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    Hi everyone.
    Long time since I"ve been on .just a question does anyone else have a scooter they use for shopping and such? I"ve not had mine long.the first time I used it I did fine, it was in a mall. thought I had found the answer to being able to go places again, but went to a outside craft sale las t Sat, and I"ve been in terrable pain since. in my ribs & tail bone I"m afraid to use it. anyone have any ideas what to do . I haven"t been able to sleep since the pain is so bad when I lie down.
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    I have a scooter and a wheelchair. I find the wchair more comfortable,however the scooter is easier to transport.

    The main thing I have found is a seat cushion is a must!! They make seat and back cushions for them. If your scooter allows it adjust the handles down and towards you. That way you are not reaching your arms out to navigate. seat height make have an effect also.

    Seating upright is one of my most painful postions to be in. Always end up in pain after using scooter,but would probably be worse without. Maybe limit time or stop and stand walk around a little while out.

    I use a muscle pain rub on ribs,as that is along with tailbone(arms) that hurt after. Sorry you are in pain.

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    Good to see you here but sorry for the reason you are posting. I wish I could help but just thought I'd say hello. Saying a little prayer that you feel better.

    Love, Mikie
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    hi again.
    thanks everyone for your imput. 3g,s I think your right about have to sit up, it does make for pain.I get around home o.k. and shopping if I have a cart to hang on to. but my husband and I like to go to horse shows & out door events,and I just can"t walk far without something to support me. I think I"ll try the cushions & adjust the handle bars& maybe the seat.
    I think I did better in the mall because the surface was smooth,
    Mikie,glad to see your still on the board. hope your doing well.
    Jammin.sorry to hear about your back & tail bone pain.I know about the tail bone issue I have an extra vertebra ,that doesn"t allow my tailbone to float as it should. I have the cushion with the cutout for that area and have to use them at all times. It does help me.hope you get some relief soon. Sixtyslady