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    We just launched out newly redesigned site! Our new site is The current is still available and will continue to be until we get things ironed out on our new site.

    Our message boards have many new features and a new layout. Profiles are very different. To read about some of the changes we have made please visit our new to the message boards link on the message boards. We are still cleaning up a few things so don't be surprised if you click some where and a link doesn't work. There are some changes to the way the board works. The board is now available to be read by non users so even if someone is not registered they can still find information that is on the board. As of now user profiles are available to non users to view and we will be adding a feature to make them private. You can now add users to your favorites and ignore those who you do not get along with. You can mark posts as favorites to make them easier to find and your favorite posts and your post history can be made public and private. Pictures in profiles do not work yet.

    The site is still being worked on but most of the features are there. If you have any comments about or new design please send an email to