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    I'm just going to inch my way through here, to put everyone who has asked for prayer. Our situations many times are long-lasting, so we need ongoing prayer.

    I think of each one of you so often, thinking about your struggles, and asking for God's help! Let's keep praying, hoping, trusting in God's basic goodness, and caring for each other.

    Please continue to pray for:

    ((( Elisabeth)))- health needs, support, family problems)))

    I think of these as prayer hugs. How we need great love in our lives. God has tender, powerful, intimate love for us. Asking for his help for each one of us in our terrible struggles. Someday we will experience his love fully, continuously. Until then, he values every drop of our trust, that we keep asking for his help, keeping open to his love.

    (((Helena))) for healing from depression, and for all needs.)))

    Helena, I'm struggling with depression too. Last night I just couldn't get up to eat - or do anything. Finally this morning was able to get out of bed, and look through a book by a holistic trauma healer, and psychiatrist on depression, called 'Unstuck' by James S. Gordon, M.D.

    From there, was able to get downstairs to eat, called a friend, and since she was on her way out, used that energy to come here. I'm pleased I was able to move ahead.

    (((Leah Freida))) for increasing health problems, all needs))) May God bless you and pour out his great love into your deepest heart and spirit! May he strengthen you, and guard the beauties of your soul.

    (((Shel))) for health needs, and help for family. Special blessings for her 11 year old son, and for her Dad who is ill.

    (((Sunflowergirl))) health needs, especially traction right now))) How is that going, Sunflower? Is there any improvement? Hope you are enjoying your amazing garden at times too.

    ((Amelie))) health needs, and to keep your wonderful sense of humor and joi de vivre :)

    (((Springwater))) health and family needs. much family illness))) May your heart's hunger be answered, be filled.

    (((Jam))) for relief from pain to be ongoing.

    (((Hangininthere))) health, strength to keep dealing with getting food, errands, basic needs met)))

    (((Beadlady))) blessings on your household, work, fur baby, all needs.

    (((Rainbow11))) prayers for Rainbow and husband, and for her activism for the environment. Please God, bless it.

    (((freeiAM))) for help for health, and some kind support)))

    (((Cynthia - Doznclan))) for health needs, and joy in raising chickens:)

    Hi Doz, dear friend - haven't had a chance to answer your hello, was so happy to hear from you. I hope the warmer spring weather will be kinder to you.

    (((Jasminedeer))) For all health needs.

    With my brain fog - must go and check if I've forgotten anybody from this board.

    Prayers for every person at PH - for all needs, struggles, sufferings. For some beauty, goodness, hope, laughter, every day.

    I thank my dear friend, Sister Mary, who is praying for everyone here at PH. Bringing our needs into the chapel for prayer daily, and throughout the day. This strengthens me so much! ( She has CFS also - understands so well)

    Love, Judy
  2. ... So beautifully said.... Thank you so much for your prayers for all of us! And thank Sister Mary for us, as well.

    It is SO comforting to know that prayers are always going up and that our loving God is always there for us and WITH us. He TRULY is my strength... as He is for so many others here... And for that, I am ALWAYS thankful... No matter how difficult things get...

    I am praying for you, Judy, and all here as well... That God will heal us, empower us, sustain and uplift each and every one of us... And in the process, draw us ever closer to Himself. I'm praying that our God will teach us the secret of rejoicing in the midst of hardships and adversity, which we can only do if we keep our eyes focused on Him.... And that He will bring beauty from our ashes.... And fill us with His peace that passes all understanding... as we put all our trust in Him.

    God bless you, Judy, and all on this board... I will be praying for Sister Mary and her CFS as well...

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

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  3. springwater

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    Thank you so much.

    Praying for everyones needs. For strength, for succour, for understanding.
    And as always healing.

    God bless
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    I'm printing that off so I can specifically pray for those needs. And thank your friend, Sister Mary, for the ongoing prayers for us.I'm also going to keep her and her fellow sisters up in prayer.

    An update on me. The traction is going very well! I was so scared the first few times but I actually fell asleep one session, since it's just a gentle pulling on my neck. The pain is actually lessoning for me (9 sessions to date).....I might actually end up having a LIFE in about 3 months. I had a PT temp last week and I sure wish I could have him all the time. I learned a tremendous amount from him as he evaulated my body. #l problem is BAD POSTURE. Seems I have a leg that doesn't bend right which contributes to back and hip pain, and also extremely tight shoulder and back muscles which has contributed to my neck pain. Makes me wonder how many of those on this board could heal quicker if they knew more about the structural problems with their body!!!! We shouldn't just all accept FM/CFS diagnosis.

    I'm also seeing an integrative doctor who just got back the hormone tests for adrenal and other hormones. WOW....seems my cortisol is all over the place and that explains the extreme fatigue that will hit me in the morning and around 6 PM. She's put me on new supplements to help.

    Those of you with BAD fatigue...have you had an adrenal test done?
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    SHEL - I'll send your thanks and greeting on to Sister Mary. Might call today as I've been struggling with severe depression this month. Trying to get a handle on it in some way.

    I love what you wrote about God drawing us ever closer to himself through and in all that we are going through! And giving us beauty for ashes - I just love the imagery in that scripture. I'm so glad that we're here for each other!

    SPRING- have been keeping in contact with you from reading your Porch writings. I laughed so much at the one about your son - a boy of few words. That was delightful. And so glad you are getting to the monastery a lot, and the healing/meditation center. I can see that it does so much good for you. Will start another chatty post here soon.

    SUNFLOWER - so good to hear your update about the traction PT! Wow - so much having to do with alignment, and posture. That is so good because you can work to improve it!

    I'm hoping that when PH has their new format you will be able to put your paintings on here easily. I would so love that. Will be sending your greeting to Sister Mary too. One of my favorite things in the world is laughing with her. I always tell her she is a quirky character :) She's very much an individual, and she strengthens my faith so much.

    I think the answer to prayer for me right now from everyone's prayers is that I'm reconciling more with having to move again after only living in this apartment for 6 months. We had hoped it would be permanent, but I can't manage living on 2 floors - can't follow my Dr's eating program, and other things.

    Just this morning was struggling and praying, and saw that we definitely have to move. I'm thinking of this place with no mold and big sunny windows as a temporary good.

    I'm still trying to get over my homesickness for our house and neighborhood of 21 years! Glad to be away from the mold. We still are replacing so many things that we had to throw out. Just had to get rid of our AC units - too hard to clean. And there are still so many cartons with books, clothes etc. that we're slowly working through.

    I'm trying to visualize all the positives of living on one floor when we move again. I know I will be able to care for my health needs much better. But for today, i'm just going to keep breathing deeply, and not look ahead too much. Just concentrate on my today needs. " Let the day's own troubles be sufficient for the day".

    That teaching has helped me tens of thousands of times.

    So thankful for you all!
  6. windblade

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    p.s. Tried to edit out the NEW in the title, and use this post for continuing prayer. But not possible to change titles.

    Still praying for all, and so glad for everyone that has started posts here on this new site!

    Let us know how you're doing, and if you need new prayer.

    Love, Judy
  7. Hi Judy, I hope you are doing ok these days... I haven't been able to be on this new site much, but wanted to ask for prayer... although it looks like many of our friends are no longer coming to the new site... makes me so sad.

    But I found out a few weeks ago that I actually have Lyme Disease and have had it for decades... most likely it has been the cause of my fibro and CFS symptoms and the reason I have slowly continued to deteriorate physically. This was quite a revelation to me after more than a decade searching for answers.

    I am finally seeing a Lyme Specialist (LLMD) today, later this afternoon (this doc is about an hour and a half away from where I live)... he had ordered tons of labwork over the past few weeks and all the results confirm Lyme. Please pray that this doc will have the wisdom and discernment to give me the exact treatments that I need to start the long, slow and difficult road to recovery. I've heardd that some folks with Lyme have had to switch LLMDs after about a year because of not seeing improvement. This LLMD is the closest one to my location, so please pray that he is really good and follows Dr. Burrascano's guidelines (Dr. Burrascano is the nation's leadinf authority in the treatment of Lyme and all its co-infections.)

    I am very anxious to start down the road to recovery, after many years of being left to languish in this horrific condition. I know it won't be an easy or quick fix. After so many years of this going undetected, there is very possibly permanent damage to major organs and my nervous system. But I know that "with God ALL things are possible" so I am holding onto hope and trusting the Lord for a miracle.

    I am a little nervous about meeting this new doc since I've had so many bad experiences with docs in the past... also because my body is so hypersensitive to pharmaceuticals, I'm a little nervous about how my body will respond to treatment.

    Any and all prayers are very much appreciated. It will be atruggle just to get there today because I've not been doing well at all... my body and health have been going downhill... so thank you in advance for your prayers.

    I miss all of my friends here... have had difficulty navigating this new board... but hope to hear from many of you... thanks agai! And God bless each of you! Please let me know how you are all doing!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Hi Shel. Don't go there.....wondering if there's any permanent damage. That's putting negativity in your thoughts and we're not supposed to do that. God is healing you, God had his purpose for all of this, and God will bring you to exactly where you're to be. I know that has certainly made an impact on your family, finally knowing what the problem has been. Refresh my memory....are you the one who has siblings who have ignored your condition? And I'm positive that your husband has been "shaken up". Sometimes God brings us to a brink of terrible troubles, using us to touch the hearts of others.

    I do pray for you.....and your father too. I hope he's starting to do better and heal.

    Judy. Did you finally find a new place to live? How are you doing with all the cleanup and just your health in general?

    As for me, I had to stop the neck traction and PT. The traction was doing a # on my TMJ, and it's finally easing up after a month of giving everything a rest. Don't think I'll go back though. I went to the doctor yesterday and it's been confirmed I have essential tremors in my head. Sometimes it shakes so bad I have to grab my head to stop it. My mother had it also and apparently you can inherit the gene. Looks like I have. After researching it, I learn that Gabapentin works for both tremors and FM, so I asked to try it and I took my first pill last night and SLEPT. I was trying so hard not to be on medication but apparently the tremors come from misfiring in the brain and this could be also why I have trouble overactive brain at times.

    I pray for everyone on this board. So many hurting, suffering people and I hate to say this but we've all "fallen thru the cracks" and life just goes on around us and without us.
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    Shel - praying for your trip to see Lyme Dr. - 'Please dear Lord Jesus be with Shel every moment and step of the way today. Please guide the Dr. in his treatment with your perfect insights. Thank you that Shel now has something to work with. A diagnosis! Bless her in every way, Lord. Thank you for your perfect love! Help us each one to know you in new and surprising ways. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

    Sunflower - SO happy that you and Shel are here on new site! Just going back to read your post. Back later.

    Love, Judy