New Porchlight #478 is ON !! Finally found the lightbulb.

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  1. Granniluvsu

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    It didn't look like anyone was going to turn on the light so I guess I better change the bulb myself ! However, I first needed to go and find one. It took awhile !

    Please go check out the old volume for SW, Julie, I think Georgia and Elaine too !

    Yes, Julie I hope you get some pics taken of your fashion show !! Sounds really cute.

    Brought some nice fresh and warm choc. chip cookies for everydobby as well as some nice cold milk or hot choc. whatever you all prefer.

    Hugs and love to all,

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  2. jole

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    Thanks for the cookies, Granni! Make a great midnite snack....but now I have to go brush my teeth again! Oh well, some things are worth it.

    Fight! I haven't been here much for awhile, and was suprised to hear you're in a new appt. The last I knew you were starting to pack but didn't know where you were going yet. Good for must be such a relief to have all that over with! Did the pengeys follow you???

    Elaine, hi there my friend! I so wish I could do 'something' to help make your life less stressful with your family. But I know as hard as things are that you'll be're smart and strong, and have learned how to take care of yourself. You know how proud you make us!

    Joan, it's good to see you here, and I'm proud that you're not going to your coffee group as much. Honestly, if it's upsetting you it's not worth it! I think you're taking a good lesson from Elaine, sweetie! You do lots of good deeds by keeping in touch with people in need by phone. I know how much a simple phone call means to someone who's alone and suffering! Bless you, you have a lot to offer others!

    Georgia, I've missed out on your dad also........knew he wasn't doing well...was it dementia? Can't remember for sure. How's grandpa? Still have that trip to Mexico planned?

    Teacher, hang in there....the school systems are in such a mess with the funding situation and not getting what they expected would be there. I've talked to a few teachers here that said it's sure got everyone uneasy. Hope things with the teacher's problems can be resolved!

    Julie, enjoy that Kiera......I'm sure some days just looking forward to her keeps you going. Yes, NH's are hard.....the work is exhausting, but unfortunately they have a lot of help that is there just for the paycheck. You do indeed need to keep an eye on things, and ask questions. A great NH is far and few between anymore. Hoping she gets home soon.....

    Rebecca, its good to see you here, and hope you get access to a computer somehow so you can join in more. But glad to see you're enjoying the group at least!

    Hi Rock! Sending you energy as quickly as it can get there........only thing available for the delivery was snails and ladybugs in this neck of the woods though. Seriously, I hate it that you have to go through that so much. I know how totally devestating it is, and how it can depress a person when you want to do things but aren't even able to move........

    Hope I didn't miss anyone.....I too saw Carla's new house.......she has such a knack for decorating, doesn't she? Wish everything was complete for her so she could start to 'live' again. ..........Jole

  3. jole

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    Since I was here last.....
    1. The weather has warmed up and things are beginning to get green. The wheat looks so pretty right now. The birds are singing early in the morning when I go sit outdoors for a cup of coffee. My tulips have bloomed for the first time without getting frozen off in 5 years!

    2. Our daughter/grands were here and we had a great visit. Brody was 'all boy' at the age of 3 and trying to break off the dead tree branches by swinging another dead branch. He used enough energy for Rock, myself and two others! Kaelyn was in a little pink shorts outfit with a pretty multicolored hat sitting in the grass by my tulips, and I have a wonderful picture of her. She had her hat off, a twig in her hand, and was 'stirring' something up in her

    3. Hubby has had increased pain in his back and down his leg, with more difficulty walking again. Not only that, but he has a hernia, and will be having surgery for that this Monday morning. Then we worry about the back again. He's losing muscle in his good leg now, which is NOT good at all. I sure worry that he will be in a wheelchair in another year or so.

    4. Have kept in touch with my sister....she is now losing strength in her other arm and hand, and has asked me to help her with the disability process. So she is now accepting the fact that it is ALS, and needs to get things done while she can still use her hands to write. I'm very worried that she has the bulbar, which is the quick kind. It still is so hard to think about this for me, I can't imagine what it must be like for she/hubby/kids.

    5. My pain most days is slightly less with the warmer weather, thankfully, but the fatigue is not. Neither is the insomnia, which is why I'm here now when I wish I could be

    Have any of you heard of Flylady? My daughter belongs to her web and gets the emails on cleaning your home. I'm thinking about trying it........some days I know I can't do much, but a plan with a couple 10-15 min. increments would still beat my wandering aimlessly and not knowing what I'm doing most days.....hahaha! Hugs to all.........Jole
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in this morning before starting my day to say hi to you all. DH went to the store and so I am on the computer.

    Had our Fiesta Dinner last night with our dinner group. It went well and ws glad that many were able to come and it was not in myhouse. We couldn't hold that crowd !

    Georgia - So glad that you got your mortgage refinanced. i am sure that was a worry for you before you got that done. Now you have one less worry !No one should have to lose their home. When are you planning on taking that trip to MX with Grandpa?

    Jole - Glad you can help your sister. Just talking with her I know is a big help. Yes, it is a very sad feeling when you see someone you love go downlill and loose abilities they once had.

    SW- Hope you are doing OK sweetie. Seems like I haven't heard from you in a bit. Hope you arr more up than down.

    Gotta run and get dressed with so much to do

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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    However did want to say hi to all.

    Julie - Hope your mom gets to go hoom after the doc appointment. Don't you feel great after your perm and color!!! That is what I need plus a hair cut. Iknow I always feel great after going to get my hair fixed. Wish I could afford to do what many do tht I know. They go every week just to have it fixed. Sounds great but - what the budget as usual !

    Glad your mom is walking a lot with the walker, very important. I am sure your dad misses her at home too.

    Jole - Hi there, not sure if I missed your not. Julie said you had a great visit with the kids. That is wonderful.

    Gee, this Porch is awful slow - just like me.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So sorry about you having to put Ursula down. I am sure it was hard no mater how much you were trying to save her from more suffering. You will always remember and havew a soft spot in your heart for her (even if she did pee on the rug occasionally) ! Poor thing, I didn't know she had cancer or had forgotten. It is so hard to watch them suffer when you have raised them from a pup and love them so much.

    You will be thinking of her even when you play with Roxie but it will help. When will you be getting the new Rottie? It will help I am sure to fill the void when you get the new pup. How old is she?

    Hugs to you Georgia !


  7. jole

    jole Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Ursula, and the pain you're feeling. I know how hard it would be on me if we lost our dog. They become such a special part of our lives. But like you, we have always replaced them as soon as anything happens. To me it eases the pain much quicker, and it sounds like that Roxie will be just the one to heal you. Hugs.......Jole
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear of Ursulas passing. But i do believe she just
    went thru one gateway into another beautiful place. I will
    miss hearing you talk about her. You have a lot of love to give,
    Im glad you are going to get another little someone to love and
    care for.

    Today my energy levels returned and something must have clicked
    in my body because the body almost felt normal. No aches pains
    and when i walked to the supermarket and returned carrying all
    that stuff i had enough energy to just dump the stuff onto the
    table and wash some dishes. Normally I collapse onto the nearest
    chair and feel like a fish thats been taken out of water, just gasp
    for breathe for a while.

    The medicine the doc gave me for the uncomfortable feeling
    in the heart area worked it seems but now i have a bit of constipation.
    I hate that because i believe daily elimination is necessary for good
    health. So i also went and searched for prunes. I dont know what
    prunes are called here or if we have them so bought a packet which
    said it was called SunSweet prunes from USA. A tad expensive at
    $4.00 for 340g but i hope its worth it.

    Take care everyone, power is about to go so i better get this off.

    God Bless
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear that Ursula is gone. It is so hard when our pets leave us.

    I hope the new dog works out for you. It is not that she will replace Ursula, but
    that you will have a dog to love and the dog will have a good home.

    Regards to everydobby
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I haven't been here for awhile, the computer has been collecting a lot of dust lately. I just decided to take a peek while I ate my lunch and saw Georgia's post about Urs.

    Georgia I am so sorry and I know how you feel, you won't believe how much I still miss my Missy Gurl. More so after I came home and not at the hotel. Being home again there are so many reminders of her here. They are all at Rainbow Bridge waiting for us. I am so sorry you have had to go threw this and lose your best buddy but you do have grandpa and that was so sweet of him to bring you roses.

    I am glad you are talking to your dad again and sorry his health is failing and will keep him in my prayers.

    I have been so busy but able to keep up for the most part. I had to call Corp HQ in regards to my house and they have come in and taken over and am finally getting things done, they will be here late next week to start the work. They have to tear out a wall in my living room and kitchen and other things inside too.

    Then they are putting in a new driveway, sidewalk, grade and seed my yard, some landscaping ect.

    I want to thank all of those that commented on my Fb pics, I really do love my house and have enjoyed, for the most part, putting it together. But my social life, real and internet has came to a screaching halt.

    Hello to everydobby else, I have been outside most of the day going threw my old bedroom debris looking for my jewerly and have found some, I still have 3 rings I really want to find so I need to get back out there. Today is the only day I have a chance to do it.

    I am sorry so many of you are going threw difficult times and glad to hear some are feeling better. I will be back when I can, I think about all you all the time and will try to be here more in the future- Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SW - glad to hear from you sweetie. I figured you must hot be feeling well since you haven't posted in a while. Glad you have a little more NRG now so you could go shopping and then post about it. OH, don't talk about constipation, I have had to deal with that almost every day of my life. Not fun let me tell you. Hope the prunes work for you . That reminds me that I need to buy some more. Glad you had a painless day wandering throu the marketplace.

    Julie - you are as busy as ever. Try and take it easy taking care of everyone else. Glad your mom is doing better. Sorry about your sis too or is it Den's sister.

    Georgia - Hope you enjoy getting little Roxie today. I am sure you both will have fun with each other. It will help you to not take Ursula's passing quite so hard but I know she will be with you forever in your heart. You have so much in your heart these days, don't you? Roxie should help some !

    Carla - How wonderful to hear from you finally. I am happy to hear they are finally working on your yard, landscaping, etc, etc, It is about time. I know you will be so happy when it gets all done -FINALLY !!

    Looking forwards to when you can to be here more permanently. So many here so busy. The Porch is slowing down some, at least right now.

    Spoke to MICKEY on FB not to long ago. Things are looking up there and her DH has a job and she is still working. She is just VERY busy at work. Not much time for play I guess unless you want to go on FB :) !!

    Hope this finds Joan, Pippi, Jole, Linda, and Rock and everydobby else doing well.

    Elaine - good grief girl is their no end for you? Wrote you on your other thread. There will be lots for you to talk about at your therapists. Stay strong sweetie !

    Love to everydobby and all our MIA's,

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  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I wandered around here the other day hoping someone would open a new vol.! Then I wondered if I could do it. I used to do things like that in the other pro Health but decided I didn't know how anymore! So I ijust lurked in on other boards and finally decided just leave!

    The lady that cleans for me totaled her car yesterday and called to say she couldn't come today! she was on the main highway and a small bus didn't stop. How often that happens. I decided to clean the bath very well myself - I usually do that -. Then I switched summer for winter in the dresser drawers. That made me tired. there is just no sense in getting tired over that!!!####.

    Last evening after "Dancing" I started "Bubble Bread" to take to coffee! I have done that for many, many Christmas breakfasts. Well, this time when I uncovered it, it was flowing over the side of the pan. So, no treat for coffeeiers (I don't know who to spell that IF it is a word).

    Everyone thinks I am just an old lady anyway. I had to clean up the mess I left when I got home but I tasted it and it was so good!

    Georgia: I had tears in my eyes when I read about Ursula! I know how much that hurts as I had to do that to Chelsea--she had diabetes. I regret not going into the room when the let her go! She is in Heaven now with Harley, meowing and rubbing against him.

    I don't know what I wouild do if something h appened to Maggie.
    She has slept bu me every night since Harley went to the NH. I have my hand under the blankets, just feeling her there. It is so hard and I do hope that little Roxie was jiust meant for you!

    Julie: I hope that your mother gets to leave the NH if and when it is the right time. Glad she is getting around so well with the walker. It just takes a little time to learn who to walk with it.

    Jole: So sorry that DH is having problems with back and leg. Everything just seems to fall apart, doesn't it? If it is not family, it's us, or a dear firend, or something else to worry us. I just read a little bit ago the "Serenity Prayer" on FB and if we could learn to do what it says, things would be much happier for all of us!

    My friend whose son has cancer is so down----she doesn't want to talk. She also will not take Rx!! She also will not admit that she has osteoporosis. she walks up her steep steps each night and i so worry about her falling. She can't walk without a walker downstairs and has one upstairs. She is to see a spine specialist in Chicago this week.

    I think that I have a "pocket" on my right side. It hurt part of today and has calmed down while I am sitting here. I ate Hormel's Chili with Beans last evening and I think that the gas got stuck. Tummy has been growling and growling the past half hr. Feels better.

    A dumb question???? Does the skin on your body sometimes hurt like the dickens? There are times when all of my skin is so tender to the touch. Is it that DD, FMS?

    Guess, as always, it's time to find food!! What? Not chili for sure! Just plain rice with butter and brown sugar sounds really good. Then some pudding. I am certain no one wants to join me.

    Sleep tight to those of you whom I missed. And I hope that all of the MIA's are feeling better.

    Love to all and gentle Hugs,


    P.S. I just about messed up------i forgot to submit but I found it!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad to hear your mother is out of the NH. My, that was one heck
    of a busy day out. I hope after your brother gets there, things will ease
    up a bit.

    Georgia - Roxie and you played soccer! She is going to keep you busy and
    on your toes thats for sure. She sounds like a sweet thing. Im missing
    Ursula too and can understand how you feel, its hardest the first couple
    of days after they leave but then it gets better and one is left with the
    sweet good memories. Sorry to hear about your dads health. Its great
    to hear he and your SM are gong to Hawaii, that should be a good trip.

    Joan - nice to see your post, its been a slow day or two on the Porch with
    everyone having somethng going on. I never got the skin hurting feeling
    actually i dont know whether i have actual fibro, mine is more a case of
    chronic fatigue than endless pain. I hope you get better soon.

    Granni - yes, the prunes do help but i have to keep taking them. It feels
    odd because elimination was never a problem for me until i took the meds
    to relieve my chest discomfort. And the meds for what the doc called my
    myalgia. Ive stopped taking those meds now.

    Carla - your new house is so beautiful. Cant wait till your sidewalk and
    landscaping and everything is done too and you can click pics. It was
    good to see Twyla girl on FB. She seemed right at home lol.

    Rock - I hope your energy comes back soon. LA must be getting hotter and
    hotter now.

    Jole - have you posted the pics of your grandbabies on FB? I must look it
    up. Sounds like they had a great time over at your place. Take care of
    yourself. I know your sisters situation is very stressful for everyone. I
    too cannot imagine how all her loved ones cope with the thought. I continue
    to pray for her.

    Fight - I think i missed your post about you moving into a new apartment.
    How is it all going on? have you finished unpacking?

    Teacher - I know you said yu were tired and there was some situation
    re a teacher having to quit. Hope you are able to come back soon.

    Elaine - how is it going? Thinking about you. Dont let your family bother
    and stress you out.

    Pippi - where are you?

    Linda, Mickey and all MIAs thinking of you guys

    Im feeling much better emotions wise. Not sad not fearful. Its such a relief.
    I tried to tackle a room where i throw in all our laundry today. Made a little
    headway. Not much but even a leetle is good for me.

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to the store to pick up some things and then to the doctor to pick up some samples and coupon/card for my b/p med. We are trying to find the best combo alonh with price. The main med I am on is pretty expensive. We thought that the b/p I used to be on was going to be going generic soon and so we wait !! She is helping me with some samples and coupon card which is great. I am also hoping that I do not need to be on any more diuretics or as much as I have been. All I want to do is go to the bathroom-for the birds for sure.

    Georgia - so glad you and Roxie are getting to be good friends. She sounds so cute. She surely is a big girl at 3 years old (90 lbs, is that what you said?) I may have the wrong number in my head. I am sure it work out well for you all. She sounds like she has made herself at home already.

    Hi there Joan - your dinner of rice, butter and brown sugar and pudding sounds interesting :) ! Does sound like one big yummy dessert.

    Julie - glad to hear your mom is home and things getting back in order again.

    SW - Hope now you won't need to many prunes since you have gotten off those meds for your "myalgia". That is a very annoying problem for which I still do not have sa simple solssution but have to work at it daily.

    Rock - Hope you ae feeling OK !

    Hugs to everydobby inc. all the many MIA's ! Gotta run and start the spaghetti sauce before I start painting again.

    Final rehearsal tonight for the Chorale's big performance tomorrow. Will be glad when that is over - hard stuff some of it. Then I will be home on monday nights till mid August.


    See you guys on the other side !! Better run before I get caught !! :) !![This Message was Edited on 04/24/2010]
  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Grannie: You are the BUSIEST person around here. I don't know how you do it all! Keep going, young lady! Oh yes, I had rice, butter and brown sugar, THEN pudding for dessert.

    jole: I hope that the situation with you sweet sister does not get too bad too soon. I can imagine that it must be so hard for all of the family. Bless her and you!

    You know SW, I don't know what I have! I would like to to talk to my Dr. and have him put it in black and white as to just what is wrong with me!!!!! None of my family has ever said the word "fibromyalgia"-----ever! My friends don't either. today when just 3 were there I said my right side hurt so much yesterday. I was getting rather scared last
    eve. And one said i must have pulled a muscle.

    I do get so discouraged with "people". No one believes the pain I am in and I don't usually say anything about it ---- no one wants to hear it and no one believes me anyway. Possibly my #1 S does and maybe #2 but I asked D if she believes in FMS. Her answer, now that I know about it, I do. I know it caused a lot of non-believing with family and friends!

    Julie: So glad your mom got home. I imagine that all of you will be happier.

    Georgia: I am soooo glad that Roxie is so sweet and minds and loves you. You will have so much fun with her. I'm sure there will be a hidden spot in your heart for Ursula! Roxie is big, isn't she?

    I guess that I am a grumbler today. Sorry! Went to the hardware store to look for an upside down gold finch feeder. the finch is the only bird that can hand upside down to eat-----then the other birds won't eat the finch's food. I just love seeing them and I think I have a spot near the drive where I can see them from my chair and it will be easy to fill the feeder.

    All the store had just in were solar lights and more solar lights. Was soooo tempted to get anotherr one but it does have to have quite a bit of sun. my regular one shines so pretthy in the evening but the butterfly that changes color needs lots of sun.

    I haven't said anything really interesting ----- not much to say. I'll probably think of somethiong after I submit.

    Love to all that are here and there.


  16. jole

    jole Member

    Last night was another "no sleep" night. Yesterday was rainy and windy, so I hurt. At 2 am I went outside and the wind had died down and we were inbetween rains. It was so calming to just sit there (with my coat on, of course) and listen to the frogs croaking and all the other night sounds. Don't know why it soothes me, but it does.

    Hubby is doing fair since his surgery. Incision is healing well, but the back/leg pain seems to be getting worse, so we're pretty concerned. Will see what another week brings.

    Spring, I'm rarely on FB anymore, but will try to get the new pics on if I can figure out how to do it. My little ones are so cute (okay, that's coming from their proud nana, so you can make your own

    I'm enjoying all of nature this past tulips, the daisies that are growing so much now (Can't wait till they bloom), the green wheat fields, ladybugs on my plants, and even the earthworms, Seems like there's more earthworms than usual. I know they're a good thing, but I can't like them! LOL

    Sorry this is so mind is shot, and I need to try to get some sleep, but wanted you all to know I'm thinking of everyone.........hugs to all........Jole
  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Jole; I don't know where you are from but the blooming, except for the lilacs, is over! I hate that time! Everything was out and the weather was in the 80's and it was a GORGEOUS. spring. The forcast for the weekend is a "wash-out", he says.

    I do hope that hubby's back/leg pain gets better. Does the Dr. have any idea what is causeing it? I have forgotten but what did his surgery entail?

    Georgia: I am glad that you are having so much fun with Roxie. I guess that she is really just a pup. Enjoy her!

    Julie: It must be a worry about Lindsey----. Yes, you were right--it was a glucose tolerance test. Hubby used to have them frequently. It isn't good for her to get too lethargic---of course you don't know if is is sugar, or hubby getting ready to leave. I can't imagine how scary that must be.

    The only other thing I have to write about isn't fun nor exciting. I have bveen saying "I either have to have Stanley Steamer come of do it myself. Kids never answer me soooo-------today was gthe day!

    I got down--I couldn't be on my knees as they hurt tooo much. Scooted over on rear---couldn't sit on right hip as it hurt my8 left knee. I rolled over and cleaned all the many many spots off my kitchen carpet. I laid down once on the carpet as I hurt so much and was so tired. then to get up! I did and my, how much better it looks. I hurridly put in a TV dinner and went to bed. I hurt so much---Maggie lay right next to me.

    That's all folks!! Nothing else but cloudy, raining, dreary and not nice at all,

    Luv u people who are mu best friends.

    Gentle Hugs to next time

  18. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I know I've been gone for a while, but it couldn't be helped.

    I returned to school after a week of drama with Baby only to be hit with drama at work. I haven't spoken to Baby in two weeks and the drama at work is thickening. It looks like it's going to get really ugly.

    State-wide testing was this week. The P.E. teacher and I were in charge of testing our "squirrels".

    These are the ones that may or may not pass the test, but have definite issuse with the testing situation. They have to be quiet and take a test for two and a half hours and are allowed a 15 minute break in which they are still not allowed to talk.

    Keep in mind that these are children between the ages of 8 and 11.

    My "squirrels" have to be continually petted and encouraged to keep going. They are told they can sit, stand, or lie on the floor. Anything, just keep working and don't talk.

    They would not be allowed to do this in the regular classroom and would shut down immediately and then act out and disrupt the rest of the testers. This would not be good for anybody, so P.E. and I got to run a small group.

    We do this every year and it seems to improve the whole testing setting for everyone.

    Then after that, I had to have my last rehearsal for our concert next week and I had to finish planning the details. We will be leaving the building for this concert and the only thing I'd done was order the bus.

    I hadn't had a chance to get permission slips out and arrange for lunch with the Lunch Lady. Finally got that done and some of my darlings decided that they didn't need to come to rehearsal.

    More decided that they didn't need to go to rehearsal with the Band teacher.

    The list of riders on my bus next week just got shorter. I'm not yelling at anyone. They will just have to eat a picnic lunch that day seeing as how lunch numbers have already been turned in.

    They are not happy about this, but then, I'm not happy with them either!

    Posting. Be right back.

    So, I've been a bit overwhelmed here. BUT I have been thinking of you all.

    Rock, I'm sorry you're not feeling yourself lately. Maybe the warmer temperatures will help a bit.

    Georgia, I'm sooooo sorry about Ursala. I'm sorry about your Dad. I'm happy about your house. I'm happy about Roxie.

    Everyone, isn't it odd how happiness and saddness can run hand in hand? I will have to think about that a little more later.

    Okay..................names are starting to escape me. So.............

    Congratulations on the home updates, the engagement, the fact that the baby has incubated as long as it has, the prunes working, the lovely porch that allows you to go outside in the early morning to enjoy the wonderful and calming sounds of nature, Mother being able to return home, having the energy to sing and dance to entertain others, husband FINALLY getting a job!

    Condolences on the poor turnout of the monkey bread, the rotten treatment at "Coffee", the relapse with health issures, your sister's ALS getting worse, Dad having to choose between taking or not taking dialyis.

    Skin hurting - I had that A LOT at the beginning. It hurt to wear clothes, comb my hair, stand, sit, lie done, everything basically. Not so severe now, but reappears.

    But you know what?

    We're a bunch of tough birds! We have a stupid, stupid illness, yet we are able to live full lives.

    Think about it.

    Being able to scrub a kitchen carpet on hands and knees. Takes all day, but you got a clean carpet and the satisfaction of knowing YOU did it!

    Being able to care for stray animals that in turn provide you with company as you watch them. Being able to spen time at the library during the peaceful hours of the day.

    Being able to take care of family when they need help.

    Being able to fight for the right to keep your home, inviting a new animal to live with you when you've just lost a dear, dear friend and finding a hunky guy that you think you'd like to marry.

    Being able to be a support to a sister who's going through a rough time.

    Being able to keep up with family responsibilites, while maintaing a soft place for homeless animals and tending your flower gardens.

    Being able to advocate for yourself with the strong silent back up from your significant other even when he knows that you "love" someone else.

    Being able to hang in there long enough to find the correct diagnosis that allows you to ride a bicycle.

    I think we're a darn good buch of people and I am glad that I found you!

    Springtime hugs all around!

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  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Yesterday was payday, so I went shopping for a new skillet.

    Couldn't find the one that was advertised and didn't think I needed to pay $40.00 for the one they did have so I left that store and went down to Claire's.

    Bought myself a new tiara!

    I deemed the shopping trip a success and went home.

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    that was a lovely post..yes a great bunch of people on this board, I love them dearly

    its so hot these days, really interferes with my outside errands

    today i mostly spent it fighting/haranguing with neighbours who were
    trying to build a wall outside our house, which would have all the
    street water cascading into the front portions of our house during
    monsoon season. I screeched, stamped, stopped the work. Tomorrow
    they will have a meeting. for now the work has been stopped. Its not
    one neighbor or two mind you, its a commitee and the space in question
    is public land.

    In evening bro in law came for a chat with DH.

    I have a young raven bird in my rooms downstairs shut up because he
    had fallen from his nest and couldnt fly properly was hopping about in
    the garden. I heard a great outcry from crows, (were they worried about
    him?, he is not one of them, they are crows and he is a great big silky
    jet black raven). I thought the dogs would get him so have shut him
    up downstairs with grains and water. Looked in on him yesterday and
    today and he seems to doing fine. When i see he can fly properly will
    let him go. There are big windows from where he can see the garden
    so i dont think he is too claustrophobic and ive opened up the windows
    only closing the netting so he can get fresh air.

    Everybody - hugs and keeping all of you with things going on in your
    lives in my thoughts and prayers

    God Bless

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