new study on supplements was in the news today

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    i saw it on tv today. i dont know how to post a link here- but it is easy to find if you google "toxic supplements" then hit the "news" button. the article was in the new york times today(?) and it was called "study finds supplements contain contaminants". i read it - it was interesting. the typical stuff you would expect- -- also talked about the political stuff concerning regulation or changing regulation of supps.

    maybe someone can post the article here?

    the tv news suggested how to protect yourself from toxic/tainted/less active ingredients than labeled -- was to only buy supps made by reputable manufacturers and sold by reputable companies.

    i think that is good advise!

  2. bigmama2

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    appreciate it!
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    for bringing this to my attention. I see mention of ingredients being manufactured in China. This concerns me still.
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    As a newbie to the supplement arena this causes me concern. I had been purchasing some supps at walmart because of cost. With their tendency to offer the cheapest things they can get their hands on i may have to change that. More homework to do.
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    is consumerlab - I used to support it, but I think you can see a lot of their info for free now. Haven't checked in quite a long time tho. They do tests on supplements to make sure they have what they say they have in them, plus test for contaminants.

    The sad thing is there seems to be no one safe mfr to count on for all products... probably because ingredients do come from all over the world.

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    This deserves a bump!!

    We need better regulation, consumer protection, quality control whatever you want to call it to insure that what we are getting does not have any of these ingredients.

    Itis possibly that big pharma might have "their share of drugs in China", however there is a system in place that would hopefully catch things like this.

    Nothing is guaranteed 100 % but I like to go with the favorable odds.