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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hey Mickey where are you. You closed down 401 and then disappeared. I waited for you but I guess you went home. Since you won't be on till tomorrow sometime I had better open this Volume - Sorry sweetie ! Not trying to take your job !

    Everyone pleas go back and check out the last volume and see what you missed including Mickey !
    Gotta get ready for night night again . So I will drop off soem cookies and warm mile for you that are trying to go to sleep .

    Pippi - still waiting for an idea from you on a story :) !! Somehow I don't think you want Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella !! (tee hee) !

    Julie - I am going for my hair to get done tomorrow and I am NOT going to mow the lawn when I get back. Lucky me I do not have any lawn, just lots of weeds

    NiteAll everydobby. See you tomorrow. Waiting to hear from Kjade about her new baby. Hope all is well.


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  2. springwater

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    I did too and when i came to post saw Grani had already done the honours and there were two other i edited my opening....Granni, thanks dear.

    Mickey – what is hump day? I am learning many new things on the porch. Many words being used there which Im not familiar with here. My daughter may come home next summer break. This time plans went awry, she thought she would be nicely interning somewhere but internships were hard to come by and she regrets not coming home and meeting us. Here she would have been able to intern somewhere or other.

    Granni – congratulations on winning that bottle of wine. Maybe we can all have a sip of it on the porch.. I just love reading your homey posts and all your doings, it makes me feel safe and protected from the big bad world..

    Julie – encouraging to hear Davids lasik went well. I would love to get one done as well. My husbands cousin had hers done in India. The Minnesota student girl. Hers too went great. She had pretty bad myopia..somethng like – 5. You are doing so much these days, I marvel at your resilience. You just take things on as they come..and deal.

    Pippi – youre right, I believe when we send out loving thoughts or thoughts asking for someone to be helped, made better, etc – it is a form of prayer.

    Jole – good to see you. You were missed. I am sorry to hear about your dear DH, can understand how difficult it must be for someone so active to adjust their ways after so long…my friend that suddenly developed the inflammatory arthritis in her feet and who was incapacitated to a great degree after being such a active person, was telling me “it must be Gods way of telling me, you done enough, now rest.” Best wishes and prayers for his surgery to go well. But I think its wonderful to hear the love in your words when you speak about him, and he is blessed to have such a loving union.

    Teacher – did you really take your momma to the doctor or was it a song? Hope you doing good.

    Joan – love that youre coming over more on the porch and sharing.. it is good to hear how you are coping…that was an absolute horrific thing about the three ladies tho…sometimes life happens. Im sure the hubby must have felt so much comfort in being able to talk to you, and know here is someone who has gone thru something similar, and understands the grief of losing someone dear. I do find you are becoming stronger with every passing day…well, at least everytime you come on the porch, you sound stronger.Still sad, but recovering.

    Georgia – does your neighbour think youre a witch then, after you told her you saw her come over in your dream? Is Ursula and Grandpa behaving themselves. I hope no more of your goats have landed in your big pot. Please give the cousins my love if you happen to talk to them…if I remember correctly about this time, they should be kicking up a ruckus over at Rockys, and driving her nuts. And chasing her mule.

    Linda – were you able to get those psychic readings done? Give us the low down if you did. Very curious.

    Rock – where are you, is your flu a little better?

    Carla – when is your beautiful granddaughter leaving for Germany? How are Missy and Twy?

    Will post this
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    In view of your report that the rain came down in splotches, I have
    penned the following:

    Oh, the rain came down in drips and splotches.
    It rained on the Duke and rained on the Dutchess.

    The rain came down all over Nepal.
    Rained on the vendors; rained on the mall.

    It rained on the rich, and it rained on the poor.
    Filled the stream, and flooded Pa's store.

    The game was canceled. But good for the crops.
    Rained on the beggers and the crooks and the cops.

    The water was Spring, and Spring was water.
    Rained on her son; rained on her daughter.

    The path is muddy. The yard is a bog.
    The cat is stalking old granpa frog.

    It rained all over. And so I say:
    Thank you, Rain. Now go away!


    (Hump day is Wednesday. the middle of the week.)

  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Sorry Granni, all of a sudden my computer froze when i was trying to open the next volume. I tried getting back on but it still wouldn't let me. Ever since they tried fixing the computers about a month ago, they have never been the same. So thanks for picking it up for me.

    Well gang, i just got here at work and wanted to tell you all that before I started for the day, but now i have to go through my emails and things to do, so i will be back later after i wake up. LOL

    Springwater, Hump Day is a Wednesday (means the middle of the week for working people)

    Oh I see Rock already told you, LOL. Hi Rock, you seem to be feeling better and back to you chipper self. I am glad. I love your poem, you should start a book of poems or at least save all of the ones you have done, they are priceless. See you all in a little bit.

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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock – that poem blew my mind. I wish you had taken to creative writing as a profession. Well, maybe on the side when you were not attorneying. Many a soul would have been gladdened reading your work.

    Well, I had to leave the computer this morn after posting part 1, because husband was getting testy over my not finding a pant for him….he is not to blame, he had told me a week ago..but I have been either running around sorting stuff for my brothers or on some unavoidable errand or lying down collapsed all out of energy.

    I did go hunt for it, all morning and noon and then some this eve but stil have not found. But in the process I got a lot of folding and putting away of clothes done. So im satisfied, tho pooped.

    My husbands cousin from Switzerland (the one who got married and just left) called. She had sent a long common email to three of us, me and her two sisters and none of us replied it seems. I didn’t have any news here so what to write? Her sisters help is sick with jaundice so she is busy cooking for the joint family and looking after a toddler. And her other sister is probably busy. Told her I would write when there was actually something to write.

    I may not be having house guests after all, the holy man who was supposed to do the prayer ceremony for the sick nephew said he couldn’t wait any longer for them to arrive from India since he now has to go on a retreat. Im not sorry. Im not really in a condition to look after guests. The gurus way of healing is through beating drums - sound healing? Im curious. I would have tagged along had the ceremony happened and seen what they do.

    I think due to stress, I have been eating a lot of junk food, readymade noodles and gol gapaas, Indian junk food)…I glanced in the mirror this morn and got a shock at this haggardly woman squinting back at me. More haggy than usual. So today I will have a cup of hot health drink and try not to drink any more tea. So easy to let oneself go when under duress.

    Tomorrow is friends birthday. Ive already got her present. A dress material. But no time to pack it. Yet to buy the card. My friend on the other hand is so efficient, she has her presents wrapped, card written in, a week in advance. Well, maybe now with her newly acquired arthritis, she will be slowed down a bit….but today when I spoke to her, she sounded as strong as usual, tho maybe a little wary of life than before. But the excruciating pain she had is gone, thank goodness. Now its sort of a dull chronic pain.

    Its my husbands birthday the day after tomorrow. I just don’t know what to get him. Once I even got him a set of white cotton vests because I didn’t know what to get. I have very somber tastes and he likes eye catching bright stuff. Ahh..maybe a mobile phone holder. That is, if I can afford it, lol. I can afford a $ 15 one right now. I should be able to get a pretty okay one with that.

    My friend and husband are so similar in their behaviour and outlook on life. Its like theyre soul twins. Theyre Leos. And im a somewhat reticent Gemini.

    MY poor garden is in such a horrible state. I have been neglecting it lately. The zinnias look poorly. The hydrangeas finished blooming and a nasty brownish colour. The dahlia plants have more foliage than flowers on them. The purple bougainvillea over the walls and roof is fierce but that is about it. Still, how happy I am that I can look out and see some greenery. I would die if I didn’t have some greenery to look at.

    Take care all my pretties

    Cate, Texan, MrDad,Monica, Marta,Barry, MrBillC and all you other MIAs..thinking of you guys

    God Bless
  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Springwater - Yes, I really did take my momma to the doctor. She's fine.

    Howdy everyone else! How y'alls doin'?

    I'm feeling better a little every day. Dragging a bit today, though. It's been raining off and on for two days now. We need the rain, but the overcast days do a number on me.

    Have been productive though. My kitchen is almost done. Just have to mop.

    Am working on my room today. Am taking a break because my hands are getting tired.

    The good news is that when my room is done, the whole apartment will be done!

    Just in time to wreck it with the start of school! lol

    School does not start until the end of August, but the best sales happen in July. Go figure. So I get stuff when and while I can and pile it in the living room until it's time to go back.

    I COULD get the custodians to let me in for a short while, but I don't wanna go until I has too! ;)

    So, I'm going to get some lunch and then return to my job for the day.

    You all take care.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am still illish. The good news is I have lost
    11 pounds. Not quite the way I wanted to do
    it though.

    Got a letter from the Soc Sec people. Big
    Brother is after me. They allege, w/o any
    coherent explanation or figures to back it up,
    that I owe them $56.

    Well, the govt. is omnipotent, and I have no
    energy, so I guess they won't get any argument
    from me.

    Thanks for getting us started, Pippi. In the early
    days we used to have 2 or 3 new threads started
    simultaneously fairly often. Now, for some reason,
    hasn't happened for a long time.

    What's all this about sketching and painting? Is
    there anywhere we can see some of your art?

    Linda, was it Lucie who was running through
    the sprinkler? I can't even take coherent notes
    anymore. Can you, or a friend, get it on video?

    Georgie, yes the bees are dying. The bee lady
    at the farmer's market says she has lost 30-40%
    of her bees. The bananas are dying too. There
    is an epidemic. Almost all the commercial bananas are the same species.

    Julie, that's great news re: David's eye.

    What's this
    about falling off a chair? Reminds me, back in
    college Ken McCoy and I put chairs on tables, then stood
    on our heads on the chairs.
    Oh to be young and healthy and stupid again!

    Teacher, that's pretty scary about your door. Here's a possibility.
    The burglar was in the process of breaking and entering when his cell
    phone went off. It was his girlfriend.

    "I don't care what you're busy doing. You get
    your butt back here right now, Mister, or don't
    bother coming back at all."

    What could he do but leave immediately?

    Better stop for a while. Back soon, I hope.

  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I never mentioned I'm an artist???
    It's such a major part of my life, that it's practically my identity (even before "sick person" LOL!).

    After visiting the Arts & Crafts museum w/bro Joe last weekend (& seeing the prices on the for-sale items) I think I might start selling more of my artwork. I've sold some things, but I give away a lot of it, too.

    Springwater: The reason Wednesday is called "hump day" (as already explained in previous posts) is cuz once you're past the middle of the week, you're "over the hump" & headed toward the weekend.

    What kind of odd sayings are common in your culture, that we might not be aware of??? I'm fascinated by linguistics!

    Well, peeps... Time to head out on the balcony.
    I've been going out there to draw, think, plot, & just get outdoors.
    We have several very nice outdoors sitting areas downstairs, & those are good places to be sociable. But the balcony (although it is a shared area) is almost always a solitary place.

    It's relaxation time...
    I got in the BratMobile earlier & caught the city bus to one of my fave junk stores. Got some pretty good junk, too! (As IF I need to be hauling more junk in here! LOL!)

  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Teacher, that reminded me of the Wizard of Oz movie. Didn't the mean witch say that to Dorothy and Toto. LOL

    By the way that reminds me, my Dad is taking me and my sister to the Fox Theatre (look it up) to see the Mary Poppins in August. The Fox is so beautiful, Rock you would love it. Actually, here is the link:

    I can't wait, i just love going to those shows. My Dad used to take me all the time when i was little so this will bring back a lot of memories. He is the best Dad in the world, the sweetest, most loving, caring, wonderful Daddy. LOL, can you tell I am a Daddy's girl.

    Well Rock i think you are still feeling illish, Pippie didn't start this volume, Granni did. LOL Poor Baby, i hope you get to getting better.

    Pippi, I love junk stores, you never know what you can find in those stores. I go to the goodwill up by my house all the time and that is where i get all my books that i read (besides the library). They sell used ones for only like 20 cents. Definetly worth it.

    I watch House Hunters all the time and i am just picturing your balcony up high. They always have couples buying highrise condo's on there all the time and they all get excited when one of the condo's has a big balcony. If I was single I would definetly buy a condo with no yard to take care of. That would be the life. LOL, but of course i am not, however, i don't do the yardwork anyway, hubby does. I do the laundry. Good tradeoff.

    Okay Porchies, my office took me and another employee out to lunch today for a belated birthday lunch and it was okay, but i am still hungry. I ordered chicken strips that i thought came with a salad, but no it was only about 6 real skinny strips. Oh well, glad i didn't have to pay for that one.

    I will be back later Porchies. Take care you lovely lovely porchies

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Or should I say - MY PRETTIES !

    Yes, Sweetwater and Mickey - that phrases or whateaver you call it was in the Wizard of Oz.

    Not sure if the bad witch said that to just Dorothy or Dorothy and Toto. I thought she said my pretty but who knows.

    Mickey - do not worry about you not being able ato finish the turning the lights on to the next volume when your computer froze. Have no worry. I figured something happened at work!

    Sweetwater - sorry you are still feeling sorta blah or don;t have to much NRG and feel you look blah in the mirror. Oh, I feel that way to but I am agetting old so who cares. I went to the beauty shop today and now I am BE U T I FUL !!! No I am not going out to mow or weed either. Going out to diinner tonight with another couple and their grandaughter. Have fun at the birthday party. I am sure you will have a good time.

    Geoergia - Oh well, I can't blame you for deciding to probably not take the new job if it was offered with the uncertainty of the times. Everyone has to do what they feel they need to do

    Rock - Liked your poem. Sorry you still are not feeling very well. Sorry your lost some weight. No one wants to lose weight that way.

    I have been busy today trying to figure out and put down in a list so the new doc can understand about the new generic drugs we are going to try and change them for my b/p mostly. She told me that when we came in to talk about other things she would try and help me figure out how to get my cost down. I am on to many meds and my b/p meds were not very cheap, for sure. If I had no insurance we would be broke !!

    I have to go in to talk to her on tuesday, after we go for our fasting blood labs, about my stress and ? incontinence problems. I may need to go for surgery and need to decide which doc to go see - ob/gyn or urologist. Gee whiz, I am falling apart little by little - ugh !!!

    Elaine - thinking about you sweetie. Hope all is going well with you doc visits and such. Hope you all have figured out your best treatment.

    Pippi- Glad you got to run around in your Bratamobile" and got yourself some more "junk" or should I say more stuff ! I know what you mean kiddo. Hope you are feeling OK today.

    Julie - Hope you had a chance to rest today (ha-is that possiblae? Happy B day to Den coming up.

    Joan- Hope all is well with you today. Kjade was due yesterday Ithink or the day before. She was missing today and yesterday so I am gauessing she has probably delievered by now.

    I forgot to attach to the volume so I don;t remember what everydobby said. Gotta run befoare this disappears.



  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    LOL, Okay, i will stop with the pretties. Anyway it is almost 5:00 here and time for me to fly. I think tonight i am just going to water the plants all around the pool, while i sit in the pool, ha. It hasn't rained in quite awhile and they need water, plus it is very relaxing to me.

    I took Jack for a walk last night and half way through he got sick, threw up sick. He never does that on our walks and it wasn't even hot out, it was cool. Well he is better now, but i think i will skip the walk tonight unless he throws a fit and begs to go. We can just go for a shorter one tonight.

    So take care Porchies and have a wonderful rest of the evening.

    Bye Bye,

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have done that before. Sweetwater is a town or city in Texas. Sorry I goofed again. However, you are still SWEET anywho :) !!

    Julie - I will stop by your house and pick up some extra food, K ??? Y0ou are always cooking great stuff so I will come and get some from you 1! MMM good, spaghetti !! I can have that any time.

    I have to get ready to go out for dinner. I am slways ready for thta if I do not have to cook.

    Hope everydobby is doing well!

    Love again,

  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Wow! Y'all really impress me with all the talk of great food! Makes me hungry!

    If it wasn't for cans & the microwave, I'd probably die of starvation. Well, either that or botulism....

    Hmmm... All this talk about beauty saloons reminds me I oughtta go buy myself a haircut. I do that 2 or 3 times a year...
    Not a whole lot to be done with this shaggy, curly, Irish calamity. LOL!

    C Ya!
  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am sorry I have been gone so long, I have been taking some time to recover from the last 6 months. I spent 6 of the last 8 days at home. I went to Wallys for meds and food, then to my GP on Tues. I have to work tomorrow so thought I better check in.

    I have been painting and reworking some that I started a while back. I have also spent a lot of time on facebook getting to know my grandaughter again. She really is happy and they got a house today, so she will be leaving in early Sept to go to Germany.

    She sent me pics of the place, her Dh sent them to her, it is a 3 story house with a spiral staircase and a pink patio- Pink is her color-so it was meant to be-lol

    But in order for me to keep up with my daily living stuff I have had to cut back my puter time. I have came a visited from time to time, but just couldn't post. I wish I could have another week before I had to go back but I will survive.

    Pippi- another fellow artist! What do you work with? I love pastel pencils

    Joan I am so sorry about your friends, it has not been a good year. Glad to see you here more.

    Julie you are just wonder woman, it is a wonder you are still alive :) I don't know how you deal with such a schedule, where I on the other hand have too much time to myself sometimes.

    Jole so sorry to hear about your DH, as someone else said-things happen for a reason, you are in my thoughts and prayers

    Teacher- wow that would have scared me too- let;s just hope he doesn't come back and you have matters in hand, a baseball bat wouldn't be a bad idea either. I have been know to go to sleep and leave my back patio doors open-get up the next day and they are already open.

    I do have my own personal security dawgs so i don't worry too much, nothing gets by them-lol

    Well my back is hurting and need to get in the tub- Elaine you are in my thoughts, hope there is some good news for you soon, Granni you can come pull my weeds when you are done. Springwater I looked at your pictures, just beautiul view you have- Georiga hope Arnold can fix things and you r classes pick up- everydobyy eles Oh Rock I can't forget you, hope all your critters are co-habitating nicely. I'll be back..eventually-Carla

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Carla!

    It's funny you mentioned security systems. I had a GREAT one, when I lived out in the boonies.

    My house was around a curve in the road, just outta the line of sight of the nearest neighbor. Any psycho could bash in a door or window & nobody would see it, even at high noon. Hence, my security system...

    My house was situated so the driveway ran around to the back of the house. The back door (leading into the kitchen) was the main entry door.
    There was a small porch, at the back door. That's where I placed a BIG "beware of dog" sign. Below the sign, I placed 2 VERY large doggie bowls. I made sure to keep one full of water, & sometimes placed various bones in the other bowl. (The wild critters liked the bones.)

    NOBODY ever knocked on my door. Everybody pulled up the driveway & honked the horn. The UPS guy, the FedEx guy, even the near-neighbors (whose goats got out more than once & came my direction).
    They'd apologize for being rude, but thought it was safer, since they didn't know where the dog was.
    I assured them they'd done the right thing, not getting outta the car/truck. I said "Brutus" was "roaming around here somewhere close by", & I never knew when he'd come running outta the bushes.

    Of course, I didn't actually have a dog...

    The fact that everyone THOUGHT I had a dog, was enough to keep peeps in their vehicles. LOL!
    It never even occured to my nearest neighbor, that he'd never actually SEEN a dog around my place!

    I had the benefit of a big brute of a dog, w/o having to take care of one.

    I'm not a liar by nature. In fact, peeps tell me I'm PAINFULLY honest, & need to not always be that way.
    But I figure a fib, for the sake of personal safety, is OK.

    That time my neighbors' goats got on our place - I never laughed so hard in my entire life!!!!! You shoulda seen the poor guy. trying to "rassle" 2 stubborn goats into the back of his pickup truck (with a camper top)!!!
    He'd get 1 in, & that one would promptly escape when he tried to get the second one in. OMG! It was SO hilarious!!!
    I'm thinking, Abbott & Costello, or Laurel & Hardy, or even the 3 Stooges! It woulda been a perfect comedy bit! hahahahahaha!!!

    Yes! I am an artist!
    I love to draw anything & everything.
    I do pen & ink, pencil sketch. colored pencil (especially soft leads, like Berol Prismacolors). I paint with acrylics, but I've always wanted to try oils. Never had much success with watercolors, tho...
    I also do paper mache sculptures.
    I also do online-art: Designing websites & such.
    My commercial work (I freelance for a few select clients) consist of fliers, posters, invitations, programs, etc. The usual stuff.

    I donate commercial work, too. But the lady I do that for is sworn to secrecy. LOL I don't want peeps swamping me with requests for free work!
    The donated work is stuff I do for an inner-city competitive youth dance team.

    Contrary to our chamber-of-commerce image, this is a very violent city. The kids on the dance team dance instead of getting involved with drugs, gangs, crime, etc.
    I'm glad my little works of art can help them.

    I also do textile arts, of a sort.
    Many of my neighbors are elderly and/or disabled.
    I designed a theft-resitant wheelchair bag, that attaches to the armrest of motorized chairs. I do unique artwork on them, one-of-a-kind stuff, designed for the recipient.
    I don't embroider or anything. No patience for that. But I paint designs on them, or print my designs on transfer-paper & iron it on the bag.
    I've done quite a lot of those, both for ladies & gentlemen.

    Well... Enuff rambling on about myself!
    Time to kick back in my monkey-jammies & watch Miss Marple!!!!!

    G'Nite Porch Peeps!!!!!

    PS: Granni:
    I want my bedtime story to be about some place nice & peaceful & safe.
    A place where nobody can ever get sick, & I have a little scottie dog.

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  16. jole

    jole Member

    Well, we're back from the spine surgeon, and the news isn't so great. He said my hubby needs surgery, but we need to put it off as long as possible, due to the risks. So they will try epidural injections first to see if they can reduce the inflamation/swelling to get the nerve impingement to lessen, and if the pain gets more severe then it'll have to be done now.

    It will be quite extensive...requiring a larger incision than any of the other surgeries, cleaning up old scar tissue of the past spinal surgeries, mending the discs that are bulging, and then fusing 3-5 others with rod/screws. Also since they nicked the spinal sac last time he said to look for it to happen again since they had to clean out all the old glue they'd used, in order to free up that nerve also. There is severe degenerative disc disease....which has progressed a lot in the past 2 years, causing so much more narrowing of the spinal canal itself.

    So....there's a risk of not only heart attack/stroke, but also paralysis, infection of the spinal fluid, surgical infection, etc. with the surgery. And without it there's complete loss of function of the leg, bowel/bladder, and him knowing he didn't try. He wants to chance the surgery. I want neither...and life to reverse 20

    The trip took it's toll on both of us, and depression is hitting. Will be back later.....Jole
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got the LeRoy paper last night. My brother Barry has his
    picture in it. Playing drums in the town band.

    And my sister-in-law is in the paper too. "I had
    some news about Deb R., but I promised I
    wouldn't put it in this column. And I keep my
    promises! But you can call her and wish her
    well. To heck with Barry."

    So there you are. Hard-hitting investigative
    journalism is alive and well in the nation's

    (My guess is she's having surgery on her hammer toes.
    They run in her family. Which
    is why her family ain't so good at running. Haha!)

    Granni, hope your Diovan works. Wasn't there
    a pop singer by that name in the 50s?

    My brain fog/Alz seems extra bad today. Even
    with taking notes, I can't seem to keep stuff

    Who was it who started talking about the Wicked
    Witch of the West? Well, anyway she said to
    Dorothy, "I'll get you, my Pretty, and your little dog too."

    Two of our favorite movies were made in 1939.
    The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind.
    Both directed by Victor Fleming.

    Mickey, you are alert. Pippi started the volume before.
    My note was not really wrong. It was
    out of date. Which made it wrong. More Haha!

    Glad you and J. (Julie, Jole, Josephine?) and
    Georgia and Granni and Springwater liked my
    little verse.

    For the rest, of you, it's not too late.

    Speaking of writing and saving verse, I have some,
    somewhere. The last time we moved,
    I cleaned out the glass-front cabinet. I told
    Gordon, "We don't even have a box top left.
    Anyway these are all important papers. Copies
    of my printed poems, financial papers, passports, tax
    stuff. I'm putting this accordion
    folder on top. Put this where we can find it."

    So he put it somewhere in his mother's house and
    it has never been seen again. About once
    a year I bring up the subject and suggest he
    look for the mystery box. His response is
    always to act like he doesn't know what I'm
    talking about.

    A year later we go through the same rigamarole.

    Carla, just read a wonderful book called "Tony
    Duquette." One of those big, heavy, expensive
    books full of pictures. If you can't get it at your
    library, you can find several web sites that display his art.

    Tony designed/created furniture, jewelery, houses,
    sets for the movies, Broadway, etc. Frequently recycled
    junk, used materials he bought at the thieves market in Paris, etc.

    He picked up hundreds of sets of antlers at
    Hearst's San Simeon and used them to make
    chandeliers, sculpture, etc. Won a Tony for his
    costumes in Camelot. Worked with Fred Astair
    and the MGM musical folks. Was the first
    American to have his own show at the Louvre

    And before i saw the book, I had never heard of

    Elaine, I think your idea to have some fun each day
    is terrific! Hope you can do it.

    Well, I'm getting tired. Guess I'll go back to bed.
    See ya all later.

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Elaine, I feel terrible for worrying so much about our (hubby's) problems that I haven't even told you in quite awhile now how much I'm thinking of you and praying that you find the right treatment plan for you.

    Monday must seem like forever away to wait on the results of the last scan, and I know it will be a HUGE relief to you if it comes back cancer-free. My prayers are for that.

    I hope you know you are such a great inspiration to me and all the porchies. You may get down (we all do at times) but you bounce right back up with more determination than ever.

    Your spunk and fire will see you through whatever lies'll do great...and with John by your side we won't worry nearly as much. It's so wonderful that you have him!!!

    In the meantime, happy treatment option reading, and yes, you silly girl, your chair will always be here no matter how long it takes you to get back!! Just don't let it be too long, okay????

    Lots of love and hugs coming your way......Jole
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry this will be another quick one. I have to leave to go to the store soon- not that I realy want to. I don;t want to have to go tomorrow on sat-ush !! Need to pick up something for the Surprise Salad at our dinner group. Everyone will bring two things to add to the lettuces. It was not designated so hope some do not bring the same stuff. I also need to pick up some other things too.

    Julie - there is no way my dear I could so what you do. That is the extra 15 - 20+ years I probably have on you. I am lucky to food on the table for us let alone al the extra cooking you do for everyoe in your family polus their laundry and hanging some of it out on the line yet ! Bee thee and done that but no more. I ache to much and really do not have that much NRG, just push myself most of the time.

    Elaine - Oh sweetie, of course we do understand what you must do, all the reading and checking out of information concerning your Cancer treatment and all. Good luck to you in your digging for answers and hope the tests on money are not to hard on you. You will be missed on the Porch but know we all will be thinking and praying for you. Come back when you can and let us know what you all have decide . Try and stay well and happy and special hugs go out to you my dear.

    Jole - So sorry to hear about your DH and hope things settle down so he doesn;t need the surgery. However, I know you have to do whatever needs to be done. Keep us updated. You will also be in my thoughts and prayers. I can imagine how upsetting this all is to you and the family. It surely deosn;t help when you don't feel well either.

    Cate - Glad you had a fun reunion but sorry to hear that it wore you out physifcally and mentally. Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    Pippi - How neat to hear that you are an artist. You and Carla have so much in common. I am so unartistic in that department -drawing and such. I am sure that is very therapeutic to you as my singing and dancing to when I get the chance tao do it (the dancing part).

    Mickey - Hi there girlie. Hope they do not ear you out today.

    SW - I love you no matter what I call you (and you are still SWEET) !! Hope you are feeling UP today.

    Better send this before it doesn't submit. Sorry not to mention all. HI ROCK too.

    Love to everydobby.

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Howz you alls? Lol. Ok i'll stop.

    Elaine – spunky one….its good to see you so brisk and matter of fact when dealing with your diagnosis. I know it must be so hard, please know our prayers will be with you all the time and hope you will be given guidance as to the right treatment for yourself. I know it will be difficult for you to log on often but do give us a shout out when you can otherwise we will be wondering about you.

    Jole – Im so sorry you have to bear this new worry about husbands possible surgery..
    It does sound complicated. Dear, please look after yourself and try not to let yourself get depressed, your DH needs you. Your faith is strong and a big crutch and we are also praying for your dear DH.

    Granni – I thought Sweetwater sounded rather sweet….you can call me anything you like….well, today wasn’t energizer bunny day for me exactly, but I got the things I had to do done…and Im learning to be satisfied with less…and not push it….it wasn’t a birthday party I went to ..just dropped off at friends to wish her. It’s a ritual now going back like 20 years.

    Georgia – sorry about the job..but good to hear the Brat is not able to get into your hair so much now….who knows but that working conditions/environment at the Resort will get better eventually? Or the Brat will leave or something?

    Julie – extended families and maneouvering around them can be tricky. Like stepping into a minefield. I get exhausted sometimes dealing…I cant imagine your kids treating you with anything other than love and respect and consideration….because that’s what they’ve imbibed from how you treat them.

    Cate – how lovely to see you step onto the porch. Wishing you speedy recovery for your fractured hand and all round health. No I didn’t watch this eclipse. I was disappointed that it wasn’t going to turn into night time here. I have watched an eclipse happening when I was very young in the seventies..when I was in India. Then too it didn’t turn dark but one could watch the sun getting smaller through a negative film. India and my small town being the superstitious little one it is, everyone heeded the soothsayers warnings to keep indoors with all windows and doors shut otherwise dire consequences would be felt. It was like a ghost town. Eerily deserted and silent in the mid afternoon.

    Rock – wasn’t ‘Gone with the Wind’ a romantic epic of all epics? I especially remember the wonderful ball room dance scenes…..ooooh so romantic. I would much rather dance those type of dances than the western dance of these days where you flail your arms and legs and jiggle your torso. Well, actually I like that type of dance too, any kind of dancing I like but love the old styles best.

    Pippi – you were a crafty one, magicking up that ‘big brutish dog’! I lurve dogs, just lurve them but a big brutish one, makes my blood freeze. All those teeth. Those artisitic stuff you do on bags and fliers sound interesting….yes, a wonderful way of taking the mind off things.

    Carla –that’s a shame you couldn’t get more time off to relax before joining work but it seems you had a wonderful trip…I still can visualize the beautiful wedding happy you all looked. Grandaughters to be house in Germany sounds so pretty. Yes, it was meant to be.

    Mickey – sitting in the pool and hosing down the plants sounds mighty relaxing. Hope Jack is better now. Doggies tend to chew all manner of things and so throw up.

    Teacher – good to hear about the cleaning accomplished. Wish I could say I got my house done….but doubt that will happen…either the dogs have shed or peed or dust from the streets has blown ontothe furniture again..or the fridge needs cleaning…pouf!

    will post this

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