New Study sponsored by CFIDS Association of America

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    I found this on the Dr. Oz website.

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    A new study sponsored by the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of America will attempt to better understand what is happening within the brains and bodies of patients with CFS – what mechanical processes are taking place that lead to elevated lactate levels. In this study – as he did in his earlier work – Dr. Dikoma Shungu will employ a technology known as magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This imaging test reveals the chemical composition of tissues in the body such as the brain. The researchers will observe markers of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and cerebral blood flow.

    This study will also have much narrower parameters than the previous one. Dr. Shungu's earlier study showed levels of lactate that varied considerably among the CFS patients in the study. "We actually had a very big spread – more than half of them had significantly increased lactate, but there were also patients who didn't have increased lactate." This is consistent with CFS, he said, which is a "very, very heterogeneous, multisystem condition." This study will compare patients with similar symptoms and should make it easier for researchers to draw conclusions about the mechanisms that link CFS with elevated levels of lactate.
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    I love how people are starting to catch up with the fact that something has been terribly wrong with their "parameters" of research. FINALLY.

    Thanks TigerLilea
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    Paul Cheney sent some of his patients, including me, to Shungu for this scan in 2002. Cheney thought the research findings were interesting but ultimately decided the scans did not have any diagnostic or treatment implications. Instead, he thought the lactate spikes were the result of (probably non-permanent) brain injury that all CFS patients suffer from (as evident by "white spots" on brain MRIs, brain fog, memory loss, etc.)

    On another subject, why is the CFIDS Association of America funding this research? If another piece of research is published showing that CFS is a "heterogenous" illness, with different lab findings, symptoms, and levels of disability across the patient population, wouldn't it undermine the idea that CFS is a distinct, real disease and that its patients deserve public research funding and fair treatment by disability insurers and the Social Security Administration? (That's why I refuse to donate money to the CFIDS Association of America. I have read too many bad things about it, especially in Hillary Johnson's accounts on her blog.)
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    My guess is that they're trying to find out why the results varied. That doesn't mean one is trying to prove it is heterogeneous. It may show that the level of lactate problems are correlated with the level of oxidative stress or the level of mitochondrial dysfunction - if this was the case, it would probably make the result more interesting (as one could test a person's severity with the test and see whether a particular intervention improved the levels).
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    Keep 'em coming. Another study.

    I like this one. Although I don't think it goes to the cause, as XMRV. But this may add another piece to the puzzle.


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