New pregnant recruit signs on....HELLLLLP!

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    Hello there. I'm whirling from my CFS diagnosis - only found out yesterday! So I'm hungry for knowledge on this one - and found this site. I'm 8 months pregnant, and running 3 businesses, and am responsible for about 8 people's salaries. Among other things, I am a professional conference speaker - just did 2 talks to 700 people this morning. I live a life of 150%, and I feel completely stunned - I can hardly walk 30m to the parking garage without fantasising about climbing Mount Everest in the death zone. With every step I take, I can't really believe I can lift my foot again for the next one!

    Hey guys - I need help. Everyone is giving me advice about energy drinks and food suppliments and vitamins...products everywhere that promise instant revitalisation.... I must stay on my feet because if I don't work, my company doesn't earn money, and my staff don't get paid.

    Does anyone know how to manage this DD in pregnancy? Will breastfeeding interfere? I have to have a caesar - misshapen pelvis - so I'm not worried about labour.. but any input and resources would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Dear Jules;

    Just wanted to weigh in with my 2 cents worth...I suggest a 2-3 day weekend retreat. Try to get away from your "life" so you can get the eagle's view perspective. sometimes in the pace of a hectic life priorities and options get blurred or are not visible. take a journal and write out the main questions you need answers to. Prayerfully listen to what your heart says.

    I also had to stop and evaluate the price of teaching weekend workshops. I had to give them up after a time but I knew it was the right decision for me.

    You are also entering a new phase...not just responsible for your staff...who can and will find new jobs but a little person who has no other mom but you...and needs you to be the healthiest, most loving person you can be.

    Wishing you wisdom, Heidi
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    The key to managing this DD is pacing yourself. You will have to prioritize things--you and the baby come first! This probably doesn't sound realistic, but even if you have to put all else aside, you must think of your health. There is no magic cure; it's doing the things that keep YOU healthiest and persevering with them.
    Eat healthy, no junk. Get lots of rest. Get what exercise you can without crashing afterwards. De-stress your life.
    I've been through at least two pregnancies with this. We just have to live a super healthy lifestyle or we pay for it!
    I can't help you with the business but I did breastfeed all but one of my children. You should get medical advice about the current opinion on breastfeeding with CFS.
    Good luck!