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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OK all you guys and gals here is a bunch of nice warm cookies and milk. Time for me to go nitey night.

    Hope Mickey is around so I can tuck her in too. She always likes that. You too Pippi ?? :) !!

    See you all sometime tomorrow. Hope I didn't get caught !

    Lots of hugs to everydobby !


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  2. jole

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    I've had a terrible migraine again and now have that drug-out, ran over feeling and can't get to sleep, even though I'm tired enough to simply fall over...I'm sure someone has to understand what I'm saying????!!

    Anyway, it's been good hearing from all of you....especially you, Joan. I remember what a time my mother had when dad was long the days were for her, yet how hard it was for her to finish what she started. I stayed with her for awhile after my older sis went home, and helped with all the cards, sorting through clothes, notifying medicare, paying bills,etc. And after I left, she had a terrible time sleeping also. Just such a restless feeling of not being "whole" anymore with no one to share the silence.

    I know everyone does their grieving in their own way and their own time, but it sounds like you are doing very well! Of course there will be some days that you will be terrible we're all here for you, and don't ever hesitate to talk to us! We may not feel what you're feeling, but we care!

    Julie, you inspire me! Everytime I get a little burst of energy I immediately want to sort through something....the only problem is my energy bursts only last me long enough to make a mess, then it all sits for a week or so until I have another burst. I dream of the day when my home holds only things that belong to my hubby and I. Still have an entire closet of things my one daughter has stored, and odds 'n ends pretty much scattered throughout that belongs to one or the other! lol...their prom glasses, prom dresses, some stuffed animals, favorite childhood toys, books, etc.

    I think I'm going to get 5 boxes and the next time they come home I'll just tell them to look around...anything that was theirs they either take home with them or put in a box and take to Goodwill. Much, much easier for even have a wedding dress, shoes, boquet, etc. from one (divorced) that doesn't want it, but hasn't sold it because she's 5 ft. and didn't think it would sell.

    Elaine, here's hoping you enjoy your family time and don't need to resort to extreem measures....although if you do, just know I'm on your side!! (Heck, I'd be scared not to be! haha)

    Pippi, glad you had good news at the doc's office today. I know how it can wear you out, and I'm sorry you're so exhausted tonight. I had my mammo and DEXA today, and they're no big deal really, but I'm sure in pain tonight....just not right, is it??

    Georgia, ohhhh I can see why that political conversation could have gone a little wrong...that's quite a spread in opinions there!?! It's great that you're enjoying your knitting classes so much....and I take it the cousins haven't shown up to take care of your other little problem yet, huh? Too bad, I've been waiting to hear how they planned to solve it!

    Spring, why are meat dumplings considered junk food? Is it because of the grease they're cooked in? Otherwise they sound fine to me...but then I don't always eat the healthiest I guess:)

    Rock, Mickey, Carla, Cate, ....oh all know who you to everybody....and I'll leave with another of those cookies granny left on the yummy...Thanks, granny for the treat!! ***Jole***

  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Whew, I am back at work, boohoo. Oh well, it is only for 3 days. I spent the whole day in the backyard by the pool and in the pool all by myself. It was heaven, however, I think i got a little too much sun, i burnt a little bit. It was sunny all day and 90, perfect swimming weather.

    Granni - you are right, I love being tucked in to bed so thank you for that and thanks for starting up a new volume.

    Elaine thank goodness it was not cancerous, I prayed and prayed for that result. I had one of those too one time and they just gave me this horrible medicine. It was the size of a softball and i thought they would surgically remove it too, but they said that this medicine would make it go away. I was so glad when i was done with it. I don't remember the name of it, but it made me cry for no reason and my moods up and down. It was the worst thing i was ever on.

    Pippi, you too girlie. I am so happy you had good news to share with us. Yoohoo.

    Joan - Hi honey, you come here anytime and yap away. We love when you visit and love to help you in anyway that we can. You are one of the sweetest ladies i know and i prayer for you all the time that you can get through this difficult time in your life. I can't say i know how you feel but I sure can give you all the love and sympathy that i can. YOu are one special lady.

    Rock you still just crack me up so much every time i read your posts. You are forbidden to ever go away, because if you do i will find you and hunt you down!!!!. Hahaha

    Oh, here is a joke that someone sent me today, but please don't take offense to it. I just thought it was really funny.

    "A little known fact....

    The first testicular guard "cup" was used in hockey in
    1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.

    It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important

    LOL, I thought that was great. It was actually my BIL who sent it to me.

    Oh, by the way, my BIL is getting married on Friday that is why i am off work. The wedding is at 2 and the reception is at 5. Never heard of that before. I guess everyone that wants to come will have to take off work. The rehearsal dinner is Wednesday evening so i won't have to take off for that. I am not in the wedding so i don't have to be at the rehearsal. My hubby is the best man of course.

    I will be helping decorate the reception for them on Friday as well. I also have concession stand duty on Thursday from 8-10:30 (past my bedtime), yuck and then tonight Lindsay has a game at 8:00, so this is a busy busy week. I am glad i was off yesterday.

    Well gang, I better get caught up here at work too, so i will come back later and check in Porchies. Love you all.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got an e mail from a friend. Very interesting story,
    but I wonder if it's true. It's all about a 1950
    Chevy that has only 437 miles on it and is for sale.

    Asking price: $60,000. Price back then was probably around $2,000. (For $5,000 you could buy a Cadillac.)

    I think if it were true there would be some mention of it on the net. Also, it allegedly has the original tires which contain the original air.

    But surely by this time the tires would be flat.
    And all the wiring and hoses would have to be
    replaced. And very likely, since it was stored in
    a garage, little animals would have chewed up the upholstery.

    Ah well, life is full of mysteries. Speaking of which, Springwater, see Wayne's post on reincarnation.

    Anyone who is curious can search for Bridie Murphy, a somewhat similar story from when I
    was a kid.

    Georgia, I had to laugh at your report of an argument between a staunch conservative and a
    socialist. Nowadays the conservatives are voting
    to give money to banks and failing corporations.

    What could be more socialistic than that? The
    continuum has been bent, it is now a circle, and
    the two ends are side by side.

    The story about my brother knitting is true, Pippi.
    (I never kid; am always serial.) I think it was second prize, but it was over half a century ago, so ...

    Happy to hear no surgery needed. Huzzah!

    Deb, the first time I read your post, I thought you
    said something about "Be Kind to Doris Day".
    I don't think there are any bumper stickers for that particular sentiment.

    When we lived in a place w/ a decent oven, Gordon used to bake cakes, and I used to frost them. Never made whipped frosting though.

    Frosting is easy to make. You need 3 things:
    fat (like butter or cream cheese); powdered sugar; flavoring like cocoa or an extract.

    Reminds me of the old culinary joke. "Use eggs
    lightly beaten. Or at least scolded."

    Regarding a recipe thread, I think it should be off the porch. Also should be started by one of
    you guys. Get more participation that way.

    I had in mind recipes that both Gordon and I use, Granni. A couple years ago someone on the board asked for appetizer recipes.

    Gordon contributed one. It was cream cheese in some sort of wrapper w/ some kind of herb flavoring.

    Anyway the gal who used it said she got lots of
    compliments and questions. She told folks it was a recipe she got from two gay friends who were bridge players. That must have provoked some puzzled looks.

    Well, she didn't play bridge.

    Back later

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I did it this time. I wrote a firly ong post for the Porch and I was on another threat. When I noticed it was to late. Unfortunatlyl i do no know how to transfer things from one area to another. So I just deleted it. I am SO mad !!

    Gotta do some more prep cleaning before I go to our small group singing practice.

    Pippi - I am so glad tht you do not havae to have any surgery. Sorry that I forgot to mention it before. Hope this finds you feeling better.

    Mickey - guess you are getting ready foryour BIL's wedding. Glad you got to havae a day off by the pool. I know all about that concessions stand duty - for manyyears when our girls and son played soft and baseball.

    Gordon - that cream cheese recipe of Gordon sounded interesting.l To bad you didnot remember the ingredieients. You can do alot of things with cream cheese.

    Jole - Sorry to hear abaout your migraines. Do you get them often. Yes, they can be awful !! I don;t think Springwater's dumplings sound bad for you either - just yummy :) !! Did you eat all my cookies??

    Elaine - Hope your Sis andher partner do not cause problems for you at the get togethers. Just watch it on your cart wheels. They can be very dangerous as I am sure you know :) ! Even though you have had lots of practice. My girls, when they were young were always trying to do cartwheels. I never could do one and now forgeti t for wure.

    Springwater - How you are feeling OK and keeping busy as usual. I won;t tell if you have to go lie down. Don't let the blues keep you down sweetie.

    Gotta run and work before I have to leave again.

    Love to all my dear porchies inc those lurking and peeking through the bushes !

  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    First, to Everydobby: Thanks so much for the prayers & good vibes before my doc appointment, & the cheers & Huzzahs, after!

    I'm so happy to have found such a safe porch to rest on!

    Granni: What? Milk & cookies, but no bedtime story???? Awwwww heck... (Just kiddin! I appreciate the cookies!!!)

    Jole: I'm sorry you have migraines, but I have to admit how seriously impressed I am with peeps who get them! How do y'all DO it? How do you do ANYTHING with a migraine???
    I get maybe 2 headaches a year, & on those rare occasions, I can't cope with it! I must be a real headache-wimp!

    Lydia: I am also a lover of the color blue (like your Grandpa). I once painted a room a color called "sage green" (not to be confused with similar shades of green), & loved it! It was a very peaceful color. I insisted upon using "flat" paint, not gloss or semi-gloss. Absorbing the ambient light, & not reflecting it, made a big difference, too.

    Elaine: Although I'm a pacifist by nature, every once in a while I wish the legal system would allow us all 1 "free" punch (or slap) before it would be an assault charge! I betcha know what I mean!!! LOL!

    Mickey: TOO freakin FUNNY! (Cups & helmets). hahahaha

    Rock: "Original air" in the tires of a '50 Chevy??? Hmmmm....
    Just a tad suspicious.....
    But, I think that's SO cool about your bro winning a knitting prize!!!

    Hugz, Love, & Peace!!!!!!!
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I am finally home after a very long but great trip. I don't know how I did everything I did but somehow managed. I did have a hard time trying to stay awake on the way home yesterday, then slept for 12 hours last night.

    It was great to see my grandaughter, she is beautiful inside and out. We had great seats for the graduation then all of us went out to eat afterwards. My ex and his wife, my daughter and her Dh, his mom, Haley and a freind of hers.

    Then Haley and a freind went shopping the next day and bought her a Coach purse, geez I would never spend that much on me, but she deserved it. Sat I met up with my ex-son-in-law and got my grandson and we spen the day at the hotel playing with the computers, I gave him my old lap top and digital camera and he was thrilled. Then Sun we went to Hershey park and rode rollar coasters, it was great, we both love coasters and they have some pretty good ones, but was ready to leave when we did.

    Then drove 500 miles back home yesterday. I am still in my jammies today, I thought I deserved it. I do have to cut grass later but that is about it, other then still unpacking.

    I have scanned threw the posts and am not sure what is going on but i think

    Elaine is having a sex change?? and preparing for house guests

    Jole has had migraines and extra wedding dresses

    Mickey is sun burned from laying around the pool all weekend and has a typical 16 yo daughter, hang tough girlie she will learn

    Granni did you go on a trip too?? Sorry you lost your post but you really can learn cut and paste in no time. I just lost this one, ended up at the log in screen but clicked on the forward arrow and it was still here.

    Pippi you must have had something going on but everything is ok now

    Julie finally took a day off-good for you! I bet Lindsey and David are like honeymooners again and he is glad to be home. Sounds like you had a great time at the graduation.

    Georgia had to bring the cousins in to take care of a snotty nosed kid at work, hope she learned her lesson and glad the knitting lessons are working out.

    Rock I don't even know where to start with you- But maybe Jay Leno will buy the Chevy, hard to beileve that a car has been sitting that long and they want 60,000 for it. Has your computer been behaving itself lately. I know you aren't, that is no fun. You made me crave cookies talking about baking and frosting cookies. I have been trying to give up my sugar as I have proved to myself that it makes me feel worse. I love my chocolate but after going off of it for nearly 2 weeks, lost a few pounds, treated myself and was sick all day :-(

    Joan I hope you are taking care of yourself and I know it will take a lot of time to heal after such a loss, and glad your children are there for you.

    Monica did you freind request me on Facebook? You are the only Monica I know.

    Springwater I had to laugh at your son's explaination about religion, that was funny. Sounds like you are a bit better and able to get out and about a bit more. I hope you continue to improve. I bet you have been tending to your flowers and such and now have more light in the eve so when the lights go out you can still do other things.

    Ok my mind is failing me now and I know I have forgot some but please forgive me and will catch you all next time. I need to get up and turn the ac on and finish unpacking. I have to Dr appts tomorrow then I am done for several weeks-yippeeeee. I bought a book on how to make wood cabinets and can't wait to read it and do something and work on a few paintings I have started. Take care and will catch ya laters-Carla
  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Julie, Joan is right. You're not supposed to be
    cleaning while resting and vice versa. But I suppose by comparison, not too much cleaning would be a rest for you.

    I agree that de-cluttering is therapeutic. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff the last decade. Am
    currently re-reading some Opera News magazines from the 1950s. Anydobby want 'em?

    Elaine, what is your name that can be shortened to a man's name? I betcha it is Thomasina. Can
    be shortened to Tom. Or to Sin. Or to Man. Can't get more masculine that the last one.

    Reminds me when I was a kid. The village was always having breakfasts or pot lucks or ice cream socials or picnics in the park. (We only had one park. Sometimes it was a park and sometimes it was the schoolyard.)

    Anyway, at some event held in the school gym, there was a box you could peer into. You had to pay a ticket or coupon or something. The label was {For Men Only}. Inside were a man's tie, pipe and slippers.

    In the village where my brother lives, there is some thing going on every week. The fire dept. has a breakfast; the Church has a flower show;
    the American Legion has a Big Band Era dance.
    My brother is in charge of the yearly Old Time
    Radio Show.

    Springwater, thank you for your kind words on the other board. I was surprised a few months ago when my aunt said she believed in reincarnation "because it's the only thing that makes sense." Her father was a Protestant minister and so were 3 or 4 other relatives.

    Granni,did you post on the Health board by mistake? I have sometimes been thrown on that
    board when I had no intention of going there. Ken once had a post end up there. He thought he was posting on the chit chat board.

    Anyway, if it happens again, leave the post there. Come here and report. Somebody will cut and paste and get the message moved over here for you.

    Elaine, are you singing while sewing? I recently discovered a song from WWI called "Sister Suzie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers". Al Jolson used to sing it.

    And Michael Feinstein recorded it. It is a tongue-
    twisting comic song.

    Mickey, maybe you and Elaine can sing at the wedding. I must admit I'm a little confusiated here. How can your brother-in-law get married?
    Isn't he, by definition, married to your sister?

    Is he a widower? An ex? The brother of your husband? Must be the last.

    Tell ya what. If I go away, I'll call and tell you where I am. Just like those women in the Federal Witness Protection Plan. They always call their mother, girlfriend and hairdresser to tell
    them the new address and phone number.

    Then a week later they get shot. The government is thinking of modifying the plan. To save time and trouble, they shoot the female witness before moving the rest of the family.

    Pippi, it is only an urban misconception that a dog gets a free bite. The rule at the insurance companies is: always pay when the insured's dog bites somebody. The corollary is: never pay when your insured runs over a dog.

    I used to have a young coworker who was a brilliant attorney. He tried a case where the insured's dog jumped on an old lady and knocked her down breaking a hip.

    He won the case. The following year he was found dead of a cocain overdose. He was only 30.

    Carla, have to modify my post since you posted while I was writing. Glad to hear you had a great trip. Bet your grandson was delighted w/ his new treasures. Hope you are recovered shortly.
    Did the girls go with you?

    Teacher, drop by when you can. Big waves to all.


    Enjoyed the observation on the male brain, Mickey. You're right. Any attempt at humor is risky. My little joke above probably outraged
    somebody. Just provoked a minor controversy on one of the other boards. And I wasn't even trying to be funny. Haha, funny huh?


    I'm not even going to try and straighten out the paragraph at the end. Had to sign in
    3 times, can't get a reply button. Same old story.
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I don't know why I ended up with so few, too busy having fun to take pics- hope you enjoy them, need to go lay down now...again-Carla
  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    All i have to say is YOU ARE ONE CRAZY WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I would not in a million years go on a roller coaster like that. You are so brave.

    and by the way, your grandaughter is beautiful and so are you. I especially love your hairstyle. It looks great on you.

    How did she like her portrait that you painted for her.

    Love ya

  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I didn't say anything about slapping a dog. I'd never slap a dog... Or bite one either.

    Gee. Did I take too much pain med? LOL! I'm a tad confused about the dog bite thingie....

  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    That must be a horrid place to work!!!!!!!

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    LOL Yes I am one wild and crazy gorl! That coaster starts out creeping straight up that tower then off course drops like a rocket when it goes over the top. The other one I loved was you sit on a track that uses military techniques that launchs air planes off ships, you go from 0 to 70 in 3 seconds then straight into a loop and rolls you over and under you never know which way is up.

    I didn't like them until I was in my 40's, I had a group of friends that had season passes to Kings Island when I lived in VA, it was 20 minutes from me. So they made me ride the very front seat on every coaster in the park and I was hooked after that.

    I would go there alone after work and walk the park and ride the coasters and go home, got my exercise and thrills at the same time.

    Georgia glad you won't have to put up with the nit wit too much at work, hopefully the cousins will take care of her.

    Pippi I am cornfused about the dog thing too, sometimes all it takes is for one person to misread a post and reply then the next person does the same before you know it the story has nothing to do with your orginal post. You do have to remember we are a bunch of fog heads-lol.

    Well I got my mower out and was over half way done and sucked up the dogs nylon cord ropes in the blade, a real mess. It started to storm so I will leave it for another day.

    Well going to take a gorls for a ride the storm has just passed us-Carla
  14. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know how much I've missed all of you.

    Just before we went on vacation I had another fall and sprained my ankle and hurt my back. I am better but the flare just won't let go of me with its icy grip!

    We did go up North fishing last week and it was very disappointing. We have never gone in May before and we will never do it again. First it was cold.....then lots of rain and storm fronts from the North gave me migraines for 4 days out of the 7 days of vacation. Then the bass or Northern PIke weren't biting so we pretty much just fished for panfish. The panfishing was good so we had some fun.

    So, I'm back home and looking at all the stuff I need to get done outside. I've been working outside everyday so things are starting to move along.

    OK, I'm going to try and see what I've missed on past volumes of the Porch.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So far this morning I have done some vacuuming of baseboards, and cleaning off some of the cabinets for painting or should I say partial painting. Then I also did some weeding. Great for the back !!- UGH !!''

    Carla - glad you has such a good trip. Don;t know if you saw my posts after the pics on your site. They were so neat. I loved all the pictures. As you can see in the note I sent on the site the pics were lovely and your family is too.

    Yes, we did go away for a couple of days into Houston. It was for the TX State K of C Convention (not Kentucky Fried Chicken :) !!) We had a good and busy time. We were wore out when we got back home, esp me.

    You are a wild and crazy girl. Our nursing class will be having a reunion in Disnely Word in 2011 One of my friends that was matron of honor at our wedding is not thrilled about going there either and feels like I do about riding the roller coaster and other wild rides - NOT !!) DH and I went to DW many years ago with the kids before Epcot ws even finished. I know there are lots of things to see and do there but you can forget the roller coaster for sure. I have enough trouble standing up straight and not worrying about getting dizzy. We had a good time when were there with the kids but I know now it is also much more expensive. We camped in their camp ground when we went years ago.

    Julie - Well you are such a busy gal and always doing stuff for all of your family. I could never do all that painting esp the ceiling. Did you say you were doing that, I forget. Vacuuming is hard enough and lifting up my arms to high is not good either. Youcan come and help DH paint some of the walls and moulding (touchup) OK? If you do thaaI will help you with the wash again :) !! Oh you can also helo me with the prep cleaning before hand. Gee that would be so much help to me :) !! Take care my dear and try not to wear yourself out to much.

    I know what you mean when you said your 2 babies (Den and Liera). Werll , I have one big one here even though I still love him.

    Monica - sorry to hear that you had a nasty fall. Glad you did not really hurt yourself then but am sorry that you are having a flare. Glad you are getting or trying to get caught up in your work. We are trying to d the same but we really havenpt been any place. Glad you had a nice tirp although it was really to cold in May. Where did you say thta you went?? Next time hopefully it will be later and warmer and you can catch some bigger and better fish.

    Georgia - You still not have to go to another roon to get away from the brat !! It was your place first. I hope the cousins left all the dead fish and stuff in the drawer for her :) !! Have fun knitting and teaching your classes.

    Mickey - Hope work isn't wearing you out and that you are feeling a bit better after all your work on the pool. Have fun at the wedding. I forget when it was, kind of a crazy time and day you said.

    Hi to Pippi, Elaine, Jole, Rock and everydobby else I forgot to mention.

    Love to y'all,


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  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is Wednesday afternoon and i am already pooped out and i still have another 8 hours of busyness to go, after work we have the wedding rehearsal and dinner. I just want to go home after work and relax, boo hoo. Oh well, i will get through it. The dinner is at Lewis & Clark's Restaurant in old town St. Charles (Rock you can look it up on the net). It is a really nice place and they have awesome food.

    Georgia, you should just tell your co-worker that you take the remark "I'm not all there" as a compliment. I can definetly tell you that "i am not all there" LOL. Seems to me she is just jeolous of you or she would be saying stuff like that. Some people have nothing better to do than to talk about others when they don't feel good about themselves.

    We all know you ARE all there so don't worry about the BRAT. We love you.

    Granni - Well i only have 1 1/2 days of work left and then i can relax come Saturday since Friday is the wedding. I am so glad i am not in it. I do have to help with the reception but that is okay, i volunteered to do something. This is my BIL second marriage. His 1st wife divorced him, why, i have no idea. He did everything for her, probably too much, maybe that is why she left because he is just too nice. Oh well, her loss and the new brides gain.

    Well I went shopping at lunch and got a really pretty dress for the wedding, i just hope it is warm enough. Today it is really chilly and rainy, but i think Friday it is supposed to be in the 80's, so that will be perfect.

    Lydia, there is no way i could paint the ceiling, that would be way too hard for me. We are getting ready to redo Ashley's room downstairs from the little girlie room to a grown up room. I just ordered her bedding from Cabela's. The theme for her room is Western of course. This will be her birthday present. Her furniture is beautiful that she has already so i am just going to distress it and restain it and I have already bought a bunch of decorations. Her lamp is a Deer and i am going to try to do a cool paint technique on the walls.

    Well I need to call Ashley and see if she is going to make it home in time for tonight so i will come back later taters. Love you all!!!!

  17. jole

    jole Member

    You guys are soooo funny!!! First Mickey, then Rock! I loved your jokes and really needed a pick-me-up today. Thanks to both of you. I also saw the post that Georgia is referring to, and was going to comment, but saw that Spring already had. The other person and I have already had a few run-ins so I stayed out of it, but I certainly don't think humor was out of place.

    I heard a good joke yesterday that I'd share if I could only remember the punch line.......

    Pippi, the dog thing reminds me when I was in grade school and we used to play a game where the first person would whisper something to the next person and down the the time it got to the last person it was pretty hillarious as to how much it had changed.

    Migraines do me in. If I'm lucky it's for just a day...if not, up to 3 with a lingering headache for another few days. When it hits I'm usually down for the count...sometimes it's so bad I can't even lie down because any pressure on my head causes me to get sick to my stomach. So I sit up all night. Nothing helps, and we're 14 miles from the hospital on rough country roads, plus the fact that I'm allergic to so many IM/IV meds now that it's just easier to suffer it out. I've learned that crying only makes it worse (oh, learned that a looonnnggg time ago), so just empty my mind, pretend I'm not in there, and wait. I can't stand any noise, light, etc. Would really like to be able to unscrew my head and just sit it beside me:) Thankfully the last one wasn't the week long variety. But there are always worse things.

    Carla, I looked at your pictures....made my stomach drop just looking at that coaster! Once my hubby and two little kids were on the top of one when it broke down. I was standing below and freaked out....they loved it! Needless to say, I have a terrible fear of heights. Can't even get onto the third step of a ladder....

    Well, it's getting closer to wheat harvest here. Another few weeks and the green will be golden and gone. My anxiety really shows strong then, so I suggested to hubby maybe he should just take the camper to the lake and park it (and me) for a week while they harvest. He agreed. He said it'd be worth it to him to eat sandwiches twice a really didn't know I was quite that bad!)

    Saw two bunny rabbits playing jump-frog in the yard this morning. It's the cutest thing to watch, and always gets my day started off right.

    Hi to everybody....replies around next time***Jole***

  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Wow! Everydobby sure has a lot going on! I'm seriously impressed!

    I had vindication & good news today!

    The 911 I had several days ago, involved a complete moron excuse for a doctor at the ER.
    Today at my hemo appointment, I was vindicated!
    I discovered the ER "doc" didn't even do the right blood tests, and she outright LIED about calling my hemo while I was there!

    My hemo easily figured out what was wrong (by doing the right tests, duh) & scheduled treatment. I only have to be in the hospital for 1 day, for an IV. I've had this before & it's no big deal (to me). I'll spend the day laying there, watching Animal Planet on their tv, & plunkin around on my computer.
    Afterward, even my pain will get get much better & there's a good chance I can go back off the pain meds! YAY!

    The whole thing involves an issue I have with bone marrow & blood cells. Don't worry. I'm not gearing up for an "organ recital"! LOL!

    BTW: I figured out the "dog bite" comment from a previous post:
    My neighbor clued me in. He said, peeps think their dog won't be in trouble if it bites somebody, if the dog never bit anybody before. Hence, the "1 free bite" misconception.
    Now I get it! I made a "1 free slap" comment.
    I never heard that before, about the dog bite thingie.

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!!! :)
  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am not much for suing anyone or anything, but you really need to follow up with that ER Doctor. That is wrong that they lied to you and treated you that way and I really think you should do something about that. Do you have documentation that they stated they called your doctor and what blood tests they did. That is horrible and they should be reprimanded for that.

    Gosh, I am sorry you had to go through that stuff, that is just uncalled for in my opinion.

    Your neighbor is right about the 1 free dog bit. My dog and i got mauled by a dog that a lady was walking one night. The dog bit my hand (needed stitches) and really chewed up my baby boy lab. He needed stitches and a drain coming out of his neck. The only thing animal control did was make her keep the dog in the house for 10 days for quarantine. I now see her all the time walking that same stupid dog. When she sees me she will hold onto him for dear life because it just growls and tries to get away from her everytime her dog sees mine. It is horrible.

    If her dog does it again they will put it too sleep. I really hate the thought of that, but I just don't know why anyone would want a vicious animal anyway. I did get a really good settlement from her insurance because of all that though.

    Take care
  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Did your dog recover fully?

    You're right, it would be sad if the other dog has to be put down. It's not usually the dogs' fault when there's trouble. I've noticed that it's generally a human who doesn't know how to teach/interact/control a dog, that causes trouble for the dog later.
    Of course, I'm speaking in generalities & there may be exceptions. But it's usually a persons' fault. IMO

    About the ER doc:
    Awhile ago, before I had the good, competent team of docs I have now, I suffered serious malpractice. The lawyer told me & mom that he wouldn't take the case. He agreed it was severe malpractice, & I had all the evidence I'd need. It was a slam-dunk for me.
    But he informed us I "wasn't worth anything". Meaning monitarily, in the opinion of a jury.
    He wasn't unkind about it. He was actually saddened by it. But that's how it is. He said no lawyer would take the case, because of who I am.
    (We later asked 2 more lawyers. It's true.)
    "who I am", is a disabled person. In court, we're only "worth" whatever our potential income is.
    He even told Mom, that if the doctor had killed me, she (Mom) wouldn't get a settlement for my death. Same reason. My life, in the legal world, & in society, isn't worth anything.
    He instructed Mom to ALWAYS be at the hospital with me, cuz the hospital peeps are well aware of who can be neglected & mistreated with no consequence to them.

    The lawyer went on to explain that in the event of the wrongful death of a healthy child, a dead A-student is worth a higher settlement than a dead C-student. The court assumes the A-student has a higher lifetime earning potential.

    Sucks, huh?

    During my recent 911, it was the first time I can remember when either my mom or pop wasn't there with me.
    That won't happen again!!!!!

    I've learned to never tell peeps what the lawyers told us. Peeps get mad at ME when I've told this.
    I actually understand their anger. It's just misdirected. They refuse to believe me, cuz that would destroy their peace-of-mind, their own idea of self-worth, their belief that we live in a society where people are equals... It's simply a reality they cannot emotionally accept. So they get mad at me. So I never talk about this...

    As badly as the truth sux, I'd still rather know the truth, than live in a pleasant delusion...

    I just have to make sure I have a family member at the hospital with me EVERY time, to advocate for me.


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