New scholarly article: ME/CFS subset - Water Damaged Builing (WDB) illness

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  1. Lono83

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    Exposure to Interior Environments of Water-Damaged Buildings Causes a CFS-like Illness in Pediatric Patients: a Case/Control Study

    Ritchie C. Shoemaker, MD
    Margaret S. Maizel
    Bulletin of the IACFS/ME
    Summer 2009


  2. jasminetee

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    What I got from skimming that was this: "The symptoms of cases included those found in the pediatric CFS case definition. Each of these cases met all elements of the CFS pediatric case definition, yet each was actually a WDB illness case and not a CFS case."

    WDB= Water-Damaged Building

    So those people who say that mold gave them CFS are kind of right in a way but it's not ME.

    This information should help doctors and patients figure out a bit better when it is ME and when it is mold exposure.

    Very interesting,

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  3. Lono83

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    Yes, this is good news on several fronts.

    - It shows that a subset of patients diagnosed with ME/CFS have very specific (and very important) diagnostic test results that are abnormal. Anytime we can get testable, abnormal lab tests for any ME/CFS folks, that's a good thing. Two especially important labs that are abnormal in water-damaged building (WDB) illness are melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP). Both of these tests can be run through LabCorp.

    - It shows that there's a genetic predisposition to WDB illness (another thing that can be further tested and explored).

    - It's a peer-reviewed (scholarly) medical article, but it's available for free on the internet. That means patients won't have to go to a medical research library in order to access it. They can print it out and show their doctor.

    - Note that the article specifically addresses children, but the general description of WDB illness is also applicable to affected adults.

    - My take on it is that it's further evidence that the ME/CFS designation is a "place holder" and lumps many different subgroups of folks in together. Hopefully we can start "peeling" more and more ME/CFS folks away into subgroups identifiable by diagnostic lab results.

    - Even though at the national level in the UK and the US there are very influential folks trying to lump all ME/CFS folks into the "it's all in your head" camp, these kind of articles help to counteract that trend. This article isn't applicable to many, many ME/CFS folks, but it's a good trend. The truth will set you free!
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  4. Forebearance

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    Thank you for that, Lono83.

    I'm glad Dr. S is getting more articles published.

    It puzzles me that the definition of "CFS" is that you can't have anything found to be actually wrong with you. They keep excluding people with known causes of their illness. So who is going to be left with "true CFS"???

    Nobody, I guess.

    According to Erik, the people with CFS in Incline Village, Nevada were exposed to toxic mold. So some people think that CFS really is just biotoxin illness.

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  5. AuntTammie

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    unfortunately it is not accessible unless you are a member and I cannot afford to become one
  6. Forebearance

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    Cfs since 1998, it's all in Erik's brain. He's like a walking encyclopedia of all the toxic mold in the Lake Tahoe area. There is a lot of toxic mold there, and it's the very worst kind. He went to Truckee high school, I believe, and it had a bad toxic mold problem.

    There also seemed to be an infectious element to the CFS there, since it seemed to be contagious. So there has been some speculation that maybe it took exposure to a virus plus exposure to toxic mold to get those cases of CFS started.


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