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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lmn, Apr 29, 2003.

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    I wanted to share a comment my rheumy (she's the best!!) made to me during my first visit with her last week. She asked me if I'm working, to which I replied, "yes, but just part time.". Her response was, "Good. Part time is enough.".
    It felt so good to hear someone finally say it's ok not to work full time, and that I shouldn't feel guilty. She went on to say I should do what I can, and work on making myself well. She also told me to live my life, enjoy it, and be happy.
    Her final comment: "I have seen many patients turn FM around with the proper meds/supplements, exercise, and diet. I believe you can turn this thing around.". My gosh, finally, someone who believes in me, and understands fully what those of us with FM deal with.
    Hopefully, this message will inspire you too!
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    Aren't good doctors wonders! I have one too, and the difference they make is profound! Being understood and validated are such a joy. Having someone that agrees with your workload, and does not try to push you beyond is great.
    Glad your visit went so well, and that you have an advocate!
    Best wishes,
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    I truly believe that some physicians are gifts from God. Bedside manner means so much to a patient in pain such as we have. It is SO important to get positive feedback from physician. When my rheaumatologist saw how depressed I was, she asked me to write down at least one positive thing that happened every day to me. On the next visit she inquired about my positive statement writings. I can say she is one of the few that cares for the total well-being of the patient.