New ssdi laws effective august 6 2006????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by obrnlc, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Hi everyone, i responded to another post with this question, then decided i had better post it as a topic, as i am really stressed out about it and some may not see it at the bottom of a long thread.<P> My big question for all of you--I was on the SSA site and saw a bunch of new rules, effective August 6 2006, and from what i read (hopefully i am WRONG!!!), they do not seem to be in our favor.<P>
    One issue i hope that i misunderstood is the concept of "FINAL DECISION", which i took to mean that if you are denied, that is the end, with no chance of the numerous appeals that most of us seem to go through. PLEASE tell me i have misunderstood this new set of disability laws! AND-- i also wondered if those of us who have been on the "list" for an ALJ hearing prior to 08/06/06 (I have been waiting since Jan. 2005) will be exempt from this new law since we have been held up by their system <P> Please share any info on this that you guys have, i truly hope i have misunderstood what i read. Thanks, and have a great fall day--L
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    anyone know anything about this?

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    I just went to the home page of the Social Security web site and didn't see anything about new laws. I also went to the disability part and couldn't find anything about the new laws. Where exactly on the Social Security site did you read about these new laws?????SueS
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    Karen :)
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    this has been done to streamline the process and help get the backlog under control and to speed up the process for those who qualify.

    Here are the Final Rule Highlights.

    The final rule provides for:

    A quick disability determination process for those who are obviously disabled.

    Favorable decisions would be made in such cases within 20 days after the claim is received by the state disability determination agency.

    A new Medical-Vocational Expert System (MVES) to enhance the expertise needed to make accurate and timely decisions.

    The MVES will be composed of a Medical-Vocational Expert Unit and a national network of medical, psychological and vocational experts who meet qualification standards established by the Commissioner.

    A new position -- the Federal Reviewing Official -- that will review state agency determinations upon the request of the claimant.

    This will eliminate the reconsideration step of the current appeals process.

    Retention of the right to request a de novo hearing and decision from an Administrative Law Judge if the claimant disagrees with the decision of the Federal Reviewing Official.

    Closing the record after the Administrative Law Judge issues a decision, with provision for certain good cause exceptions to this rule.

    A new body -- the Decision Review Board -- to review and correct decisional errors and ensure consistent adjudication at all levels of the disability determination process. The current Appeals Council will be phased out gradually.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about they're just bringing an outdated process up to speed.

    Best of luck,

    Karen :)

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