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    Windy, I didn't know your brother is on chemo. I pray for him.

    Sunflower Girl, I agree about those nail salons. Not only are the fumes toxic but that stuff can cause the nails to go soft and ruin the nail beds. Not for me. I don't know whether it's our sub-tropical climate or what but our soil sucks down here. We are on sand. Everything has to have potting soil in order to grow. When we trim back our Plumarias, we hand out the sticks to neighbors and they just stick them in the ground and they grow. I don't think it has anything to do with technique cause I'm sure no gardener. I know about the translation, and one can get an app for one's tablet or smartphone, but I was dealing with the boss, el patron, who was to give instruction to his men. We are not supposed to talk to the workers. Doesn't matter because they ignore us anyway.

    Granni, No is no in most languages (non in French :) so that one guy should have, at least, stopped loading rocks into the hole. We know some of them understand English but it's more convenient not to. I've lost too much of my Spanish to communicate fluently. Oh well, most of the work is done. Just a wee bit of trimming. I really feel for those guys who go out and work so hard, especially in the sweltering heat. We have taken water out to them when they run out and our non-verbal relations with them are friendly. It's just that, as a company, they do poor work. I know how our neighborhood could look and it just isn't up to snuff.

    I got an e-mail from a cousin I haven't spoken to in about six years. I stopped to see her in Denver back then but when I got home, she, nor any of my other cousins, returned my e-mails. They are a strange bunch, always fighting amongst themselves. I love them dearly; they are my Mom's sister's kids. This particular cousin is her granddaughter. She is my age. She just wanted to know whether I'm at the same e-address before writing more. I'm about to check my e-mail and I hope she has written. I fear someone may have died, perhaps her Mom who has been ill for years.

    I was in bed last night watching TV when Barb called. A neighbor, who has had bronchitis for several weeks, had called her and wanted Barb to take her to the convenient care health center. Barb was about to leave with two friends for the Legion for dinner and called me. I truly believe we are here to help one another but I told Barb I just couldn't do it. I almost never say no but I'm sure I made the right call. I get bronchitis at the drop of a hat. That care center has a waiting room full of sick people and the wait can be long. My allergies have been acting up and I've been coughing.

    It's always hard to tell how bad things are with this neighbor. She is in her 40's but depends on her parents for everything (they must have been out of town). She has almost no friends and isn't friendly to people in the hood. She is a teacher and, I'm sure is competent in her job but everything else is such a big deal for her. She had ants in her unit and went buzzerko. Hey, this is Florida. She called her own exterminator. We have one come every three months and he will spray inside for free if we want him to. I don't have him do it but he could have done hers. She didn't complain to me until after her own guy had been there. I tried, as gently as possible, to tell her that she has to clean the cobwebs and insects from in front of her door because she is basically setting out a buffet for the ants and attracting them to her. She didn't know where her water shutoff was and I had to show her before she left town. Good thing she asked because she had a problem with an appliance and it would have flooded her unit. It's just the ordinary things of living alone which everyone needs to know. So, I don't know how sick she was but she ended up driving herself to the convenient care; it's not far. I'm not troubled by my decision because there is no reason for both of us to be sick. I hope she feels better.

    Well, gotta run and check my e-mails. Lotsa love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Yesterday was chiropractor day. And we went shopping at Trader Joe's. Again with the
    cinnamon. They were selling cinnamon brooms. Did you ever hear of such a thing? Turns
    out it's not for sweeping. They are about 3 feet long. You hang it over your front door for
    good luck and it imparts a lovely aroma throughout your house. Very likely it also
    makes you dream of cinnamon toast. Cost around 15 - 20 dollars.

    Mikie, whaddya think? Would this augment or interfere with Feng Shui? Was it all that
    landscaping work that laid you low yesterday? Are you recovered? Hard to leave the
    manual work to Manuel if he doesn't know what he's doing.

    Springwater, I read that more than half of the world's 14 highest mountains are in Nepal.
    Do you know any folks who climb mountains, or are the mountains a long way from you?
    Are there any monasteries on remote peaks? How are your kids doing?

    SG, don't know what is causing your plumeria defugalty. You can hear similar discussions
    at Gordon's orchid club though. "Oh, I can't get those to grow at all." "Really, they grow like
    weeks at my place. I'll bring you one next meeting." Etc. Well, even if you can't grown one,
    you could paint them.

    Granni, haven't heard from Dar. I hope she feels well enough to post soon. I am amazed
    that she can work full time. I was in my mid 40s when I had to switch to part time. The last
    few years I only worked two hours a day. Some days I didn't make it to the office at all.
    Is today the busiest day of your week, or does it vary?

    Time to go back to bed. Hugs to all.

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    mikie, im sure you made the right call. we hv to take care of ourselves, first.

    julie - just hope the rockabye a thon is over now and you can get on with all
    the c leaning n swamped here n dont even hv toddlers to take
    care of!!!

    sun - i just hope i escaped being affected by second hand smoke..mum and dad
    were both prolific smokers for all my growing two brothers then
    started tho not in front of us...its strange ive never had a craving to smoke
    or drink..even tho my friends were doing it in college and here at work.

    granni -how did the dinner go? mum used to talk about tripoli, she used to
    say tipoli. lol, she had a good childhood, loving parents, they used to to
    a pilgrimage every year, and camp and hv food in banana leaves, cook on stoves
    enroute..loved listening to her stories

    windy - good to see you pop in..

    the maoist s hv announced a ten day strike sompeople stocking up,
    on groceries n essentials, no one believes there wil be a ten day strike but
    tomorrow definitely so i went n bought bread n veggies...and some fir
    incense to clean fumigate my healing crystals

    oh mikie, i didnt mean the bok said we need to break down walls etc
    for following feng shui in the other thread...i meant our home is build in
    such a way that its difficult to re arrange without major restructuring.

    well, take care all

    god bless
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    rock - we hve to travel a day to reach mountain bases...base camp...pokhara town is where
    you can see thr mountains hanging in a chain as is suspended in air...its 8 hrs by road.

    right now the stupa i went to was full of foreign tourists and a lot of them hv come to
    trek and climb mountains..a couple die now and then...on the peaks but that doesnt
    deter any enthusiasts, it seems.

    tin tin in tibet comic depicted nepal and trekking beautifuly right down to the rhodeodendron
    bushes on the way and the cows in the square and market place...( the cows got outlawed
    about tenyears back)
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    Spring Water - So nice to hear from you and that brother is having his chemo session. Sorry he has to go through it but I guess no choice. Did you say that it will be his ninth session? Do you know how many more he will need. Hope he is holding up OK through all that nasty stuff, Just curious how much that costs in comparison to what we have to pay here in the U.S. Glad you are getting out some. How is or was your project in your house? Did you ever get your sink? Is it all your kitchen?

    Rock - I went back and read your celery /stalking joke. Glad you have some reading to do in between posting here to keep you busy.

    Julie - Hope all is going well at your house and you are not pushing yourself to the limits again !! I know it is hard to step back esp. living so close to them all. Try and stay well with all those bugs hopping around at Lindsay's house.

    I am so bad on my exercises and tomorrow is the chiropractor. So I need to get off and do some and the Denneroll. Now I am up to 20 minutes but have to find the time to just lie there on a not to comfortable thingy.

    Mikie - Hope you are starting to feel a bit better after all your digging and planting. Not my ide of fun either with all my pain . Have you seen those kitties yet t their Aunt Julie's house??

    Hope DAR us doing OK and not in a major flare. I know she works so if she does that , that is enough for the poor kid,

    HUGZ to everydobby inc. Joan, SUN, Diane, Windy, Soul, and all those I cannot think of at the moment. Need to start those exercises - ugh. Not my idea of FUN ):!!!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Sorry I missed the last parts of this thread. I posted after SW first posts on #1. Don't think I went to the #2 spot when I started posting before. :confused:

    As I said before, exercises await - ugh. Bye all for now.

    Love you.
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: I think if I was in bed already I would have said the same's so darn easy for us to catch something and then be sick for weeks while others are well in a couple of days. And you've got your trip coming up so be extra careful being around others. My daughter and GS are coming down with a lulu of a cold....(flu bug I'm sure) so though I love them absolutely don't want to be around them.

    Rock: that a made up word. My dictionary doesn't have anything close to defugalty. I figured it meant ten brown thumbs! But good to know that some at Gordon's orchid club have the same problem as me. I bought a catnip plant about a month ago and it was doing good until the other day it looked awful. After a close inspection I find cat fur all over it...hmmmmmm? So it's now covered with a wire contraption. This morning I find cat fur on the wire! double hmmmmm. LOL

    SW: Your mom's childhood sounds wonderful. Get her to write down all her experiences growing up. It would be something for you and your children to treasure. I bought some notebooks for my mom about 8 years before she passed (she was already almost 90) and after she died my family and I enjoyed reading about all the things I never knew.

    Where you live how cold does it get in the winter, in that you have all those high mountains. I've seen photos of Nepal and it's very beautiful. I'll have to read more about it since I now know someone who lives there.

    Granni. Glad to read you had a fun time playing Tripoli. I remember playing that as a teenager but couldn't tell you much about it now. I also was taught how to play canasta when I was about 8. Our neighbor's mother would come to visit for a month at a time and they would call in the afternoons and ask if I could come over and play cards! She was in her 70s. I've gotten out of card or game playing.....something I haven't done in years and years.

    We went to the farmers market today, searching for good tasting fuju persimmons. A friend gave us a large bag last week from their tree......almost tasteless. We tried 3 different vendors and all tasteless until we came to the last one. I'm thinking it's a bad year for them.

    My husband is making a clam chowder for dinner.......what a surprise that he's volunteered to cook. I looked at the recipe which is neither a red nor a white one. The taste comes from the clams, a bottle of clam juice, bacon (anything is good with bacon in it) and of course onions and some potatoes. We bought some little fingerling potatoes for it.

    I also bought a chocolate mint plant and hyssop, which is supposed to be an antibacterial. I'll have to search up on that. And some branches of those little orange fruit that look like pumpkins. The dealer said that's what they were, the plant dealer said they were thai eggplant. Personally I think they're both wrong. And a HUGE bouquet of orange marigolds. I love their scent though some people hate them.
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    Sun - taking a very short break from exercises. Let us know how the clam chowder recipe turns out and maybe give us the recipe if it is not to difficult. Sounds yummy !!!

    I have to run and start chopping or slicing mushrooms with steaks on the grill. Have to hurry before it gets dark around here - so early now - darn it.

    Love ya all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    One of Gordon's orchid friends just left. He came over to pick up some plumeria branches. He has a little business now that he's retired. He takes care of greenhouses for folks who are out of town or who want someone to do it for them. He checks on the watering system, the fans, (if such are present), picks off dead blossoms and leaves, checks for problems. He has 5-6 clients. Was just finishing his visits for today.

    I finished my Fannie Flagg book. Am now reading a book about an Irish Country Doctor.
    Somewhat similar to the James Herriot books except it's more about people than animals, and
    it's all fiction. The Herriot books, according to his biographer, were factual but augmented
    and modified by fiction.

    SG, yes, da-fug-al-ty is a made up word. My mother and her brother made up or modified several words for their own amusement. Sometimes there was a story behind the new word.
    Da-fug-al-ty means difficulty. Screwl was screw. EK o nomy was economy. Half-dead was
    on its last legs. (If I had more energy I'd insert quote marks.) Whenever he came for a visit
    they would get out the 78 rpm records and listen to old songs by folks like Spike Jones, Dorothy Shay, Red Nichols and his five pennies, etc. They'd laugh like crazy. All available on Youtube, of course.

    Granni, I suppose DH is cooking the steaks. Are you the sous chef? Gordon hasn't done any
    cooking yet today except for peanuts. He buys them in the shell and simmers them with
    star anise and fennel and salt. Then they soak overnight with a plate on top. Then he boils
    them. Then he drains them and roast them in the oven. Something like that. Anyhoo it's
    a lotta work. The finished product will only last about a week.

    Are you going to grill veggies on the grill? When I was a bachelor I bought a steak a few times.
    Never could tell when the darn thing was done. Didn't taste nearly so good as what you got in
    a restaurant so I stopped buying steaks. Went back to tuna and hamburger.

    Springwater, I remember seeing a documentary years ago about mountain plants. It
    showed the rhododendrons with the Himalayas in the background. What is fir incense?
    Incense made from fir trees?

    Mikie, have you ever seen Scott Hilburn's cartoon Argyle Sweater. You can find it at the
    "Comics and Editorial cartoons" site. He had one a couple days ago about Feng Shui and
    the Lone Re-arragner.

    Julie, hope things are quiet, or at least relatively quiet at your place today. Windy, I didn't
    get the concept of a pre lit tree. Aren't all things that light up pre lit until they're lit? SOL
    Reminds me of the airlines and their "pre-boarding". I think George Carlin said something
    about that.

    Time for my post nap, nap. I.e., I tried to take a nap earlier, but no workee, so I'm gonna
    try again.

    Hugs to Joan and Dar and all our other porchers and Mr and Mrs. America border to border
    and coast to coast and all the ships at sea.

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    Rock - Hope you got to take your after post NAP, otherwise knows as the post nap nap, as you said :)!!!! Hope you could actually fall asleep. I know it is frustrating when you are tired but cannot fall asleep.

    I love that saying Rock that I haven't heard in years and I am sure you haven't either- Goodnight or something like that to "Mr and Mrs America, border t border and all the ships at sea". Wow, does that take me back. Trying to remember which reporter used to say that all the time after his show.

    I guess you would call me the sous chef although DH was trying to put the salad together and he cut himself, not badly but just enough to require a couple of bandaids. I sliced the mushrooms which he sometimes does too. Way back when I did all the cooking except for an occasion something or another on the grill. I also did the marinating of the steaks. I read something not to long ago that was really cute but true - about men wwho like to say they do all the grilling but the wife usually does everything up to and then after the grilling of the meat. Very true, for me anyway but I know some wives whose husbands are excellent cooks ( lucky gals) !! Nice for you to have Gordon do most of the cooking. Did you used to do more of the cooking????

    Hugz to everydobby !

    Love you all and also missing those I haven't seen in awhile, See you soon, hopefully tomorrow. Another busy day tomorrow.

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    Rock: what did you think of Fannie's new book? I just ordered it from the system and see they only have one copy so I guess when you've returned it, it will come to me. Hope it's good. I think my favorite was Fried Green Tomatoes........what a brain to think it up! Looking her up, I see a very nice pic. of her and that reminded me that the other day I was watching an antique roadshow from Dallas, and I kept thinking that this one person with her treasure looked familiar. I'm almost positive she was the actress who played for years on the Waltons.....the wife of Mr. Godsey the shopkeeper. I need to do a search on her.

    Well, there's an idea for Gordon for a small job to keep him busy......taking care of other people's plants......including businesses that have plants in their office. I've heard you can make quite a nice monthly salary doing this. Or dog walking if he's so inclined. There's a lady in our neighborhood who walks her employers small dogs.....I'm talking about 10 at a time. I asked the owner how come she had so many and she told me she takes them in from a rescue place until they are adopted. Talk about NOISE as they're being walked!

    Someone sent me a link to the following: Very interesting and I'm thinking about a so so book I got from the library last year (looked like a child's book) but it was made into a movie....Hugo was in the title but darn if I can remember the rest.

    Granni: Does your husband do the barbequing? I've always loved teriyaki steak but with my jaw problems have trouble chewing lately, so no beef for me.

    I just got back from taking a load to the Goodwill thrift. Other people, like me, are donating their over the allowed size of luggage. We just found out it has to be in a certain dimension otherwise they hit you with $25. No reason to keep this large luggage around the house when it's not needed.
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    Sun- Yes, we too have over sized luggage that we used years ago when we went to Europe. We need to get rid of them too to give to someone for something. Maybe they won't care about paying the extra fee for oversized luggage.

    Yes, DH does grilling or BBQing I guess you call it too but I do most of the in between stuff :)!! Sorry you cannot eat teriyaki steak. If you marinate steaks long enough and cut them thin you might be able to chew them. Our steaks, that I marinate in Italian dressing made the steaks really tender. I didn't have to chew very much :)!!!

    Good night again. Need to go take a shower and DH need the puter.