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    Has anyone used or heard of a product called "Hyaluronic Acid" or " Synthovial-7"? I was doing some miscl. searching and happened upon it. It reads good but I am not a very brave person to just try anything. I am going to read some more about it.
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    Hi, thanks for posting this. I ran a search and there seems to be quite a bit of info.

    I do not pretend to know if this product will help you or not. But I read where docs use this same thing to inject into bad knees etc. So ya know that it has been used. This is just a different form I guess.

    I am always open to new alternative things. I have had symptoms since I was 6 and am now 50..I did not get here by being close minded. I, myself am looking into a product..Masters Miracle. I would love it if someone has had experience with these products and wanted to share them, whether they were good or bad.

    I emailed and they are sending me a free sample .. I want to use it to help pull toxins outta my I believe alot of my pain and neuro problems are from that.

    I do understand being nervous trying anything new..meds or alternatives. I am the biggest weenie you ever did see!! The product I am looking into can be ingested..but a couple of them can be used for soaks. Trust me..I will do the soaks and see if anything good happens from them before I trust it inside my bod!!LOL!!

    The product I am going to try works on the theory that the skin is your biggest can therefore pull in alot of good stuff from the can help to eliminate toxins out through the pores. It will be interesting..I should get it sometime yet this week.

    IF you try this product..please let me know how you are doing with it. If you are interested..I will let you know about my experimenting with this new product I am getting.

    Ya know..basically (and I know how simplistic this sounds) I have always thought there was something really simple .. right under our noses.. to cure cancer. I have always thought that God provides answers to these problems..I just do not think that we, as a society, are listening. I do feel the same way about fm/cfs.

    Blessing to ya..and I am wishing you well .. no matter what you try! Sher
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