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    Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Anne Theresa. Although I most often go by Theresa, Anne or Anne Theresa is fine. It's been a long time since I participated in pro-health forum discussions although I've kept in touch with the pro-health community through email and newsletters. Here's a bit about myself:

    Initially, I was diagnosed with 'muscular arthritis' (35 years ago, after the birth of my 2nd son) and then the diagnoses was updated to fibromyalgia in '98. I've always been a low-energy person but when the fatigue of ME (undiagnosed but unmistakable) hit about 10 years ago, I could not believe the intensity - wow!

    In 2000, the FM symptoms became too severe for me to work so I retired from my career in the mental health field. When I left work my quality of life increased immediately because I no longer had a stressful job to contend with and I had the time to invest in self-care (physiotherapy, meal planning, daily walks, etc.).

    At that time, I had a good pain management specialist and the help with relieving pain provided me with the ability to be active and being active kept me healthy. It was a good cycle. Unfortunately, when the pain management specialist died, there was no-on in town or in the surrounding cities that practiced pain management. Some of the medications I was using (for example therapeutic methadone) could only be written by a licenced pain management specialist and so I had to withdraw from this very effective painkiller.

    My family physician maintained the lesser pain medications that had been prescribed by the specialist and for that I'm grateful but it was with the understanding that it could never be increased.

    Now, 7-8 years later, the pain overwhelms once again and I need to overcome/accept this, as well as the myriad of health issues that have presented in the ensuing years. I know I can best manage this terrible illness with mutual support of others who are effected. For that reason, I'd like to participate in this forum, give and receive support as I'm able and hopefully make some positive changes in my life.

    God bless,

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    Hi AnneTheresa, I remember reading your posts way back when. Welcome back, Dear. Glad you're still kickin'.

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    Welcome back Theresa! Join in whenever you feel up to it. Good to have you around and hopefully we can share a few laughs along the way too!
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    welcome back. I hope you can figure out a new plan that works for you.
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    Welcome back Theresa,

    I think I remember you somewhat. I find myself mostly on the chit chat board but occasionally on the CFS/FM boards when I have particular problem or question. Happy you have come back for some more friendship and support. These people are awesome on these boards!! Yes, there are some oldies here as well as new posters, as Diane said . So, there are lots of friends you can make and or re-make :) !!

    Hope to see you around these PH boards !

    Soft hugz,
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    Hi, Theresa,

    I'm glad you're back but am sorry for all your pain. Can you find another pain specialist nearby? Have you read any of my posts about the amino acid solution injections (also called peptide injections)? Perhaps one or the other might help you. I hope you find relief.

    Love, Mikie