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    Hi everyone...go back and visit the last porch for news from Granni and Sun. I'll go "close" the last one and check back in later...
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    Julie: so good to read that Lorraine is doing better. It's so easy for a bad cold to escalate further with the little ones. When my oldest son was just a few weeks old a friend came to visit, with her sick kids. And of course my son got very ill, and the doctor told me to run the vaporizer in the room, covering his crib to make it like an oxygen tent. I don't think I left his room the whole time.....scary.

    Mikie: how's the neck and shoulders from all that shovel work?

    Thanks Granni for the support. Looks like the stomach bug has now hit my husband. I gave him a charcoal tablet to ease his discomfort so here it is past one a.m. and I'm still on the computer.

    We're flying to Portland, Oregon the week of Thanksgiving. I haven't been anywhere to speak of since 7 years ago that we flew to Yellowstone. I always wanted to see it in winter and wasn't disappointed. My son has lived in Portland 5 years now, but I always kept putting off visiting, hoping I would feel better. I'm running out of time and so we'll be there 8 days. We've got reservations at several nice hotels that have a kitchenette......I need a microwave and a freezer for my "comfort" items. We're also staying 2 nights at Cannon Beach, so looking forward to walking the beach and seeing what the ocean throws up. I've already put out our surf shoes so I won't forget them.

    I watched part of the CMA awards on TV. I'm so removed from country music that half the people I don't even know who they are.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I apologize that I didn't acknowledge some of y'all on my last post. Either several of us were posting at about the same time or the page didn't update. In any case, I would never just respond to some of my Online Family and not others.

    Granni, you had asked over there whether I was doing my own planting. Yes, regrettably, I am. It should have been a piece of cake--just drop new plants in the holes where the old ones were. Problem is that Pedro, the boss speaks English but his crew from Guatamala doesn't. I tried yelling at them when I saw what they were doing but it was too late and they ignore us like they are deaf.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, my arms, shoulders, legs and knees are stiff and sore but not in a Fibro way, in the way one feels after a good workout at the gym. So, I guess that's improvement. I am taking long soaks in Epsom Salts when I finish the work. Still have a bit of work today to finish up.

    Rock, loved the biker pun. I never tire of them. I'm glad you spoke up. I used to ride when I was much, much younger. I have ridden road bikes but I loved the dirt bikes, all jacked up with knobby tires. We rode on trails in the mountains way back where we might not see anyone else all day. Took picnic lunches and just enjoyed the beauty. Most of the trails used by bikers are not used by hikers and vise-versa so we weren't disturbing another's peace and quiet. I was a hiker too and didn't want to listen to bikes when I hiked.

    Julie, I hope everyone is doing better at your place. These things can spread from one person to another. With the Holidays upon us, no one wants to be sick.

    There's not much left to do outside. We need to return one bush we ended up not needing and buy another for a spot which looks bare. If I am taking out a plant, I pull the mulch back and then rake it back in place when I'm done. The so-called landscapers just dug and left rocks and dirt in the mulch. We have to buy about four bags of mulch just to cover their mess. Barb will help me today as we are going to prune some branches on existing bushes. I am buying some green spray paint to paint some water pipes which are now exposed when the bushes in front of them were removed. It'll be a while before the new bushes cover them. It's amazing how painting the pipes almost makes them disappear in with the foliage. We will be shopping for a pot for the one plant which I can't put in the ground. That's the place where they packed rocks into the hole. We will also be shopping for a pot for our Desert Rose plant. We will be done today and it is already looking beautiful. The condo has suffered from neglect but this has been a big job, one which will give us pleasure from now on. It's been long overdue under those staircases.

    Just found out a lovely neighbor died up North and the only neighbor who knew failed to tell anyone. It's such a shock. Her husband was down and he told Barb that his wife died from lung cancer. She had pain in her upper chest and within three months was dead. I think we are all still in shock. Barb lost her husband to cancer three years ago and I think it was very therapeutic for this man to have someone to talk to who knows just what he is going through. I get up every day, thankful for the day which lies ahead and go to bed every night, thankful for whatever blessings the day has brought me. Of course, there are times when I've been so sick I couldn't get out of bed. On those days, I thank God for my comfy, warm bed in which to recover. No, I'm not a Pollyanna or religious person. I do think of myself as spiritual and believe that an attitude of gratitude is a healthy thing.

    So, dear friends and gently people (yes, I always loved that song), I bid y'all adieu til I return from my new, temporary job wielding shovel and clippers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here. I helped Gordon with yard work yesterday, but was tuckered
    out after 15 minutes. He trimmed the plumeria tree of some branches. An old Mexican
    man passing by wanted to buy some. Gordon said, "OK. $5." The guy went home to
    get the money, but never came back.

    Shortly thereafter an old Chinese lady (we live in an area of diverse ethnicities) came
    by and addressed Gordon as, "Young Uncle". The Chinese in America, says Gordon, do
    not use terms like uncle and cousin the way Americans do. These terms are used to
    indicate some sort of unspecified relationship. The adjective "young" was used to show that
    Gordon was younger than her husband.

    Anyhoo she wanted some cuttings too, but Gordon told her they were going to friends in
    the Orchid Club and promised her "Next time". My own reaction was that it was a good
    chance to get rid of some trash without having to do the work ourselves.

    SG, Hope you have a fun visit to Portland. My brother the Forest Ranger lives there. I
    think. He used to live in a small suburb of Portland named Gresham, but I think Portland
    annexed it some years back. But it still has the name Gresham. All very confusiatin'.

    I didn't understand your comment about reservations at several hotels. Are you going to
    move around? Other than to CannonBeach? Good luck with trip. Considering the state of
    my health and the state of our airports, I wouldn't wanna fly nowadays. I'm so old I remember when regular people didn't fly (they drove). And when the public first started flying, they dressed up as though they were going to the theater.

    Mikie, I liked the cycle puns you wheeled out. Never even thunk of 'em myself. You are
    the only person I know who is both a biker and a pilot. Painting the pipes sounds like
    a good idea. If SG were there, she could probably paint camouflage on them.

    "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" reminds me of another song called "Way Back Home".
    Has great lyrics. You can hear Bob Crosby sing it on Youtube.

    Don’t know why I left the homestead
    I really must confess
    I’m a weary exile
    Singing my song of loneliness

    The grass is the springiest, The bees are the stingiest
    The birds are the wingiest, The bells are the ringiest
    (the hearts) the hearts the singiest
    (the arms) the arms the clingiest
    Way back home

    Hugs to all
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    Oh Rock - I do remember that last song. OMG, time sure is passing us by, isn't it? Oh well, we just have to make the most of it. It is funny how some of these really old songs stick in our head from way back when.

    Julie - Thanks for starting this next volume. Try to pace yourself girl and TRY not to get sick. I know you are tired of hearing it:)!! We all do what we want and think we have to do for ourselves and our families. Luckily for you have a family really close to you and can help out. We were never THAT close. An hour or more ride, at least to most kids and one is out of state. So we are lucky to see each other more than the holidays especially with the work and other schdules they all have,

    Mikie - Hope you aren't too achy after all your digging of holes and planting. Yes, I know what you mean about dealing with those who can speak some English but sometimes chose not to hear us. There are many Hispanics here in TX and one of then helps me with some heavy housework. She is a very nice lady who goes to our church and I got her name from others in two of my singing groups. She also speaks little English but does understand some. If I need to change a time for her to come I have to make sure that it is in the evening when her English or bilingual speaking daughter will be home. That is a shame the word of what was needed from those workers was not passed down to all the men. Just meant extra work for you to do. I also do not like to have to dig holes and bending down not good for the back also.

    Hope to hear from everydobby else also not mentions. Missing Spring Water, Dar, Joan , Elaine and many others !!

    Need to run and get dressed. Have a hair appointment when my DH gets home.

    Love and hugz to awl,
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    Rock: I've tried my hand at growing plumeria without success. Even got some cuttings from Hawaii once and no luck. Bought a gorgeous healthy plant from an old Mexican lady at a farmers market......killed that one too. Those cuttings are very desirable. That person probably thought Gordon would just give them to him. What color is your tree?

    We're staying 5 night in Portland, then 2 nights in Cannon Beach, then l more night in Portland before we fly home. I used to love to travel and would greatly look forward to any trip. The last 5 years have been very hard on me, even driving an hr. someplace. I'm already experiencing anxiety over the state of my health and body, and how will I cope. I know that all of you can understand what I'm talking about.

    Boy yes, I DO remember getting dressed up to fly back when I first started taking trips. Now it's like church, throw on some sweats and you're out the door. I have a sweater coat that I use for traveling. Makes a wonderful blanket to pull over my head and try to sleep. And I would NEVER touch one of those pillows or blankets they pass out.....ugh. And forget it with reading their magazines they provide.....full of germs, just like the ones at the doctor's office. I'm not germaphobic but I think we're all aware of the germs on everything. Even when we go to a hotel the first thing I do is pull off the bed spread, and call for extra sheets so I can totally encase the blankets. Even the TV remote is filthy. That reminds me to take extra plastic bags.

    Mikie: so very sorry to read that you've lost a neighbor. Why is it with some people they don't think to share news like that? But then she went very quickly. My son was telling me about one of his bosses at work. Seems he was a workaholic, never took vacations, worked at least l6 hrs. a day including weekends. He went into the hospital for fatigue and some pain, died 2 weeks later from cancer thru out his body. Maybe there is something to driving yourself! He probably ignored all symptoms because he couldn't slow down. I also need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude because compared to people in other places or countries or time periods, even with our health problems we're very blessed.
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    Good Thursday evening...good to come back and see so many newsy posts :p

    I was gone most of the day, some of it planned, some not. Had a chiro appt. at 10:30, so had to leave at 9:45 to make it on time. They were running late for some reason, so I was in there for an hour. Then grabbed a sandwich for lunch before I ran a couple errands.

    Got home in time to check on the kids...David was at some training and Lindsey and the kiddos still not feeling the best. She works tonight and tomorrow night, and Lorraine needed to get to the doctor for a follow-up from being in the hospital Sunday night. David got home and could have taken Lorraine, but that would have left Grandma to watch the twins when Lindsey had to I just offered to do the "easier" job and take Lorraine.

    We got checked in with the receptionist (the clinic is in the hospital) but communications weren't working properly, so we waited an hour before they called us back to the doctor. No worries, Lorraine was busy "supervising" a couple ladies who were decorating and setting up for a Christmas Bazaar in the lobby/waiting room.

    No kidding, we were sitting at the children's activity area, and she took her little chair and moved it right up in front of the Christmas a play by play of what the lady was doing, lol! When one strand of lights didn't light up, Lorraine got so upset and worried...luckily we got called in to the doctor right then...when we got done, the tree was all lit and looked great :D

    Got home just minutes before Den did, so I relaxed a bit while he rested after work. Fixed a quick supper and need to get it on the table now, so will try to check in later on. Hi to everyone...the weekend is closer :p

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - That is the funniest thing about Lorraine and her supervising. Glad she seems to be doing pretty well. If she was doing her "supervising" I .would say she is getting almost well :)!! That little one is not shy and sounds like a little go getter .LOL She certainly did give everyone a scare getting so sick so fast and they can do that. It will be a rather quiet weekend again except for tomorrow night. Tomorrow night we will have a couple over to play cards and eat dinner - Stouffers Lasagna (frozen, garlic bread and she will bring salad and we will have ice cream for dessert if we aren't to full. Maybe we will eat that later on after playing :)!! The ice cream is Blue Bell ( from TX) NO extra fat or sugar and tastes really good. With no sugar choc. syrup it surely tastes good to me.

    Mikie - So sorry to hear about your neighbor passing away. Did you know her very well? Sad the person did not let you all know about it. I know a few people who died of lung cancer - very sad. Do you know if she or he smoked? I know that some people get it and didn't smoke at all but sometimes other pollutants or second hand smoke can contribute. It is sad no matter what anyway. Also hope that you don't get yourself to sore and "too pooped to participate. "

    DH went to a short meeting and should be home soon. I hope to check in later maybe tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  9. Windytalker

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    I tend to "lurk" and enjoy reading all of your newsy posts. Mikie, I feel so bad to learn your neighbor died of lung cancer.:( And, that's what caught my eye and wanted to comment.

    Just recently, the World Health Organization has stated they now know that air pollution is causing lung cancer. And, it's about time they figured this out!!! More and more "non-smokers" are getting lung cancer and succumbing to it. Here's an article:,0,981625.story#axzz2k31d7xHa

    The problem is...WHO is focused on "outdoor" pollution and that's a disappointment. "Indoor" air pollution can be just as bad. This includes things like dishwasher detergents, candles, air fresheners (including Fabreez), etc. Most of us live in enclosed environments these days since the introduction of AC. Sometimes, indoor air pollution can be worse then the air outside. Smoking is NOT the main culprit. Too much focus has been placed on it...leading everyone to believe if they avoid it, they won't get lung cancer. Not so.

    Lung cancer is insidious...a person can have it 10 years before it's ever found. There truly aren't many symptoms. Mine was caught only because I had a gastrointestinal problem and requested a CAT scan. I had felt very, very fatigued (but I also had FM and didn't know it), but still had no other symptoms. My nephew's wife succumbed to it last January. She never smoked a day in her life, but when they did find it, she was already in Stage 4. She was only 41 and left behind 2 daughters...age 11 and 5. She lived in CA which is practically "smoke free" these days...not so with air pollution.

    Any cancer can be tragic!! My DIL just learned she has breast cancer. It was caught early and like Angelina Jolie, she's elected to have a double mastectomy then reconstruction later on. No chemo or radiation...hurray!

    Just wanted to toss in a "tidbit". Keep up the posting and I'll keep up with my reading.

  10. rockgor

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    Hello, Friends

    JWU (Just woke up.) Didn't do much yesterday, but did go to the library. We were there
    a couple days ago. Got a few books. Yesterday we got another half dozen. It would be
    nice if we had a steady supply, but it tends to be fits and starts.

    Our Emo kid is back after a absence of a year or so. He is college age, tall, skinny, and silent.
    For 3 years or so I have never seen him dressed in anything but black. I only heard him talk once. His voice is deep and sort of rusty sounding like it doesn't get used much. He is not a librarian. In Los Angeles you cannot be a librarian unless you have a Masters Degree in Library Science. I don't know what is scientific about it unless it's memorizing the Dewey Decimal System.

    Anyhoo not sure if this young man still meets the requirements to be an emo as he
    has dyed his hair red. (Note: "Emo" is short for "emotional rock music". Isn't all
    rock music pretty much emotional? We old folks like Granni and me remember when
    rock and roll was new. Folks got pretty emotional about it. Preachers decried it in
    sermons and Elvis' hips had to be censored.)

    Hi Windy. Good to hear from you. We went to Ralphs market last night and it was a
    a good example of indoor air pollution. The place reeked of cinnamon. I'm sure some
    of our members who are sensitive to chemicals, etc. would have had to flee the premises
    and maybe do more than that. Sprays and whatnot.

    On the way out we passed the manager. You ever notice they are never at those little
    stations they have in the front of the store. Anyway I asked her if the Hazmat folks had
    been called. She laughed. Gave me some goofy explanation about some decorations
    has caused the problem.

    I agree with Granni re: Lorraine. Sounds like she is one her way to being a productive
    member of the community. Alert and curious and wanting to be involved. Good for
    her. As for the problematic string of lights, we old folks remember the days when you
    had to check bulb by bulb to find the bad one. How things have changed! But
    are we and our country better off? I know what I think.

    SG, our plumeria tree is big; two stories. The flowers are white with a little yellow in the
    center. Somebody at the orchid club gave Gordon three plumeria branches which he put
    in the back porch and ignored for about 3 months. Despite no water, the grew new leaves.
    He planted them several weeks ago and already the have flowers which are shades of
    pink and orange.

    Mikie, I read some more about Feng Shui. Two sites said good colors for the bedroom are
    pale white and chocolate brown. Which leads me to ask, what is pale white? Isn't all
    white pale? Ha Ha. Can't get away from that female-male dichotomy.

    A man would describe a bedspread as tan-white-and purple. A woman would call it
    fawn-eggshell-and plum.

    Better go before I lose this. Kugs and Hisses everydobby.

  11. lydia1

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    Good morning, everyone! Glad Amy started texting me before 7:30...I was already hitting snooze on my alarm and having a hard time waking up. Wanted to get some things done before my hair appt. this afternoon. Then my hairdresser texted and asked if I could come this morning instead...which works better for me anyway :)

    So, I am gulping my second cup of coffee and heading out the door...just wanted to say "hi" first. Hope everyone has a good enough day...
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Heating up the Stouffers Lasagna to be ready for our guests. Nice and easy and warm, with garlic bread and salad that our friend is making. After that we will play cards, TRIPOLI, a really fun game. We have ice cream too which we may wait to have, it depends if we are full after we eat our lasagna, salad and garlic bread. I am getting hungry thinking about it and the oven on in the kitchen feels good. It is rather chilly today. It was in the high 40's this morning and I guess 60's now. I am such a hot house flower :)!!

    Will have a rather quiet weekend, as per usual.

    Julie - I had my hair done yesterday and it sure feels good. Glad you are getting yours done today. I know it always feels good to have it done, cut, color and the works. Hope you have a great weekend and the family and little ones all get better soon and you don't catch it.

    Windy you are right about the pollution and stuff in the air causing cancer but most or many of the ones I know smoked but second hand smoke and pollution is also bad and can cause it too., That is so bad about that gal who was in her 40's who died. What a terrible thing, and to leave such a young family too. The people I knew were much older and had smoked most of their lives, including one of our dear priests a couple of years ago.

    Hi also to Mikie, Rock, Spring Water and everydobby else ! Have a wonderful weekend awl. Hope to be able to check in sometime before then.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  13. lydia1

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    Granni, have a great time this evening! I like Stouffer's Lasagna also...and the bread and salad sounds great too. When we have company, we often eat dessert things time to digest and lets us enjoy the meal more.

    Windy, good to hear that you have been around and reading...I have been lax in replying to everyone individually, but trying to recuperate from the "rockabye-athon" over the weekend with sick kiddos.

    I got my hair done this morning, so would have had all afternoon to work outside...but the wind picked up and it just felt too cold to me. I could have bundled up and gone on out, but opted to take a long nap instead...for a couple hours.

    Den just got home from work and is resting, so I will get started on supper. He likes to watch the news while we eat, but has about an hour to relax before the news comes on.

    I have let my house, dishes, etc. go this week...need to play catch up. Actually, I feel like I could go back to bed, lol, but will probably get a few things done and watch TV at the same time.
  14. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    This is are a couple of links that discuss the current status of lung cancer:

    This 2nd link talks about the stigma of "lung cancer"...where people tend to "assume" it's totally caused by smoking (or passive smoking). Some people (including doctors) take the attitude that if you've smoked, you deserve cancer. That's like saying if you're gay and get AIDS, you deserve it. No one "deserves" any of this...and this includes FM/CFS, etc. (and you know the stigma that goes with that). Patients who get lung cancer (regardless of the cause) are NOT treated well. My niece who died in January was treated badly...including her oncologist at City of Hope. My sister calls it the City of Hopelessness.

    Okay...climbing off my soapbox.:)

    Why is it when we get our hair done we all want to fall asleep while they're working on us? Perhaps it's like getting a nice massage...but on our heads! LOL

    Yes, I remember when Rock N' Roll was considered dangerous to kids' minds (this includes Rhythm and Blues). When hard rock came out, I heard of a guy in Nebraska who was trying to get skunks out from under his house. He put a radio under the house that only played rock...the skunks left! LOL

    Speaking of inside odors...I have to walk out of many places due to odors. Even my WalMart gets to me sometimes since it has a Subway inside. Once they start "toasting" sandwiches, I can't get out of it quick enough. I absolutely love the smell of plumerias...but my body doesn't like it but it doesn't like many "smells" these days. There's nothing that can throw me into a bad flare more than odors. My poor DH had to give up Irish Spring soap. Not only did it cause me to flare, but it made me sick to my stomach...I could even taste it! As a kid, my folks washed my mouth out with soap...and I have to say Palmolive tastes far better than Irish Spring!:confused:

    A Master's to be "officially" a librarian? I never knew that...and I suspect our local librarian doesn't know that either.:)

    Speaking of Christmas lights...some strings stay on when a bulb goes out and some don't. I have a "pre-lit"(sp?) tree with a strand out (a section). Not sure if I want to tackle finding the culprit or just get a tree-type stand that only holds Christmas balls. Debating...

    It's now 4:20AM and I need a cup of coffee...

    Always enjoy everyone's posts...

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Gang

    We did more yard work yesterday. Gordon's orchids are looking better now that he has
    had some time to spend with them. He went to the library last night. Brought home
    another 10 books. Land O Goshen! Anyhoo I was glad to get Fannie Flagg's latest book.
    She is one of my favorites.

    Well, I finished the last of the Jello cum whipped topping. I made it for Gordon per his
    request. I think he had about two bites. Men!

    You see Dear Abbey's column? Some gal wrote in saying her dining experience at an
    expensive restaurant had been ruined by a young teen sitting nearby with an exposed
    butt crack. Abbey told her to resist the temptation to insert a stalk of celery. Well, I
    should say so. You wouldn't want to be arrested for stalking.

    Windy, I bought a bar of Irish Spring decades ago. Gordon, who has a very sensitive nose,
    told me to get rid of it. I now let him buy all the soap and other items that come with
    fragrance. I have almost no sense of smell anymore. My mother had "sinus trouble" for
    decades and lost her sense of smell altogether. Except every few years it would mysteriously
    come back. Then she would run around the house and sniff all her perfumes and brew
    coffee and fry bacon and run out to the garden and sniff all the flowers. The next morning
    it would be gone again.

    Julie, what did you have done to your hair? I just read the autobiography of Dolly Parton.
    She says she is sometimes asked about her big hair and how long does it take to have
    it done. Answer: "I don't know. I'm never there." I love her album "Honky Tonk Angels"
    with Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette.

    Lasagna sounds good. Gordon hasn't made it for many years. He says it's just too expensive.
    The last batch he made cost about $2o. I think the last time I made a batch of 7 layer bars,
    it cost even more than that. Try and get a little rest, Will ya Hon, and I'll something,
    something. Fragment of an old song. Can't think which one.

    Granni, if I lived a little closer I would have dropped by your place. The menu sounds
    good; haven't played Tripoli since I was a kid. Would like to try the Texas Blue Bell
    ice cream too. I played bridge, and canasta, and whist, and pinochle, and Uno and
    casino, and stuff I can't even remember. Casino, by the way, is a great game to teach
    little kids to count and do simple adding up to ten. Anyway, can't play cards anymore,
    but it provided a lot of fun and socializing at very little cost for many decades.

    Gotta go see about breakfast. Hugs to all our porchers.

    Oh, just thought of it. I think the song went like this. "Give me a little kiss, Will ya
    Hon, and I'll give it right back to you."
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, my! Haven't been here for a day or so. Good to see y'all posting. I'll try to keep up.

    Rock, we had to cut Barb's Plumaria back a bit to keep it from reaching out too far over the lawn in the front. If one waits til the plant goes dormant, one can just cut branches off and stick them in the ground and they will grow. I've never tried it with one which is leafed out but the dormant ones are easy to grow. Ours is all white but we have some pink ones and white ones with yellow centers in the hood. They also come in dark red. Want to get one of those. Loved your story about the butt crack and stalking. I saw, "Lettuce eat in peace without having to see things which make us want to gouge out our minds' eyes."

    Granni, by the time I finally yelled at the landscaper, he was on the last hole. I speak a few words of Spanish but I'm losing it as I almost never use it. I've found that if they think I know Spanish, they are more willing to pay attention. These guys aren't professional landscapers; they are unskilled workers who are really only able to cut grass. They spray Roundup all over the place and kill people's flowers. In a word, they are a mess. I will be telling "el patron" that we do not want them spraying any Roundup on our yard and we will trim out own bushes. I love Stouffer's lasagna. Sure a lot easier than making my own.

    Julie, I'm laughing about little Lorraine supervising the decorating of the tree. I'll bet that was a hoot to see. My DD used to go into the stores and fold anything which was not folded. The store clerks knew her and loved to see her "helping out." What we call work is fun for them. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't last. Oh well, enjoy it while it does.

    Windy, Barb and I sat and talked with my neighbor's husband. She never smoked but he did. Yes, lung cancer is on the upswing. Airline pilots, officers and attendants who were around when smoking was allowed are much more likely to develop lung cancer. They also develop skin cancer due to high altitudes and more radiation from the sun. My DSIL, who is a pilot, had a deep cancer removed from just below his eye. Truck drivers are more likely to get skin cancer on the left side of their faces, which are exposed to sunlight constantly. I'm glad the husband seems to be doing so well but I know it is agonizing at times.

    I limped in yesterday afternoon, barely able to move. I realized I had soil on my khaki Capris so I decided I had better soak them. I added my other light laundry and let them soak before washing. They came clean. Woohoo! Then, I figured I had better do my darks so I finished my laundry. I soaked in Epsom Salts and iced the shoulder I had surgery on. It was pretty sore but seems OK today. We still have a wee bit of trimming around on the older bushes but, for all practical purposes, the job is done. It looks beautiful.

    I got up today and decided I needed to color my hair. The last time, it came out way too light so I got three different colors and mixed my own concoction to add to the peroxide. I got a much better color this time. The color keeps so will have enough to color my hair twice more. Then, I went to the store for some much needed food. I came home and cooked Italian sausages and let them simmer in the marinara sauce. Instead of spaghetti, I cooked some egg noodles. I was just thinking of making a 50's dinner with some of those noodles in a tuna casserole, some peas and some jello with whipped cream on top.

    Yes, I remember when Rock 'n Roll was considered by some adults to be "the devil's music." Elvis' hip swiveling was considered vulgar (that was before tworking, or is it twerking?). Getting old is hard work just trying to keep up. I don't try too hard but sometimes things just come to me by osmosis or accident. Not much happens in the world today that doesn't go worldwide at the speed of Twitter. Sometimes, I get nostalgic for simpler times but then, I realize how much I enjoy my technology. Without it, I would have my Online Family.

    I decided to take the remainder of the day off. Went down to see the kitties but Julie wasn't home. She's probably over helping Jeff move into his new townhouse on the next street over. I've been watching "Windtalkers." It's such a good movie that I don't mind watching it again. War is the most idiotic activity that man partakes in. Peace is worth working toward no matter how difficult. I pray for peace, even here in the hood. We get along amazingly well all things considered. Sometimes, though, it's just like Del Boca Vista on "Seinfeld."

    Well, had better wind down here. Looks as though it might rain. We would welcome it as we are now into the dry season. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member guys are making me feel awful that I can't grow plumerias! Do you think it's my soil, my thumbs or what! Two story is just over the top when I can't even make them grow 2 feet.

    I agree with Windy about the indoor pollution. One reason I won't/can't go to a nail salon is I can't even walk by an open door of one of those salons. How do they stand to sit there all day......with their masks on! LOL

    LOL LOL "Abbey told her to resist the temptation to insert a stalk of celery" Don't those men/or women now realize what they look like????

    Cute comment about little Lorraine. She's a take charge kind of girl I think. Watch out!

    Mikie: There are several sites online where you can type in what you want to say in English and it will print the same thing out in Spanish. I've got a few lines printed up for when I'm looking for someone to do gardening cleanup for me. Most every gardener around here speaks very little English.....or they just pretend they don't.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    :)Has anyone heard from or about DAR?? I am worried since I haven't heard or seen anything from or about her in some time.

    Julie - Glad that you decided to take a nap the day you got your hair done in the afternoon instead of working outside when it got cold and windy. I think that was a very smart move on your part. I am still smiling about little Lorraine and her trying to organize the putting up of the lights of the Christmas tree in or around at the doctor's office. Hope your kiddos are doing better.

    Sun - Not sure I have ever see a Plumeria. Curious what they look like.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better after all your digging in the dirt. I am so sorry those Hispanic men didn't pay attention to what they should be doing and what was really wanted from you and everyone.

    Had fun last night even if I was the big loser at our game but that is OK. Only lost less than a dollar. So, I can't be to upset. The food was yummy and the company was great. We all had a fun time.

    Rock - You are right. I guess many have gotten away from the playing of card games, etc. with all the new gadgets being invented. Growing up we did lots of that, with my parents and grandparents too when I went to visit them, which wasn't very often. They lived quite far away in other states and my parents had little money to fly. We either drove or took the bus. My paternal grandparents taught me how to play Rummy and I played that with my parents as well as Scrabble, and Canasta. Now, it seems that few children know how to play these games which is a shame, I think. Everyone has to have a gadget of one kind or another , at least or maybe two or three others including a phone - geez. I do love our gadgets but we don't have to many of them. We may start looking for cheaper phones when my phone is no longer on the 2 year plan.

    Better get ready for bed everyone. Have a great evening and will probably see you sometime tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Member

    hello all

    i read thru all the posts and enjoyed everyones goings ons at their places.

    laughed out loud at rocks 'celery' anecdote.

    i am very rushed for time, so much work seems to hv piled up...

    so wont stay long...

    i did manage to go for a mediation and talk session at the Centre because

    instructor came.

  20. springwater

    springwater Member

    brother just came to get his money for chemo..i keep it for safe keeping

    his nth chemo,

    well all take care

    god bless