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    Hope it is Ok to do this, but the other post was getting to be long. I have had a good day over here in Australia, beautiful sunny day, birds singing, have had friends call in and have managed to do some cooking. You are my inspiration Rose. You are facing this challenge so bravely and I feel I have so much to be thankful for.Just wanted to make contact and tell you, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers every time I think of my FM friends, and thats often. --- Decided to edit this with something I wrote a few years ago. I was travelling home to the country by train late one afternoon after visiting my sick mother, when I saw all this out the window and had a great sense of calm and wonder. Just had to write it down.

    Lord of the Day, Lord of the Night
    Creator of all within my sight.
    Rolling hills, lush and green
    Moulded and shaped by hands unseen.
    Trees and flowers, A stream in a hurry
    A gaggle of geese all in a flurry.
    Fluffy white clouds in a sky of bright blue
    With night time bringing a different hue
    Such are the treasures which bring delight
    All witness to His love and might
    Lord of the Day, Lord of the Night
    Creator of ALL within my sight.

    I know He will hear our prayers
    Love and many soft hugs to you, Mason and your lovely family.Ozgran.
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    Prayer is so powerful, especially when lots of us are praying. Hope you and your whole family are doing well. Please keep us informed as the treatment progresses.

    Love, Mikie
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    just bumping up
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    Your in our thoughts each day~ Wishing you healing....and energy.
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    Just keeping this up to the top.