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    I woke up today with a headache and sore throat. I still went about my day with my family but while the sore throat went away I lost my voice and it is still missing.

    I feel like I have a struggle to breathe and get sound out at the same time. Now I have the headache again and it is not going away. MY throat feels scratchy but not sore but the hoarse voice is getting worse.
    For the past month we have been down wind of every fire in the state of Utah and Idaho , my throat felt like it was scratchy and burning like I was not getting enough fluids. We have not had many smoke free days here. I am wondering it all the smole could have assisted my loss of voice?

    I have also nosticed that I ache really intensely from heat, smoke and humidity. I don't know why this is but it is getting so painfull that I struggle to walk , sit or stand for long periods of time.
    I have tried to talk to my hubby to night but he is hard of hearing and with my lost voice he can't hear me. It is frusterating to me.

    I am so tired of feeling rottten, exhusted, fatiqued and in alot of pain all over my body. What is going on? A flare? a cold , a viruis I dont' know. I just know that I am so sick of having this never ending headache and now losing my voice.

    I have had a huge amount of personal stress that I have been dealing with and I think it is finally getting to me. I can't change what is happening in my life no matter how much I really want to. But I can't stand feeling so sick as I do now.

    My body aches all day and night and I feel so fatiqued all the time. I feel like some hting is out of balance and I don't know how to get it back into balance if that makes scense?

    My neck aches and is stiff and sore, my head aches to the point of making me tearup but I am not crying as it only makes my head hurt worse. My shoulders ache, all my muscles, nerves, tendons, bones, every where hurt far more than usual. I don't know what to do about this or how to ease thie pain and how to get my voice back.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    When I posted 2 days ago I had a tiny bit of my voice left and now I nothing. I can't talk beyond a whisper and it is getting worse. My shoulders ache my head aches, my body ache's all over. I feel like some thing is not right but I can't put my finger on it. My ribs hurt to the touch, to move , when I take a deep breath, I feel like I have been mauled by a mack truck and then by a roller that left my body flattened and only a greasy spot on the ground.
    Yesterday it rained for the first time in months. We had gentle rain and a rain shower with wind, and lots of lightning and thunder.

    I dont' know if the barometric pressure is causeing the rib pain, all over body pain? I feel so confused and out of it So I have not gone any where not wanting to drive when I feel so off and out of it.

    Please if you have had similar symptoms please let me know and help me to understand what iis happening to my body. I don't like how I feel and it really scares me alot.
    Please if anyone can help me or think of some thing that may help me let me know, I feel so alone with this new symptoms.

    I dont' have a cough other than every once in a while. So I know my ribs don't hurt coughing. I wonder if I could have some thing like chosto- chondritis, or pleuresy? I know that I need to see a doctor to have this dix'ed but I can't afford to go to the insta care as I don't have teh money to pay the fee for it. SAme with ER , no money. I need some advise , some help a suggestion any thing just so I don't feel like I am so alone and nervous.
    Blessed Sabbath to all
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    When you think of how much smoke was generated and all the oxygen that went out of the air, it's not surprising at all that you have a sore, scratchy throat or lost your voice. Plus, poor dear, any change in weather can definitely affect how we feel. We're getting our first major storm tomorrow, supposed to be hurricane winds of 100 mps and torrential rains. Very odd at this time of year. Usually, storms off the Bering Sea bring SNOW not rain. Our leaves are still on and our ground isn't frozen.

    Personal stress, dear one, can flatten you out in a heartbeat. I've been dealing with both my daughters and their health issues, living conditions, etc. for over two years, and my oldest daughter blames me for ALL her problems and calls me a horrible mother because I have this DD and am not available 24/7 to handle HER life. A week has not gone by that I haven't cried for hours, felt so much pain and had my heart broken. But you go on, not because you're a hero, but because you HAD to. I don't know how many nights I screamed out in frustration at God and said "I thought you only gave us as much as we could handle. But I have handled more! What do you WANT from me?" And then I think he surely must KNOW I am strong and He must see something I don't. At least not yet. But He won't leave me alone and He trusts me. Wow. He trusts ME? ME?? Then I MUST be...NO. I AM strong and I WILL do this! And I feel a lot better!

    Soft hugs,
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    There are several great posts here in response to your questions and your need. To say I understand is an understatement.

    I do have a question that seems silly in it's simplicity. Have you seen a doctor about your voice? Have you been tested for a virus? I agree that all the smoke and the weather in general can cause us to flare, but if you're worried, why not make an appointment and make sure. At least you could check on concern off your list.

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    I have a virus and for some reason it is causing my fibro to flare. This was the dignosis from my GP as my Rehumy was not answering his phone and I can't afford his co-pay {$45.00 rehumy , $5.00 GP}
    Doctor said that the smoke and weather could have irratated things but where I don't have a fever, and no real cough, no lung problems{other than what I have had in the past but lungs are clear} The biggest problem for me is the darn headache that is not leaving me dispite my takeing pain meds. I hurt worse than any flare I have had and infact I hurt worse than some surgeries I have had too. HE did give me a script for a Z-pak to take if I get a cough or run a fever, or feel worse in the next few days. Don't use it unless I need it I was told.

    My body aches all over, if I had to say what was going on it would be a flare from hell. Iiif some one were to test me for fibro and touch all the tender points I would have to kill them as the pain is in all my tender points and tendons, joints, back , hips and thighs, I can touch all the points that hurt at the back of my head, my jaw line. my ribs, under my arms, my elbow tender points. I know where each and every one are and I can feel each one of them, all teh time day or night it matters not. I am in so much pain after I go to bed and sleep I wake up and the pain over whelms me and almost drops me to the floor as the pain is that bad and over whelmeing to me. I feel so broken and not able to fix the things that are stressing me out.

    I am going to try to explain what iiis my emitional stress's, a week or so ago my husband of 32 yrs informed me that he has left our church, {The church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints and had asked to have his name removed from all the records as if he was never a member. He has joined the baptist church. NOt that I have any thing against the bapitist faith but the two are so different and no interchangeable. I know some of his reasons but they really don't make scense to me as less than a year ago he was active in the church and was well liked and held postions in the church. I don't know what happend to change his faith and heart, and soul. I am so confused by things change and how it effects me and our temple marriage. I have many questons and have tried to get in touch with our bishop {like a pastor} but he has not called me back or respoinded to me in any way. MY faith has stayed the same, I stll know that the church is true and that there are god the father, /Jesus Christ, his son and the holy ghost, there are not one being but three or so I believe inn.
    I never knew that some thing like this wwould make me sick and turn my world upsside down like it has..
    Please p ray for me and my family and husband includled that we may find the answers we nee and to help us find the same faith/.
    NO mater wh at church my husbaand goes gfto I will stfill support him and love him and accecpt him as my husband, He is my husbnad and I love him as much as I hae done and will accept. He is my husb nad, loveer and friend. and I will stick by his si de for ever. I love him so much no matter what changes it brings. I love him dearY,
    Can change's like Ma/
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    Blessings to you. I suspect you're in a huge flare due to smoke inhalation and the stress of the situation with your husband. Believe that what should be shall be, take deep breaths - and maybe I'd try GSE as long as you're not taking the Z-pac.

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    I have had no one to talk to about this religon change. I have tried to contact my bishop { The person who is in charge of a ward, but I have not heard any thing from the bishop. To me it is sad that people I don't know and only have met online listen to me more than the man who is supposed to guide and support me in times of crisis.

    I dont' know him either as I have not attened church due to the pain from the fibro and arthritis, sounds noise's and how sick all of the sounds , people's voices and the noise from teh mic's ect all effect me in a bad way and causes me so much pain that I become phyically sick.

    But never once in the year we have lived here has my bishop contacted me about how he or the ward can help me attend or bealbe to listen to church at home.
    You at least answer when I cry out to you online when I am in pain and suffereing and you answer me. You dont' tell me that you can slove my problems but you give me suggestions as how to deal with life's problems.
    I thought I was feeling better today but now I feel worse my head aches some thing horriable, my voice is getting worse, and my rib cage hurts like I have been flattened by a steam roller. I just want to scream and say I have had enough of this being sick , not just with this illness but the whole darn thing.

    I can't even talk to my doctor about my fibro as he really does not want to treat it unless I am willing to take Lyricia which I am not. I am one who has all the strange reactoins to meds and I don't want to add to the list of things that don't work for me. It only complactes every thing when I talk to a doctor. I say I can't take that "Why not" I have strage side effects that make me sicker and gain weight have abnormal side effects and I dont' want to do it again as I haev in the past then I get a long lecture about me limiting his ways of treating me. But in my heart I know that he does not belive that fibro is real. I feel that he would love it if I had both knee's replaced and then found a new doctor so he would not have to prescribe my pain meds ect.
    Stress just follow;s where ever I go./
    Today Speptember 6th is my 32nd wedding anniversary. WOW that is a long time. I have no clue if we are going to do any thing for it or not, I didn't go into town today so I have no card to give him before work. I will go to town in later in the day adn pick on up. We never have done any thing implusvie or ssssspur of the moment. gone out to dinner or to the moveis but nothing really special. I would love to renew our vows, Not in a church just between him and I. To tell eachother the things we really want from our marriage, to be able to tell him that I want him to listen to me when I talk and belive me that what I say is what I mean not to be twisted into what he thinks I mean to say. I don't want him to talk to our daughter before he talks to me about changes in our lives. HE should talk to me first then the girls. I want to tell him that I will try to improve the way I keep house, I will cook more at home if that is what he wants, I want to spend more time with him learning about what he wants to do now at this time of our lives not 32 yrs ago. I love him with all my heart , mind and soul, he can make me smile faster and he does bring me surpirse's like a take out chinse dinner which I mistook teh whorchester sauce for teh soy sauce. HE came home the next night and hid every sauce but teh soy sauce. It was so sweet of him to do. and It was so fun for me. It showed me that he really does love me and cares about me.
    WE have been blessed with three daughters & grandchildren and so much love from both families before his parents passed away and my mom forgot about things that happened. She is after all 85 and not in the best of health. I have been blessed with friends whom I wil never meet but who I cherish beyond words. Thank you for listening to me when I whine , complain or when am I happy. I am happy that we have been married and have made it threw trials that would rip couples apart but we with sstood them together. I Love him so much. AGain Thanks
  8. I am so sorry to hear of your struggles! I can so relate on so many levels. I have been having a bad flare myself and have described it to my family as feeling like I've been in a terrible car accident or as though I'd been run over by an 18-wheeler truck. Having to leave town recently for hurricane Isaac didn't help matters (although our area wound up being spared... had to err on the side of caution). Been trying to recuperate ever since.

    I, too, have been hurt by the lack of support from my church and also have had to deal with stress seeming to come from all directions. But I know that God wants to be our comfort and strength at all times. He is the only One Who never changes and will never leave us nor forsake us.

    I, too, have thought, like you, how amazing and ironic that I would have more support and compassion from people on this board, whom I've never met, than from my own church and family. It shouldn't be this way! But I thank God for this board, too, and for the kind, caring spirits of all of these wonderful folks!

    My heart goes out to you, Rosemarie, and I so wish there was something I could say that would help you! I think we all have our days where we feel like we can't take this DD another minute. And it certainly doesn't help if you have multiple things going on physically, as we do! But keep trying to find natural solutions to help with your symptoms (I too have multiple chemical sensitivities and avoid drugs like the plague whenever possible!). For me, peppermint oil helps with my severe headaches. I hold the bottle under my nose and inhale deeply for a few minutes at a time, until I feel the headache fading. You can also massage the oil into your temples, but be VERY CAREFUL NOT to get it in your eyes!! It will burn like fire! (Yes, it happened to me...uughh! So now I inhale it and it DOES help :)

    Also, soaking in a warm bath of epsom salts has helped my aching joints, back and muscles immensely! It can also help you sleep better when you do it before bedtime. I add up to 4 cups, depending how bad I'm hurting. I use half regular epsom salts and half Lavender epsom salts. The Lavender has some of its own healing properties too, as well as a calming effect. The magnesium sulfate in the epsom salts relaxes muscles and the nervous system, as well as soothing joints. The Lavender epsom salts not only smells wonderful, but has added potassium and zinc to the magnesium for additional benefits. It has helped my FM more than I can say!

    Also, as Jam mentioned, the chlorine in pools can actually add to your body's toxic load and make you feel worse. I noticed that was the case for me, so now I can only get in pools that have a natural salt system instead of chlorine. I don't have my own pool, so I don't usually get to be in one, which is a shame since water is so helpful for FM! And I agree that the smoke and fumes from the fires has definitely effected your throat and breathing and has exacerbated all your symptoms. It may help if you could get an air purifier for your bedroom and living room.... but I know those can be expensive. I've been needing to get one too because of how ridiculously high the toxicity level in my town is (one of the highest in the nation... oh joy :-\ )

    Just know how much we all care and can empathize, Rosemarie! And God truly cares even more! When I am at the end of my rope (as I was just yesterday), I turn to the Lord, and He comforts and strengthens me once again. May He comfort, strengthen and sustain you as well! God bless you, dear Rosemarie! Hang in there! And don't ever give up! Praying for you!

    Blessings and Soft Hugs,
    Shel :)
  9. Congrats on your 32nd Wedding Anniversary! That is wonderful! I will be praying about your difficult situation with your religious differences. I will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary in 4 months from today, and we've definitely had our share of difficulties! So I will be praying for you about that too! Take care!

    Soft Hugs,
    Shel :)
  10. rosemarie

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    On our wedding anniversary on Sept 6th ,2012, I had finally bought my hubby a card that fit how I felt. When he came home that night he handed me a dozen long stemed red rose's and the most touching card { from Halmark} the words that were in that card touched my heart so much. It felt like he had written it him self.
    It was so touching to have him buy me my favorite flowers, He has not done that in a few years. So it was really special to have him buy them now.

    A marriage takes lots of work, it is taking two people who really don't know each other all that well, both have habits that the other person does not know about.
    It is sleeping in the same bed with some one else even if the romance part is great you now have some one else in your bed who if like my husband does not stay on his half of the bed. I would come to bed later on only to find that he was sleeping in a slanted postion taking up most of the bed. His head was on the pillow but his feet were on my side of the bed right to the end of the mattress. He had more than his fair share of the bed. I always thought that cuddling was having him hold me in his arms not put his legs over the lower half of my body and I feel like I am stuck I can't move and feel some what trapped. He has never gotten over that either. But I have adjusted I have him keep his feet to himself and we do fine.

    Then you add an illness into this new marriage that you are still learning about each other, with in a few months of getting married I had to have surgery for female problems, it seemed that for the first 2 years I had surgery at least once a year and then a baby. Oh how much fun. HUbby hates hospitals so he didn't like to visit , some thing to do with bad experecne's. Then add an unkown illness that causes pain and you don't look sick, or tired or unalbe to work you look normal.
    So I found out that I had female problems that needed surgery every year or so and I had total body aches and pains, and headaches from hade's. I was told that there was nothing wrong with me. I also was informed that my GP would not prescribe any thing stronger than tyelonyl as he felt like I was addicted to T3's. It was not his body that had cramps from hade's and hurt all the time so much that I was sick to my stomache alot of the time.
    It would be years before I found out that I had fibro and no one knew what it was cause I didn't look sick. I was a home heath aide for a few years and was injured on the job, I hurt my back due to a patient falling on me and me catching all her weight and lifting her back on to a chair. NOT so smart on my part. I also had injured my right knee and needed surgery on it. NOt once, twice but three times in about as many years.

    HUbby was never sick minus the weekend we were on our honeymoon when I had strept throat and he had teh flu and was not keeping any thing down for several days. SO I totally embarassed him, he didn't have a doctor so I took him to the onemy Mom worked for. He was a OBGYN , they put him in a room away from the pregant ladies and gave him fluids for a few hours. He was so pissed at me but I didn't know who else to take him too when we had no insurance.
    Years later he had to have his neck fused and I stayed with his sister as it was done in another city, I called to check on him and after telling me to go home and get some sleep and let him rest, he told the nurse to ask me to come and sit with him . I stayed with him from 10 pm to 7 am, took care of him while he was sick and wiped his forehead and talked to the doctors and his sisters who knew more about his stange family history and finally we got him to start feeling better.
    His other hospital stay was in the ICu when he went into diebetic shock and his heart went wild beating way too fast. HE spent four days in the ICU and didn't want me to stay very long when I came to see him . It was emabarassing to him that I would want to be there to talk to the doctor and learn what was really going on and what the plan was sto get him home and better. I told him that while he was so sick I would be there even when he didn't want me to be there I was going to know evrything that was wrong with him and he could just learn to accept it that I loved him and wanted to know every thing that was wrong. But that is life. I have learned much over the years as I have spent more time in the hospital than he did.

    Now we both are in pain and he liimps alomst as bad as I do but won't find out why his hip hurts him so much. I have tried to explain fibro, cmp, DDD, spinal stenosis, buldging disc's to him and how each is some thing different in terms of teh pain it cause's. HE still does not get it but at least he is trying to listen more and help me out when I am feeling so rotten.

    Now our marriage has reached that empty nest well a few years ago. Our youngest daughter married first and was expecting two months after she got married. WE welcomed our first grandchild a boy in March of 2005, 14 months later she had a baby girl and she waited a few years before having the lsat baby girl in OCt of 2010. WE became grandparents again in 2007 a girl in January and a boy in August.

    In All three daughter were pregnant that year, We become grandparents again in June , OCt 8th and OCt 19th. Two grandsons and one grandaughter.
    Now hopefully our middle dasughter willl decide to add to her family soon so her little boy can have a younger sibling. The other two girls say they are done with having babies.

    Marriage changes with every thing that happens to you as a couple and as a person, You are the one who has to make it work out not matter what is going on with your self. I may hate fibro and all the pain that goes with it but I have accepted the fact that I am stuck with it and it is not going any where. We are learning to accept each other's health problems and to live our life like today is the only day we have. WE are working on making each other happier and being more accpeting of each other.
    The hardest part will be when my mom pass's as my husband's parents passed away sevral years ago, Mom 's health is not great and she is 86 yr old and has A-fib from starvation ,she does not eat enough to make her body function like it should. It will be hard for me as I lost my dad at a young age, 9 days before I turned 13, s when mom goes it wil be so much harder as I haev depended on her more than I should have. But we will get thru it just as we did when he lost his mom. Hopefully he won't leave me like he did when his mom passed. I still don't know why but the only thing that matters is that he came back to me and we are happier now than we were then.
    So thank you all for your support, your prayers and concern. I do thank you so much.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on about so many different topics all in teh same post.
    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 09/10/2012]

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