my old friend, and
    her dogs singing Happy Birthday. When she
    sings (very badly) all three doxies howl along.
    Would have been perfect for the Gong Show.

    Remember Emcee Chuck Barris? My mother
    always said he walked like his feet hurt.

    Oh, before I forget:

    This is the site to tour a Victorian home in
    Fresno. Built in 1888. A camera films the
    room and you can read along. Beautiful old

    1888 was the year of Jack the Ripper and the
    invention of the Kodak camera. The Kodak
    camera seems to have reached the end of its
    popularity, and Patricia Cornwell has identified
    Jack the Ripper.

    Thus does everything change while remaining
    essentially the same.

    Julie, I think bugs should be included with war
    famine, plague, etc. It must have been horrifying to the struggling pioneers when the
    hoards of locusts descended on them.

    You chicken recipe sounds delicious. ("Delicious" is often a crossword clue for "yum".)

    Jole, your sister sounds like a monster. Takes a parent who is indulgent or out of touch w/ reality to allow a child to grow up like this.

    I feel sorry for your sister's children.

    Speaking of wakes and what not, there is a
    Hollywood legend about John Barrymore's
    wake or funeral. Peter Lorre (or director Raoul
    Walsh) "borrowed" Barrymore's body and left
    it sitting in a chair in Errol Flynn's front room.

    When Flynn came home, drunk as usual, he
    found it waiting for him. The story is in Flynn's
    biography. Flynn and Barrymore were both
    self-destructive drunks.

    Georgia, Happy Birthday to you too. I'm glad to
    hear you had a nice party. Your "granpa" sounds
    like a real gem.

    It's ironic that Gray Davis was thrown out and Arnold
    installed to solve the problem. Now things are even
    worse. But more money wouldn't solve the problem.
    The politicians would just start squandering and carrying
    on w/ their usual shenanigans to line their pockets.

    Joan, sorry you lost your post. If you copy your e mail or post
    (the first half of "copy and paste") you can minimize the
    losses. Don't think they can ever be totally eliminated though.

    Well, better post this and come back later.

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Oh I am home, what a trip it has been and I loved it all. I did drive threw some really bad stores the last 2 hours or so then cleared up as I got close to home. I got a call from my neighbor that the power was out.

    I got here at 8 and went to talk to them to find out what was going on, she said it had been off for about 2 hours and they were working on it. The one lady at the bottom of the hill had power, so I took my cell phone to her and charged it while I unpacked the car before dark.

    Then it came back on a little after 9. I did unpack everythng so it is done. Then unpacked my treasures I found at a farm along the road. I took a different route and discovered it. They had all these tables but they were tarped as it had rained but wasn't then. So an hour later and back hurting I got a nice box of stuff for $22. Got some nice pottery, McCoy, Shawnee, ect so I was happy.

    I did read threw but dang if I can remember what was writting now. My nite meds are working so I think I will go for now before I write something that I might regret later :)

    Oh it feels good to be home-Carla
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    After church we stopped in to have some goodies in honor of our new priest. We stayed for awhile but then came home and decided not to have lunch. So, I guess we will have an early dinner, knowing DH. Our new priest is so funny and was 40 years old when he went into the seminary. He will be there to help out and to take over if needed as our Pastor is fighting cancer. It is so hard to see him suffer and hope that he will get better after his chemo.

    Georgia - sorry to hear it is so bad in CA. It is hard when the older people in the family, especially have to take care of the younger aduts in the family and their children too. We know people who have had the same problem but it wasn't due to the financial problems we have now. The adult daughter or son, I forgot, was or was trying to get off of drugs and such and so she/he was taking care of the children. In any case it is sad. Hope things straigten out for CA so you all do not have to struggle so. Also, hope your friend's situation gets better some time soon.

    Elaine - well, it sounds like you are trying to get real busy again. Try not to overdo it as you do not want more bleeding to occur after you got restitched up. Sorry if I missed something. Did they find out that your specimen they took from your tumor or growth was positive or did they not receive it yet? It sounded like they perhaps had already gotten the report in and that it was positive..

    Oh dear, it is hard to know what to do I am sure. Have you had cancer anywhere else? If not, I do not see where the doc is saying that if they removed your uterus it would be like doing patchup? I would think that removal of the uterus would be beneficial but who knows. Chemo or radiation, I would think that would really make you sick esp with your history. You definatly have things to sort out on what to do but I donot unerstand what doc or whoever it was who told you that concerning the hysterectomy.

    Pippi - Hope you are gaining strrength and feeling better each day without your "treatments" Let us know how you are doing PLEASE !!

    Julie - I can't believe all this with all your bugs and in Amy's place too. What a mess. You need to take a break my dear ! Poor Den had to resort to buyig doonuts sice you hadn;t gotten to do all that baking. Boy, have you spoiled them :) !!

    Jole- I miss was you said about your sister but I think Elaine or someone mentioned it. That is terible and is very hard on you. You do not need to have all that stress !

    Rock - Hope you are doing better lately. I was attached to this volume and then touched something else and so now I cannot do so. When I have no notes to relky on I am a mess with my memory !

    Carla - glad you got back safely and hope you now get to rest up some Also glad you got to purches some good stuff for your collections.

    Joan - hope you are doing ok and do not lose another post. I know how frustrating that can be. I had better submit now before it goes poof.

    Well, gotta run for now. Will come back later.



  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I decided that I had better write earlier in the day before I get sleepy.

    Now, what did I say before. The 4th was a wash-out - rained all day. We sat in sprinkles for the parade, then we ladies came home. Later, the men who were working at the outdoor dinner (under a pavillion) came after us and we went with umbrellas to the dinner. We were sitting there, eating pork chops/porkburgers and suddenly I kept looking around, feeling very odd. Then it hit me! Where is Harley??? He has always worked the cash register and it has been a family holiday. Now I was alone. Yes, D and DH and #1 Son, our #2 S and spouse were there, but I was still alone. There are probably times that I will always feel that way.

    My holidays have had hard things happen that day. Harley began this final stage of his fight on Mother's Day 2 monthes ago, my dad had a heart attack on Thanksgiving and died the next day, we buried Harley's father on Harley's birthday and Harley's brother died on christmas Eve!

    Darling D stayed all week with me and we had a good time. We go to coffee at our fellowship hall each a.m. Finalized the monument one day, made several trips to W.Mart, and 2 trips to grocery store. She stripped my bed, washed sheets and pad (I had just done it) and put a foam pad under the mattress pad. Oh. it feels so good.

    Yesterday, my neighbor and hubby went up north to the blueberry patches and got blueberries. She brought me a bowl full and they are SOOOOO good! They are going back this week and I asked them to let me know. I want to get either 5 lb. or 10 lb. to freeze. Do any of you live near the blueberry farms? We don't wash them. just pick out stems, etc and bag them in freezer bags. Partilly (that word does not look right! thaw a bowl when you want them, then wash.

    I have the most wonderful Blueberry Pie receipe that I have used for YEARS! Very quick and easy and a little different. A grandson of mine wants it for his birthday. His mom made it last Mar. for the birthday and the berries cost her $8.00! if anyone wants the recipe, let me know. Can I do that?

    Elaine and Pippi: I do hope that things are going better for you. I read the last 2 vols. but can't remember all the news. Please get better ---- we all wish and pray for that.

    I am feeling so sad. One of my "Lunch Bunch" is seriously ill. I have known her since we were 3! that's forever. She told me she didn't feel well when she came to our home just before Harley's visitation day. That is 2 mon. ago. She had gone to ER 4 times, to NP, and nothing was found. I called her about once a aweek. Thur. she was sooo ill. Couldn't lift her hands or head off pillow, couldn't eat, etc. She went to ER again and a cardioligist saw her and sent her to Indianapolis. She had had a heart valve repair some yrs ago and I guess there is infection around it and possibly somewhere else. Family wasn't sure the she would live thru the ambulance trip there. The infection must get cleared up first, then see what the heart is doing, probably surgery. Her DIL told me at coffee after church today that her color is better but she is still not out of the woods.

    I can't cry for her, sadly, because my memories are still to fresh from the 10 days I recently spent with Harley! I have cried so many, many tears that I just let them roll now, no sobbing like it was then.

    i would like to write something joyfull today but I hurt too much. My hands are awful with pain - if I write, type, read a mag. or paper, they hurt so much. My middle finger on the left hand freezes - can't get it unbent unless I use the other hand. Then my neck hurts so very much and does my back. Today in church (it lasted 1 1/2 hr. today) the skin on my lower back burned - FMS. I would like to put the heating pad on those spots but it is too hot. Think that I will get out my TENS.

    I can't remember who added them to the party but those strawberries dipped in chocolate sound wonderful. Thanks a bunch!

    Guess i will go eat 2 brownies that D made --- just what I need! Forgot to tell you ----when I have a frig. full of fresh blueberries, I buy Half and Half to put on them. I do add a little milk.

    I have just talked about ME and all of you have so many issues that I should write about but my finger is freezing up.

    I love all of you dear friends, the only people that I am able to talk to. What a blessing all of you are to me!!

    Gentle Hugs,

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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to see you back on the Porch, and such a nice long post..

    Yes, I imagine that you will feel strange for a long time going places without your DH especially places that you have both gone together many times. Glad that you did have family and others there at the 4th of July BBQ. That is very normal I am sure how you are feeling. You were together for so many years. It is good that you get to go out and do things with family and friends though.

    I am so sorry to hear that your dear friend has been so ill. I hope they take care of that infection right away so that they can take care of whatever else is wrong with her, her heart, etc. I am sure you are upset with having such a friend for sooo long being ill ! That can be a very scary thing, I know. Glad she seems to be doing a bit better though.

    MMM, I wish I could get fresh blueberries somewhere where I could just pick them. They are in the storew right now but they are not to cheap for sure. They are so yummy and VERY VERY good for you !!

    Sorry it is so HOT for you where you live. It is extremely HOT here in TX. It has been so since June. This is August weather - so hot you hate to go any place outside, where there is no a/c.

    Yay, glad you got to send a nice long post to us all without it going poof. I have found myself that if I write a really long one sonehow I get timed out or something and it disappears. I guess after a certain time you are taken off line. That is why I try to type quickly ( and sometimes make loads of mistakes) and send it off without editting. Also it is a good idea to break it up a lot like Springwater and Rock do, and make it volume I, II, III, etc.

    Did you say your nsame was pronounced Jo Ann?

    Thanks for the nice post.

    Blessings and hugs go to you Dear Joan,


  10. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Everydobby!

    Wow, Elaine! It's like you were reading my mind!
    I wasn't online yesterday cuz I was depressed from writing about my illness. Not like clinically depressed, just really down.
    I realized I have to wait a bit to write more. I have to let some time pass, since my recent experience was so traumatic. I just can't relive it right now.
    And I was having one of those days when I'm angry about being a sick person.
    I know that when I have those days, it doesn't do any good to fight it. I just feel what I feel, & it'll pass more quickly than if I let it become a struggle.
    It's frustrating, tho. I mean, who exactly am I supposed to be angry at? God? Maybe I'd be OK with being angry at god, if I thought he knew I was angry. But I decided a long time ago that god doesn't really hate me. It's even worse. He simply isn't paying any attention & doesn't know or care what I'm going thru.

    BUT, today it has passed & I'm feeling much better emotionally.

    I know I'm better when I find I'm not dwelling on it anymore.
    I don't choose to stop dwelling on it. It just happens naturally.

    I think you're right. Telling about my illness will be therapeutic. I just have to do it when it's not so hard...

    I've never sued anybody in my life, but I'm seriously thinking about suing the anesthesiologist at the hospital.
    I told him I was allergic to a particular med, my mom told him too, & he looked right in my eyes & said: "Trust me, I'll take care of you" then gave me the med I was allergic to. Of course, I had a terrifyingly violent reaction to it.
    I'm not fragile & I don't go around freaking out, but the combination of physical & emotional trauma triggered a PTSD event.

    Even though I know I can't get a huge settlement or anything (being one of those "unimportant" people, as defined by the legal system) I can at least inconvenience the jerk for awhile...

    I know this post sounds rather negative, but really it's not. I'm getting so much better! My pain has eased considerably & my strengthis returning, & I'm starting to get outta the chariot & use the walker. It's only a few steps here indoors, but that's where remission begins.
    Since it's not causing me pain, I know I'll be able to work my way back to walking, w/o the walker or crutches.

    I have a hemo appointment this week.
    I told Mom to write down whatever questions she wants to ask him, cuz I'm through talking to the idjits.
    I wouldn't even bother keeping the appt, but Mom has a lot of Q's so I wanna give her the chance to ask the doc.
    Whatever he says, it won't change my mind about not resuming the treatments. I know it was making me deathly ill. It would be incredibly stupid of me to go along with him, when he wouldn't even listen to what I was saying about it at the time.

    I feel so much better now, & I'm not willing to jeopardize that.

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!!!

    PS: Rock: I'm currently reading that Jack the Ripper book by P.C. you mentioned.


    I'm even gonna go to a matinee or 2 at the Palace Theater. They're having a classic monster movie festival.
    The Palace is an elaborate, ornate, lavish, old theater. I love just being in there.
    I loved the Abbott & Costello movie fest they had. I laughed myself silly at that one!
    I've also been on an overnight ghost hunt at the Palace. & it's only a few blocks from here, so I don't even have to worry about getting there & back.[This Message was Edited on 07/12/2009]
  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yes, I'd like to hear about how you dealt with your situation. You never know when some thing you went thru will help someone else.

    & yes, "angry" is putting it mildly. "Blinding, all-consuming rage" would be more accurate.
    & yes, there have been times I was "a danger to myself" too. But nobody knew that.

    When I get back on my feet, I won't identify so much with my illness. I know cuz I've been through this several times already.
    It's only when I'm as sick as I have been recently that I'm painfully aware that this is going to end badly. But when I'm better, I can tell myself that won't happen for a very long time.

    Thanks again. I'm already amazed at how much the board helps. For the first time since I got sick, I'm not alone out here!

  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I know the depression too girls! I had gone to Mayos and had been diagnosed just with depression and something that they diagnosed as-----extreme moving of hands and fingers and feet!!! I have done that all of my life. Shortly after that my toes got numb and I got a Dr. appt. DH asked "Now what?" When he said FMS, my whole family was mad! D and GD said it was just something they said you had when they didn't know what else to say. And GD was a med. tech.

    I felt the whole family was mad at me for having this! No one would speak of it to me. So I suffered alone! i got on this bd. and found that there were people who would believe me abnd let me talk. Mayo had put me on Effexor whixk really helped after trying all others.

    i felt so bad about myself for havinh FMS that I felt so alone and sad. Then I had to take care of DH and I forget about myself ---probably 4 yrs or so. But that did not make the pain go away but what I did was for him and my love for him. But I DO NOT HAVE ANY REGRETS ABOUT TAKING CARE OF DH. I loved hin and still do.

    Don't have regrets about feeling sad, depressed pr what-ever you are feeling right now. I have been through it. Have not had the seriousness that both of you have. But write, write, write if and when you feel up to it. we are here for both of you!!!! You all have been here now for me with my grief.

    I know that you weren't writing to me but I am interested as to what all you have been thru and what your Dad did to change you.

    Grannie: Thank you for the sweet, sweet letter. Made my day. You are so kind and sweet.

    Yes, Joan is prounced Jo-anne. Now that I have kids, and grandkids married, we have 4 Joans in the family - all prounced the same way. also a GD with Joan in her name.

    Yes, girls, write about what you want to write. We hate all that you have gone through. You are both dear to us and want what is best for you both.

    My middle finger is getting stuck so I am not wr5iting very well and the light bulb is out on my lamp so this is practically in the dark.

    So much fofr my rambling. Hope that you understand what I mean.

    Gentle Hugs,


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just to illustrate why it's so helpful to have Gordon around the house, I
    asked him last night to rub some alcohol on my itchy shoulder blade.

    He said, "It's probably due to your hump."

    Anyway, between the board and the computer, it's awfully hard to post.
    Takes multiple efforts to sign in. Then I can't get a reply button. If I do
    get one, it vanishes quicker than a summer snow.

    Just did a couple paragraphs of a post in my mail box. It went puff. The
    word "Undefined" appeared in its place. What does that signify?

    Will have to try later.

  14. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    You are never alone!!


  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling of blind white rage; rage against being helpless against an external event like disabling sickness. Not knowing where its coming from. Where is it going to strike. When is it going to erupt next. Why it wont go away.I haven’t been able to make friends with my depression even tho I have been suffering with it for now at least 35 odd years. I look at the way it impacts me and makes me seem like ‘the elephant man’ sometimes amongst those ‘normal’ folks and the frustration and anger wells up.

    Add to that when others don’t understand. My friendship with a childhood friend almost came to an end because she told me to stop being ‘lazy’ and get out and do some social work. LOL! Can you imagine suffering and being told one is lazy? Pretending? There are times when I cant get out of bed. I haven’t got that bad in a while but just thinking about it scares me.

    There have been times when I cant even pray…it feels like no one is listening or there are more important things for them to do. I found that was normal. This same friend who accused me of being lazy is now fighting chronic swollen feet (the docs tentatively diagnose it as saying its inflammatory arthritis), but she said he doesn’t take her seriously because she sounds strong while talking and she cant describe the pain she is going thru to him, (I couldn’t help thinking it was similar to me not being able to make her understand my inability to function when the hormones go out of whack. She’s very down, not knowing what to do, two straight months of intense pain can bring the most energetic person down. She told me even being such a religious person, she nowadays has to force herself t o pray, she s quite convinced no one is listening.

    Elaine here is going thru similar things as you, fighting something which keeps coming back and getting sick and tired of trying to keep up the battle..I m glad you and she are able to compare notes…hopefully you will be helped by some of her story.

    God Bless
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock – you seriously need to have a good antivirus programme installed in your computer, I had to laugh at some of the things which seem to happen when youre trying to post…its indicative of a malicious hacker having infected your computer.

    Well, not too much time this morn, I have to get some things out of the way..chores n all. Having a problem with motivation tho. I look at the cleaning to be done, organizing of clothes in cupboard, but would much rather go out do grocery shopping, or weeding. Things which don’t need me to focus.

    My aunt sent me some photos she had developed of my daughter and I wished she (daughter) was here and I could give her a hug…in august it wil be a full year since
    We saw her last. She is looking so pretty in the photos. Im actually glad she is not in my orbit all the time, because im pretty sure she is learning stuff I could never teach her here…Im often just lying down or not in the mood to talk…there, she has a bunch of bright folks to learn and imbibe from.

    Evening before last I made a roast chicken which turned out just great…and I went to reach some of it to bro in laws, along with some yoghurt. I ve also been able to get some stuff from the drycleaners and collect some stuff I had given for stitching. So the days have not gone entirely waste. But the dogs have been peeing a lot in the house due to it raining some outside and that makes for extra work ….which really pisses me off.

    Hugs to all

    God Bless
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    see you on the other side-Carla