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    The team at ProHealth is excited to announce that we will be launching a newly designed website in the next two weeks. We are very pleased to offer better organization of content and products, while still maintaining much of what you are used to.

    Please rest assured that all of your passwords, usernames, images and message board posts will remain 100% unchanged.

    Some of the great things to look for will be:

    - A new updated look

    - Central site search for quick access to what you need

    - Improved navigation throughout the site

    - Several refinements across all sections including Community, Web Store and Research

    - A special discount to the ProHealth store to celebrate!

    ProHealth thanks you for your participation and support throughout the years. Enjoy the new site!
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    I remember the last change, and it was very difficult to do searches for old threads. Will we have trouble again?

    Technology changes so fast, it is hard to learn new things, but I'm sure you have patients in mind with any changes, so am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    YAY for the discounts!!!!

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    and really ready to go. The last one was not.
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    Thanks for the responses. It’s great to hear from the people who are out there, and also how important is to them.

    The goal for the new website is to make everything easier to use, more accessible, better looking and faster. We will reach those goals and we feel everyone will be happy with the product that emerges. We are hugely proud of what we have accomplished and very excited to bring the site to you in a couple short weeks.

    The ProHealth Web team has spent a great amount of time assessing the “old” site and identifying areas that need improvement to meet goals that were set. We have spent time integrating as many customer suggestions as possible, while also fixing any issues that have been experienced by our users. All in all, the new site will be a very high quality and tuned-up version of what you see today.

    Specific to the comment about the website’s search function – you will be very happy when you see what we are introducing. Not only will you be able to search the Store, Research and Forums with more accurate results, but you will also find the new interface much easier to use with a clearer presentation.

    Regarding the testing of the new website… We know! Using a new website that has bugs is frustrating, plain and simple. When you see our new website for the first time, you will know that it has passed our quality assessment 100%. Weeks and weeks have been dedicated only to quality assessment and the testing has been performed across all browsers. Aside from the Web Team, ProHealth employees and partners who are experts to certain site sections like Research, Forums, Web Store etc have been asked to use what they know to find even the slightest problem so that it may be addressed. We are confident that this offering will be the best you have seen.

    Keep in mind that no matter how complete the testing is by one group, there will be small issues that slip by when put in front of the masses. Thousands of visitors a day is the true test and can only respond as quickly as possible to anything that is reported. Should you see an issue we ask for your patience- and we absolutely encourage anyone who experiences problems to let us know so that we can resolve them.

    ProHealth is committed to bringing the best online offering to you. After the launch, keep an eye out for the huge amount of features that will be developed and added for our users to enjoy.

    Best regards to all!
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    Great news! You'll see the new ProHealth website on Wednesday 11/30/2011!

    We look forward to having everyone begin to enjoy the new site this week! We are confident that you'll appreciate the big improvements we've made in this version.

    Also, within the next 30-90 days we will be releasing new features and functions to keep the site moving in the direction it should. One item that will be of interest to our Forum users is advanced searching and sorting which will bring you the information quicker and more accurately.

    Also on Wednesday- keep an eye out for a special discount code to be posted! We hope this will make your first shopping experience that much better.
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    The team at ProHealth hopes you enjoy the new website!

    To celebrate we are taking 10% off all $100 vitamin orders. This discount is offered through Friday 12/9/2011.

    When you check out, please use code BNRNEWPH to receive your special pricing.

    Best regards from the ProHealth team.
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