new problem talked with attorney on appeal

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  1. wildflowers2

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    I talked with the attorney with thappeal. she said not to appeal as the judge that I had gotton didnt beleive in CFS and made her decision b4 she met me then after she saw me
    made it final that she hated me.

    Now....she said she was 90% sure she could win the appeal BUT I would have to go in front of the same judge.

    any one have any expirence on appeals.

    I dont know what to do.......NO money ....
    no appeal and no bakc award...

    Is 50 the magic number?

    SHould I try to go get a job ?

    I am at a loss.....on top of all of this

    I have my angels days where my mother died on feb 27 and my late brothers bday was feb 24...I am feb 23

    GOd when does this end????????

  2. foggygirl

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    If I understand it correctly, you could start a new claim in another area--and NOT have to move. I've read that you can file a claim anywhere in the USA--because it's Federal and not state.

    Many people in my area--Pennsylvania, go to New York to file their SS claim because it's quicker in NY and the judges are suposed to be less harsh.

    Might not hurt to look into that.

    Also, if your lawyer is advising you NOT to appeal...??? but yet she's 90% sure she could win??? Sounds a bit peculiar to me.

    Personally, I'd get another lawyer (Most only get paid when they win) and file in another state. I'm using Allsup (you can find them thru Google) and am happy with them so far--of course, the judge hasn't ruled yet...??

    Best wishes, and good luck.