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    For about 2 1/2 years or so I have been throwing up in the morning on the average of 3 to 4 times a month. After going for all kinds of test, they can find nothing amiss. Yet it still happens. I do have acid reflux and am taking meds for it, heartburn or that foul taste in the mouth. Is it possible this too is part if fibromyalgia? Now my feet and legs are really beginning to give me trouble, pain, weakness, etc. Does anyone have any idea?
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    This is only a guess.....have you been tested for food allergies?

    I ask this because I recently found out I had very severe food allergies, but never had a clue. I have had fibro pain & other symptoms for 4 years, but years before that I had stomach issues...they actually kind of went away, but then the fibro symptoms began. The whole time I was severely allergic to milk, soy & gluten, especially, but didn't even associate my symptoms with food allergies----and it's like I moved from phase 1 (stomach stuff) to phase 2 (allover pain) before being diagnosed. These food allergies get you in a downward spiral, where your immune system is affected. I know it's going to take years for me to recover, because it took decades for me to get this way, but now I'm on digestive enzymes, probiotics, strict diet----and hopefully better health eventually!

    I just wondered about this because you mentioned vomiting for a couple of years, and now having more pain----that's what I experienced (only for me, my nausea was diarrhea) as the food allergies took hold even more. You might at least look into having food allergy testing (and not every allergist does this); if nothing else, you could eliminate that as an issue, but if your tests are positive for some foods, you might have found an answer.

    Good luck, hope you find out what's going on!

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    Hi Sarina,

    I had a similar problem for a while. Out of nowhere, I would have to throw up and dry heave for about 5 hours straight. In my case, I finally figured out that this happened after I had been taking Ibuprofin for my period cramps. Because the cause and effect were a few days apart, it took me a while to make the association. When I quit taking Ibuprifin, the episodes stopped. I also take acid reflux medication.
    Hope you can solve your mystery too.

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    After reading your post I had a thought- since you only throw up in the morning It sounds like it could be caused by your acid reflux. Do you sleep with your bed elevated? I sleep elevated on a few pillows but alot of people use bricks under their bed to elevate it a bit. Sometimes with the acid it could give you an upset stomach that your body has to get rid of. I get a stomach ache sometimes when I wake up. Also, when it is that time of the month I have more acid problems. Hope you are able to figure out what is causing this. I was going to say that you might be allergic to dairy but if it only happens in the morning that sounds unlikley. Good luck-


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    Thank you so much for replying so quickly. This is new to me so I was suprised at the quick response.

    Food alergy is something to think about. I have a Drs. appt. in 2 weeks, when I go I will mention the possibility to him. I do have allergies. I'm on year round meds for it, not to mention allergies to drugs as well. Aspirin or aspirin like products can literally kill me. I go into shock and have been rushed to the hospital. I now carry a epi pen. Even if there is no aspirin in the product, but it ACTS like aspirin, I can die. Scary huh? Oh well, that's life.

    I don't know if I reply to each individually or just one msg. So I'm going to reply, I think, individually.

    Again thank you. Gee, no spell check. Forgive errors please.

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    Thanks for ans. so quickly. I don't take anything like Ibuprfen, allergies. And I'm 62 years old, so no cramps. I told my boss I was pregnant, and of course he laughed like crazy. I will check for for food allergies as someone has suggested.

    Thanks for caring

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    Hi Gardengrow,

    Your suggestion was a good one. I've heard about doing that for swollen feet and hands as well. So maybe I can kill two meanies with one stone. Will need my son to lift the bed tho, at 62 I'm not as strong as I once was. Although I don't think it's the age that does it, I think it's the fibro.

    Your name, gardengro, does that mean you do well with growing things in the garden? If so does that mean flowers too? I LOVE flowers, and get them for a while then, I don't know, maybe I plant them upside down and right now someone in China is enjoying the fruits of my labor:):)

    Thank you for ans. so quickly and for caring.


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    Sunny Thank you for your reply. Thankfully I don't get migranes. I don't know how people get through that pain. I'm not sure I could. I don't know what could be the harome problem and 62, but who knows, maybe it's diabetes, which I have. I'm seeing the dr. in 2 weeks and I will ask him about it. It's very hard to take anything I have so many dumb allergies. Well maybe the allergies aren't dumb, but I don't want to get mean with them. After all they have to live too.:):)

    I'm so thrilled at the amount of people that replied to my query. What a great group out there. It makes it worthwhile to have fibro.

    Thanks again.