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    UPdate on page 2...

    This is the biggest breakthrough that i've read about.. well in my entire CFS/FM struggle. It is also considered by most scientists..biologists etc. it's just so NEW that it isn't well known yet. And the way the drug companies control everything, we might never fully utalize this new information.

    OK before anyone assumes anything, i'm just posting this information for your knowledge. I'm most definitely not trying to hype any new cure. Because i myself have been through the circle of remidies and cures, and have found none when at once they all looked promising. But this goes way beyond anything i've ever read or heard about!~!!!!!!

    Targeted at Diseases like ours ... Auto immune diseases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia (M.E)Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis,Lupus, Cancer, Viral Invections etc etc....

    Basicly GlycoNutrients are the basic and most important functions of the body that we ARENT't!!! getting. If we dont get these vital components, our bodies will ultimately Break DOWN!

    I'm going to attempt to type an article out that i found.. so read it when your feeling up to it..

    I also have a Seminar on Video Casette that i'm going to slowly duplicate, and send to whoever i can.....but that will come after i test this out on myself.. but i've already heard of TONS of people getting healed.

    I heard about this through my church if anyone is interested in knowing....

    GlycoScience has a website... you can all GOOGLE it if you choose.

    This whole GlycoNutrient thing can get a bit complicated, but when anyone reading this isn't getting brain fog at their worst, i would advise reading as much as you can on the subject



    Although we are hte most overweight country on earth, our citizens are starving. The modern diet is comprised mainly of foods that lack the necessary nutrients to ensure proper cellular function. As a result, our brains keep asking for nourishment; we eat more and more receiving less and less from our food.

    Even those of us trying to eat healthy can find it difficult. The fruits and vegetables that we buy are picked green, weeks before hitting the grocery shelves, and weeks before developing the essential nutrients that we need to nourish our cells. Theis problem is compounded boy soil depletion, preservatives, and the excessive processing of our food.

    This lack of nutrition has resulted in a population with imune systems incapable of fighting off disease.

    We have known since we were in grade school about the four basic building blocks of nutrition:
    1.vitamins and minerals
    2. amino acids (Proteins)
    3. Fatty acids
    4. Carbohydrates (Sugars)

    While most of us understand the function of the first three elements, the latest research shows that carbohydrates play a key nutritional role. Although most carbohydrates are used as fuel, a special group of sugars called glyconutrients is a key ingredient in proper cellurar function. Researchers have learned that every cell in our body communicates by utilizing a Braille-like alphabet of 8 glyconutrients. If a person is missing any of these necessary biologically active sugars, the cells CANNOT COMMUNICATE properly. Improper communicatin leads to one of two problems

    1. Autoimmune Disease (MS, Ashma, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, etc.)
    2. Supressed immune function (Cancer, Deadyl Viruses, and Bacterial infections.


    The modern diet contains only 2 of the 8 necessary glyconutrients. Thanks to the abundance of scientific research in the field of Cellular Communication, a patented blend of 8 biologically active sugars is now available. This blend has been utilized to successfully balance the immune system of healthy people as well as those suffering from the most feared diseases known to man. Many doctors believe that hthis totally natural, non-toxic formula represents the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH in the medicine since the discovery of Vitamin C and the subsequent Nobel Prize in 1937

    These glyconutrients are absolutely critical to every one of us. All bodily functions are dependent upon thier presence at the cellular level. Their absence is related to the breakdownof the immune system and the onset of disease. Join the thousands who are successfully fortifying their immune system with this missing ingredient

    ****So you ask what do i take to replenish these 8 necessary glyconutrients.. . Well tomorrow evening i'm going to be calling a local supplier and see how this all works...

    God bless....


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    Thank you for posting.Please keep us updated on your progress.

    I am interested on how it works for you.

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    The only info on glyconutrients I have ever heard came from a massage therapist. She loaned me a video also - it is a multi level marketing product/s!!! It was going to cost me $150/month and I needed to take it for 6 months before I may feel "any relief". I stayed away from it.

    It may help, I'm just telling you my experience.

    Sue in Florida
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    chris, Yes, I agree that Glyconutrients are a great product. I've been taking Ambrotose for quite a while. I don't take it constantly, but it keeps my candida totally under control.

    I haven't noticed that it helps my remaining fibro symptoms, but those were helped immensely by undergoing NAET treatments.

    The product is great, and I know of others that have benefitted greatly from it. Where I order it from, it costs me a little over $100. She has me set up on the automatic reorder program, this way you get it a little cheaper, then after I order it, she cancels my order so I don't get charged for it each month. I use one jar like every three months.

    I'd give it a shot and see what it can do for you.

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    I really hope that you have found something, but it all sounds soooooo familiar. Perhaps I am to cynical.
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    Its been around for a long time and I cant help but wonder if it did all it says then we would be hearing from a lot more users on a regular basis.

    Havn/t seen a post about this stuff here in a long time. Im also dont like that they use churches to market their products. There is a story in the bible about throwing all the money makers out of the church and I think that was a good idea then and still a good idea.

    Somehow having the church involved makes it seem more legitimate and that isnt so. People who use churches to make $$$$ bother me. They may believe in what they are selling but doing it in the realm of the church isnt a good thing imho.

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    I just wanted to show this testimonial i found ..someone using glyconutrient products.. i'll assume basicly these 3 .. which i'll be recieving in hopefully the next fe days..

    -Essential (Glyconutrients all 8 sugars
    -Phytogenins.. (offers the 'raw materials' for a person's body to manufacture the hormones )
    -Antioxidant (strong antioxidants combined with essential glyconutrients and phytonutrients to protect our body against free radicals)




    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 8 years ago after a serious infection of glandular fever. CFS for me was terribly debilitating. I felt ok if I got at least 8hrs sleep per night, did not do any strenuous exercise, did not have even moderate levels of stress and eat a healthy diet. Until recently if I had 6 or less hours sleep in a night I would be exhausted for up to a week after despite getting lots of sleep. For about 5 years I would have weeks and months at a time when I could do little more than get out of bed. When I was at my worst, walking to the kitchen was a monumentous effort that required mental preparation and once I got there, I needed to sit or even lie down. I would not call myself unhealthy. I have always eaten healthy food and was fit, cycling and playing numerous sports.

    I quickly realised that just resting was not enough to get better. In the first 4 years I tried numerous treatments including seeing the following specialists: environmental allergen specialist, naturopath, homeopath, neuro-muscular-skeletal medicine specialist, and even a spiritual healer. All of these people found things wrong with me: I had a number of allergies, I had some vitamin imbalances, I had a spinal misalignment, and some spiritual baggage. I definitely noticed some improvement from all these treatments but I was still highly susceptible to CFS. I learnt to live with it. I knew if I pushed myself too hard I would get CFS and have to rest for at least a week to get back on track.

    I have been taking glyconutrient supplements for approximately 5 months now. The first thing I noticed after the detox period (about 7 days for me) was that I felt well. I could feel more energy sitting still. This is despite the fact that I was taking on too much work, I suspected I would get CFS and not be able to fulfil my requirements and that I might even get a virus. With all this going on, I didn't feel great, but I didn't get CFS and I didn't get a virus. After taking glyconutrients for about 3 months I realised how good I was feeling and that I had not had CFS or a virus for longer than I had for the previous 7 years. Since then I have finished my masters thesis, started a business, my first child has been born and I still have not had CFS or a virus. I have started cycling again. I have been expecting to push myself too far and get sick again, but so far I haven't.

    I now realise what had happened to my body, the damage glandular fever and environmental toxins had done, highlighted by the numerous ailments identified by the specialists, and how getting the essential glyconutrients has allowed my body to repair itself. I am now able to take control of my life again, rather than merely being a passenger.
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    I can understand your concern, especially using the church to market something. And i'm the biggest skeptic in the world.. but i am also willing to try everything that makes sense to me.. and i've been through them all.. But anyway, i believe the origionator of the tapes is involved in the church, so it was quite natural for him to give it to people he most commonly associated with there. i'm not making excuses up, i'm just explaining. Also the tape wasn't selling anything, it was for spreading the word around ONLY!.. and it even said it in the seminar on the tape.. it was Informative. .. But the woman i got the tape from had the products.. and i ordered them from her.

    .If your wondering why people haven't heard about it.. well something around 10 years or less in the medical community/industry is a very very short amount of time, so most DR.'s are just finishing school learning about Glyconutrients.. which are absolutely a necessary part of our functions.. so not many know yet..

    . take an example like injection or suppository Chelation that has shown to revers heart problems, circulation problems.. Artery clogging etc.. why doesn't anyone know about that?.but we still persist on doing open heart surgury... its just like all the others.. we have to take information with a grain of salt, and weed out the Truth for ourselves..
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    How to Make Your Own Glyconutrient Powder & Jam

    Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally: Dr. David Bird MbChB, Dip Clinical Nutrition, FACNEM, an Australian MD, has taken the time and effort to prepare an extensive information sheet on how to prepare a complete home-made glyconutrient powder or jam as an ersatz, substitute for or alternative to the expensive MLM glyconutrient products marketed as “Ambrotose” etc. Many thanks for this great service to Dr. Bird

    Glyconutrient Jam and Glyconutrient Powder Recipe:

    An Inexpensive Way of Getting "Essential" sugars edited by Healing Cancer Naturally

    Disclaimer: These notes are not to be construed as personal medical advice. Consult your qualified health professional. No information on this web site is to be seen as a treatment for any specific illness. I do not endorse the use of this recipe as a substitute for proven therapy or for a doctor's care or for the treatment of any specific illness. This information is simply presenting a recipe that I have personally used, am aiming to use, or am considering using. I am interested in it personally as a source of normal food nutrients for the maintenance of optimal health. This material is simply shared for what it’s worth in the hope of saving others time and/or money as they do research. This material is not copyrighted, but this disclaimer should be added if it is copied. It should not be sold or otherwise used to make a profit.

    Please note that I not think that a "magic bullet" approach to health is a good idea. Any health food recipe should be seen as helping to promote optimum health IN THE CONTEXT of a healthy overall lifestyle. A "healthy overall lifestyle" would, in my opinion, include (but is not limited to):

    • Avoiding high fat, high sugar "junk food" diets.
    • Enjoying sufficient exercise.
    • Enjoying drinking plenty of pure water.
    • Getting adequate sunshine and fresh air.
    • Avoiding environmental poisons and other "personal" poisons such as nicotine and alcohol.
    • Getting priorities in a healthy order so as to avoid undue stress.
    • Trusting in God.
    • Getting adequate sleep and rest.

    Introduction: What are Glyconutrients or Essential Sugars?

    The eight "essential"* sugars are: mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, fucose (not to be confused with fructose), and N-acetylneuraminic acid. They are very important for health. I will not spend time dwelling on all the benefits as others have already done this in ample detail. In addition to the essential sugars, most of the ingredients in this recipe provide other health promoting properties as well. The aim here is to provide a simple and inexpensive way of getting glyconutrients. So let us now look at these eight sugars and see where we can get them from.

    1. Mannose.

    Mannose may be the single most important of the eight sugars for us to get plenty of. One of the main sources is aloe vera, which contains acemannan. Acemannan is a mannose polysaccharide (i.e. a chain of mannose molecules). From what I’ve studied, most commercial supplements of aloe only have very small amounts of acemannan in them so the best way is to grow the aloe vera oneself. It is a very handy herb to have in the garden or green house (e.g. good for minor burns and some skin ailments) and it is easy to cultivate. Consult a gardening book, but apparently it needs a sunny spot that’s not too moist. I may want to enjoy using plenty of it, so ideally would like to invest in about ten plants.

    While I am waiting to buy and establish my own aloe plants I can use the glyconutrient powder which does have mannose in as well. This is from the kelp, the shiitake and the ground fenugreek. I have actually recently decided to just take the glyconutrient powder (as detailed below) because I find it easier.

    Fenugreek contains plenty of galactomamman, a polysaccharide of mannose and galactose (other sources of galactomamman are carob gum and guar gum). Ground fenugreek should be readily available from a good health food store or supermarket, or I can buy the seeds and grind them myself. I prefer organic fenugreek.

    Shiitake mushrooms have in them a compound called KS-2 which contains mannose bound to an amino acid. We will say more about shiitake (and kelp) later.

    Using fenugreek, kelp and shiitake should not be very expensive. Aloe vera plants may be expensive to start with, but a friend may have a "jungle" of the plants and be able to give some.

    2. Glucose.

    Regarding the powder, glucose is found in kelp. But we don't really need to supplement glucose as it’s so abundant in our diets anyway. For the "jam" recipe the prime source is 100% pure grape juice, preferably dark organic (but I don’t worry if it’s not feasible). The grape juice will help, along with the next item, to make the aloe vera taste yummy instead of yuck. This juice is relatively cheap and if I have a juicer I can make my own.

    3. Galactose.

    Galactose is present in the fenugreek of the powder and also in a lot of foods that we normally eat. For the "jam" recipe the prime source is 100% pure apple juice, preferably organic. This juice will help, along with the previous item, to make the aloe vera taste yummy.

    Both apple and grape juice have health properties of their own. Again this juice is relatively cheap and those with juicers can make their own. Some analyses don’t report galactose as being in Apple juice. This is because the galactose is in the pectin fibre which is present in varying amounts in juice.

    4. Xylose.

    Xylose is present in the kelp used in the powder. Ground psyllium seeds are high in a xylose polysaccharide. They are cheap and easily obtained from a chemist or health food store. Psyllium is used in the "jam".

    5 and 6. N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetyl-galactosamine.

    Vegetable sources:
    For those not wishing to consume medicinal animal products orally it is nice to know that Shiitake Mushroom contains N-acetylglucosamine (as a constituent of chitin). I can purchase fresh and/or dried Shiitake Mushrooms from many supermarkets and food stores. I buy dried whole shiitake mushrooms and powder them by using my liquidiser. Or I can buy a tablet with shiitake in. Shiitake Mushrooms do not contain N-acetyl-galactosamine. I thought that mistletoe contained N-acetyl-galactosamine but it appears that it does not. Instead it seems to contain a lectin that is specific for the N-acetyl-galactosamine receptor site. Also there are some toxicity issues with mistletoe.

    N-acetyl-galactosamine is contained in dextran sulphate, which is present in a red algae called Dumontiaceae. But this product is only available from Japan as far as I know

    Animal Sources:
    Bovine cartilage and shark cartilage both have an abundance of these two essential sugars. These are both relatively cheap and available from a chemist or health food stores in capsules or loose powder. I prefer the bovine cartilage because it is predominantly the chondroitin 4-Sulfate form of chondroitin which is apparently slightly better (shark is predominantly chondroitin 6-Sulfate). I am not especially concerned about prions and [BSE] from a bovine source because I can check where the cows come from and cartilage is not one of the tissues especially at risk for prion contamination. Actually, from what I’ve read, chondroitin is a substance that can be used to help treat prion disease as it interferes with the prions doing their dirty work in the nervous tissue.

    I am more concerned about the possibility of heavy metal contamination in shark cartilage, though I have not read any major problems regarding this. Those not wishing to consume animal products orally could use an arthritis cream containing chondroitin sulphate. The best cream I know of is Arthro-Aid Direct, which should be rubbed on the tummy at the time the glyconutrient powder is consumed.

    7. Fucose.

    Kelp seaweed is rich in fucoidan, a polysaccharide containing plenty of fucose. Fucoidin is a complicated molecule that also contains xylose, mannose, galactose, and glucose. If anyone has an overactive thyroid they should not take this or other sea weeds without medical advice and monitoring. An alternative is beer yeast, which, according to my research, also contains plenty of fucose. Kelp has many health benefits and can be bought cheaply as a powder. It does not taste good to me!
    Compare Seaweed.

    8. N-acetylneuraminic acid

    (otherwise known as sialic acid)
    is found in whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate also contains lots of other goodies. If allergic to diary (though I am told some that are allergic to diary can take the isolate) an alternative is egg, which may be best raw. I need to make sure it is an organic egg from a healthy chicken. I need to make sure I buy whey protein ISOLATE, not just whey protein or whey powder. A 500g pot of whey protein isolate is a little costly but will last a long time and so is not a big expense long term.

    Note: I received some information early 2004 that suggested whey protein concentrate may have a higher amount of N-acetylneuraminic acid in it than the isolate.

    How I can prepare and consume the ingredients:

    TWO items will be discussed:

    1. A glyconutrient powder which provides all 8 essential sugars at a minimal cost. The powder is more convenient to take and use than the "jam" and I am not currently using the "jam" -- just concentrating on the powder.
    2. The glyconutrient jam which, if made correctly, tastes yummy and which is designed to give large amounts of the key monosaccharide mannose.

    1. Glyconutrient Powder

    Here are the powders, the glyconutrients they contain and the ratio for consumption (the ratio is by volume, not weight and is offered as a guide only):

    • 1 part ground fenugreek: mannose, galactose (buy it already ground).
    • 1 part shiitake mushroom powder: N-acetylglucosamine, mannose.
    • 1 part kelp powder: fucose, xylose, mannose, galactose, and glucose.
    • 1 part whey protein isolate: N-acetylneuraminic acid. Alternative is beer or brewing yeast.
    • 1 part bovine or shark cartilage chondroitin sulphate powder (loose or in capsules): N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine). Alternative is Dumontiaceae for the N-acetylgalactosamine.
    • 1/2 part of ground psyllium (or the husks alone would probably do) to boost the xylose content as there is not that much xylose in kelp.

    I am currently mixing all powders together along with a little red cayenne pepper powder and a little turmeric powder too. I believe cayenne enhances my digestion and is an extra tonic (1/10-1/20th part). Turmeric has antioxidant properties.

    I am also adding 1 part of lecithin granules as I have been told that this very greatly enhances absorption of glyconutrients.

    I currently am mixing about 1 heaped tsp of the mixture in about 50-ml of cold soymilk and drinking it down quickly at the beginning of breakfast, lunch and sometimes also the evening meal. I would use more if I was ill with some major complaint.

    Alternatively, I could take it with yogurt etc. or put the powder into "OO" size vegetable capsules to consume. Ideally, I would take five size "OO" capsules twice a day before meals. An alternative, if I wished to avoid mixing powders, would be to take one "OO" capsule of each powder twice a day before meals.

    Thirdly, I could take my powder mixed with an equal amount of honey.

    Whey protein isolate can be taken "sublingually" in small amounts too. I am told that this is an even better way of taking it. But it can take awhile to "dissolve".

    Kelp in particular does not taste good to me However, I have found it OK to take as part of the powder in the water at meals. Also a teaspoon of kelp powder plus some cayenne did not taste too bad to me when I tried mixing it with a heaped teaspoon of honey. Having said that kelp doesn’t taste good, my two-year-old daughter asked for some when she saw me experimenting with it at the table. Despite my warning she still wanted some and so I gave her a bit on the tip of a spoon. To my surprise, she actually wanted more!

    Honey occasionally contains spores of Clostridium botulinum - the Detrimental Bacteria that can cause the type of food poisoning called Botulism. For this reason, honey should not be fed to children under 12 months old.

    Kelp and Wakame seaweeds (Asian style), shiitake, fenugreek and whey isolate are all foods that can simply be eaten as part of a meal. There should be a good way of having all these items at a meal say twice a week using for example, wakame, fenugreek, shiitake, rice and vegetables with whey isolate mixed with dates and soy yoghurt for dessert. We need some good chief to come up with a tasty recipe for us to use! Have this meal with a chondroitin sulphate capsule and you've got all 8 sugars!

    2. Glyconutrient Jam

    Slowly simmer (don’t boil) 1 litre grape juice and 1.5 litres of apple juice so that half the water evaporates. Before turning off the heat stir in about 1/4 cup of ground psyllium. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT IN TOO MUCH PSYLLIUM AS IT WILL TURN INTO A SOLID JELLY THAT IS NO GOOD FOR MIXING THINGS WITH. I err on the side of too little psyllium then add more if needed. Keep stirring for a couple of minutes or so then turn off the heat and let it sit. It will turn into a kind of jelly that tastes like jam. The heat should help to break down the psyllium polysaccharide into the xylose molecules. Store in a jar in the fridge.

    When I wish to take my glyconutrient jam I put 1/4-1/3 of a cup of the grape, apple and psyllium jelly into a container. I grab about 4-5cm of an average aloe vera leaf from my garden and using a pair of scissors or knife chop it into the jam. Note: aloe contains a laxative so diarrhea is a sign that I am taking too much. If you get diarrhea (from the yellow aloin just under the skin) then try scraping out and eating just the gel. I stir the aloe bits in and then eat it with a spoon. The aloe and jam should taste nice, but if not happy I can try cutting the aloe vera into smaller pieces or liquidising it into the jam. This further improves taste but ends up taking more time, especially to clean up! The aloe vera needs consuming soon after picking and chopping as I am told aloe vera’s mannose is quickly damaged or degraded after a leaf is picked.

    The glyco-jam is easiest taken as a kind of entrée 10-30 minutes before meals or on its own as a supper in the evening. I aim, for maintenance, to take this mixture three times a week or daily. For nutritional support when ill I could be take it more frequently.

    About the Author

    Dr. David Bird Mb.ChB. Dip. Clin. Nutr. F.A.C.N.E.M. offers private consultations by appointment at his [Australia] clinic rooms for sufferers of burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.[This Message was Edited on 11/23/2005]
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    : ) thanks for the great information tansy .. i'm going to copy and past this for myself ^_^ Great information for anyone who wants to know as well
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    Hey Khris,

    this is so awsome! I am learning slowly but surely. Keep me posted on how it works out.

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    of course.. thanks ^_^
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    sounds kinda silly.. but it just proves that its working so far and its only been 6 ! days.. and i mean i've gotten energy from other things, but this stuff seems like the real deal!!! it just makes so much sense!!!!! Its hard to hear mysefl say that

    on 6th day

    -Ambrotose AO
    antioxidant cell protection forula w/ immune support
    -Plus capsuls
    supports optimal endocrine health
    -Glycentials pill
    complete vitiman mineral support
    -Ambrotose complex powder
    o,,ime support formula....

    FYI.. this isn't anywhere close to your generic, run of the mill "immune support" supplement.. which we hear that word so much.. this is on the opposite end of the spectrum...

    This is my 6th day of the Detox period......

    this is what i wrote to a friend to keep her updated........

    " O..........................

    Ok ok so i had an amazing day!!!! Ok ok .. i'm kinda tired now becuse its getting late.. but i had an amzing day! Ok so i woke up at around 2pm.... i was going to get up earlier, but i try to listen to my body and sleep when i need to. Ok so i felt a bit better when i woke up , like i actually slept!!.. i was taking two sleeping pills to sleep.. one to get to sleep *Ambien* and another one from my previous DR. for deep sleep.. but the second one knocks me out and makes me groggy.. but if i take the ambien to sleep i usually wake up after 6 hours and can't get back to sleep.. because for a long time i dont think i've been naturally getting into a deep sleep.. sooo i took the Ambien and quit the other one last night.. and i actually slept!!! and i kept sleeping!!! omg seroiusly i know its simple.. but its the best thing for me.. its either insomnia or sleep that doesn't reguvinate me! so this is awesome Not to mention the nap i toot yesterday, where i finally!!! actually fell asleep by mysefl!! i feel like my sleep mechanism doesn't switch over and i lay there in some strange sleep stages.. no deep stage 4 at all... But it felt like i made it into a deep sleep during my nap!!! i got those twitches in my leg.. right before your going to fall alseep.. before the mechanism kicks in.. i got them and was escited and finally fell asleep.. I even woke up for a minute later, and felt my breething nice and deep and slowly..!!!!! like my breathing was working correctly.. i could almost visualize it! (being an artist)

    Ok second.. i kno i'm going on and on.... 2 hours after i took my first supplements.. i didn't get tired.. instead, i ran upstairs to go to the bathroom and my sister was in there.. so with my energy i scared her while she was blow drying her hair and messed with her a big.. (*i never do that anymore) .. so i waited to use the bathroom in her room.. and she had some club music on, and being the joker i use to be, i started dancing around like the biggest dork to get a laugh out of her.. comically of course ^_- thinking my sister would come in.. but i actually had the energy to be happy, and giddy and silly!! wow its been too long.. a little taste of my former self.. i realized i had energy so i put my cognitive function to the test (brain)... i said to myself.. ok being sick for so long.. i just stopped drawing, because my imagination didn't work right, i couldn't concentrate and i just couldn't draw like i usually would be able to .. so i teseted myself.. got out a piece of computer paper, and told myself to draw something in under a minute... ok so i did it.. and it came out so great.. like.. my normal talent was back.... here's the picture i drew in about 45 seconds.. .. kinda looks like you eh ^_- I could have maybe drawn that feeling sick, but it wouldn't have came fast, .. everything wouldn't have lined up right or be simetricol! .. this is a big step's the links to the pics if you want to see them....

    Trust me.. i really drew that in 45 seconds.. sure its not complete or colored or that great, but considering how even everything is, lining up.. my brain is starting to work again and my talent is coming back!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all really silly but its amazing for me! .. all these litte things are adding up.. i even jammed out on my electric guitar for an hour and totally owned it! my melodies and ear for music is coming back too!!!

    i'll keep you all updated... still detox period so its still rough.. but its getting there.. i can't wait to see what a few months can do!!!!!!!!!

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    I bought some of this months ago, but it's still in the kitchen cabinet. I've only tried it two times. I guess I need to give it a try.

    What was that about a "detox period"?

    I'll try almost anything once, unless I know it will kill me.

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    Anything with testimonials and which speaks of cures. This same product was written about on our board some time ago. If it were "the answer," I think word would spread like wildfire and it hasn't.

    It is definitely an MLM, which doesn't necessarily make it bad; people just need to know that going in. Products sold through the MLM distribution system often overhype the benefits.

    Because this board is provided by ProHealth, a company which sells supplements, I don't think it can be used to send members videotapes for competing products.

    I'm glad if anyone has found something which helps him or her feel better. I would definitely not expect a cure from a product based on the material provided by the company which sells it, especially an MLM.

    Love, Mikie
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    i just typed out a long winded response, and reealized it wasn't worth it... so i'll just leave these things........

    I guess everyone can censor and think for themselves, so your opinion is noted.

    But remember, even though i never said anything about a cure...... they all expected Jesus to come in a crown of gold and sitting on a throne, but he was just a lone carpenter with ragged cloths.. but had the same message he would have had if he was sitting on a gold throne.. Sometimes things dont appear as they seem, no matter what form they are delivered in........ so the MML reference is only something small..

    [...], if anyone is curious ^_-

    I'm not selling or claiming anything for the record.. i'm just taking the time to share my experience thus far....and putting myself out there for anyone who will be curios in the future, or needs a back-log for google searches ^_-

    And if this site has a problem with competition, in which i'm NOT one, then there must be a whole different intention and motive about this website..which i dont think is the case... and anyone apposed that doesn't realize that being open minded is the key to finding a solution to CFS-FM and the interenet and FREEDOM is the only way we are going to distribute this knowlede of technology *X____* whichever it may be.. If competiton wasn't a good thing, then we would all have succumbed to the blindfolds of conglomerate corporations and drug companies.. which would make us robots and no hope for cure's for anything.. which "modern" medicine is failing miserably at.... making us suffer more.. so if i have to be handed a cure from the bum on 46'th sreet in NYC then i say bring it......!no mml will stop me....
  19. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I can't see where any of this is going to HURT you, that's for sure. I do see that there is a stigma attached to the WAY that this product was introduced into society.

    The majority of us are SO weary of having hope in a product that promises to make us better (not necessarily CURED, but just BETTER), that we've gone out and purchased cabinet after cabinet of things that just don't work for us.

    It's great to hear testimony of someone who is actually trying something, telling us how it is effecting HER, and giving us a blow by blow account. THAT is better than any MLM anyone could ever throw MY way.

    My SIL is into selling this product-last time she was at my house, she left 1/2 dozen CD's for me to listen to. I did some research first-I just don't have the time or desire to listen to someone speak at me for hours.

    What I found and 'took to the bank' for MY own sake, came from Dr. Weir, whom I trust, and has been around for many years. As far as I'm concerned, he is up there in the top ten or less of naturopaths, and people with an understanding of how our bodies work and what helps and what doesn't. He doesn't have a great opinion of the glyconutrient theory. And he has less of an opinion on the way it is marketed. He believes we get what we need when we eat a healthy diet. Which is something we should all be striving for.

    Unfortunately, most of us don't, for whatever reason, eat what we should. Heck, let's face it-it's not cheap, and it's time consuming to eat healthy!! So, in that respect, adding supplements, whether they be vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients, what have you-does our body need them?

    In some cases, obviously so. I'm so happy that YOU have found what is working for YOU. Sadly, Fibro and CFS will never be a 'one size fits all'. How I wish to God it were-we would all be profiting from each discovery!!

    More power and strength to you, each and every day! I really, really hope you are THAT PERSON who beats this thing!!! Good luck and God bless you! PG
  20. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member

    Well i agree with what you said pepper.. and for everyone to know.. i dont wish that everyone go out and spend their money on more "shelved" healers/cures... i've been through the same thing

    I'm here to show everyone whats its like BEFORE they buy it or anything... just for the record.. and if i think the scientific and inellectual data i've recorded on myself and that have been given in research through this, will help anyone after it helps me.. i will go to great lengths to map out why i think it works and supply all data.... But untill then.. i'll keep everyone posted on my progress... i plan on using these things for at least 6 months...but will most definitely update more often. I also dont think that there will ever be a silver bullet.. and if there is, it will come in the form of something (maybe this) that takes time, patience and perseverance.. which most people dont have the time for, and naturally give up. But just like anything in life, as patience is a virtue.. being virtuous doesn't come over night.. and neither will any cure that has the potential to work.. and i think that will in itself be the downfall of a good finding for an answer to CFS/ FM...

    pepper.. from what i've been researching lately, diet is immensely important of course.., but, it seems that this country is so bleached, that all of the minerals and natural occurrences in the body from good food digestion just isn't there anymore. I mean its almost a fact that our soil is so poluted and stipped that we just can't get what we need anymore because our food chain is wrecked.. And this is why i've come to the conclusion that diet will not help completely in this new age. I've always wondered why wheni keep a perfect diet that things dont seem that diffeent. Sure maybe for perfectly healthy person, but otherwise for people with aut-immune diseases, it wont suffuce.. at lleast for me!. i mean i've had hypoglycemia as well since i was 14 or 15 so i know all about diet.. I'm not knocking what you said, i'm just saying....

    Think about this... 50 years ago sure we didn't have the technology we have today.. but the bird FLU and Aids wasn't killing millions.. I mean, it seems we are so unhealthy that at the cellular level.. we can't even fight off a flu, and if its bad enough even death! New research shows that when the body is functioning optimally, it will not let an invader take over, but invaders can be dorment in our bodies (as you might have heard) I think this is an irreversible prediciment we have gotten ourselves into with such processed food. One of the main points of this study is that the essential building block of our systems on the cellular level, aren't provided for us anymore.. at least in the US.. Just some food for thought.. I also think that when the answers are found, it WILL work for everyone.. not to say this is the answer for everyone... YET... but i think its out there.. and if its the TRUTH and Root core and finding of the prblem.. it will work...all in good time.. but not everyone will listen..

    God bless,

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