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    I haven't started many new things since my original protocol, only different forms of the same old thing like different digestive enzymes and such. But I finally broke down and ordered this Coenzyme A and I am just amazed at what it's done for me. I first saw it months ago but it was so expensive, like almost $50 for a bottle of 100, that I was reluctant to try it because of all the expensive stuff in the past that I had tried and had not got the results I wanted.

    I'm not sure if this stuff would be turning me into a morning powerhouse if I wasn't taking all the other stuff I'm deficient in like mito fuels and such, but I've been getting up early every day and even taking morning showers which I haven't done for over 4 years. The bottle says to take 2 per day on an empty stomach and keep them in the fridge. I've been experiencing some nighttime hypoglycemic attacks after being so active during the day. But since I started taking 3 Co A pills per day, about every 5-6 hours or so, I have slept soundly with no need for sugar in the middle of the night. And I've been driving all over town, shopping, walking, talking longer, playing the piano, just pretty much anything within reason I want to do. I'm not trying to overexert myself, I've still got a deep seated fear of crashing even though I haven't come close to it. So I haven't signed up for karate lessons or done anything strenuous, but I've been able to do everything I want during the day and have even committed myself to doing the accounting for the local dog shelter and am auditing a condo association's books. I am going to the local gym today to sign up with a physical trainer who can help me recondition my muscles because I want to make sure I have some expert help.

    I've listed the package info for the product and the ingredients. Out of all the ingredients, I was already taking all of them except for 2: calcium pyruvate and pantethine, a bioactive form of vitamin B5 which means it is "body ready" and does not have to be converted from B5 into a body usable form, it already is that. I'm assuming that these 2 things are responsible for the big boost I'm getting but it was easier for me to just buy this product instead of ordering them separately. Besides, it may also be a factor that these things are taken at the same time. So here it is:

    Production of Cellular Energy, Proper Detoxification, Fatty Acid Metabolism, Reducing Stress and Strengthening the Immune System.
    The benefits of Coenzyme ATM include:
    Reduces the damaging effects of stress and slows the deadly processes of aging.
    Initiates the TCA cycle that produces more than 90% of the energy the body requires to sustain life.
    Initiates the Acetylation blood cleansing and detoxifing process.
    Initiates the chemical reactions required by the human body to utilize Coenzyme Q10, Coenzyme 1 (NADH/Enada) and many of the other nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.
    Initiates the manufacture of the specific substances that facilitate critical functions of the brain and adrenal glands.
    Supports the development and functions of the male and female sex organs that are essential to human existence.
    Acts as the "universal acetate carrier"; it is the primary biological cofactor used in acyl group transfers. It initiates the metabolism of fatty acids, and supports pyruvate oxidation and other acetylation reactions.
    Supports critical functions of the immune system and facilitates the repair of RNA, DNA and physical injury.
    Facilitates the manufacture of connective tissue and the formation and repair of cartilage.
    Enhances physical performance and reduces the build up of lactate.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1
    Servings per container: 90

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

    Calcium 41 mg 12.5%

    Magnesium Malate 100 mg 25%

    Pantothenic Acid (B5) 80 mg 800%

    Proprietary Formula:

    Coenzyme A Modulator Matrix I 1,000 mg *

    Pantethine *

    Calcium Pyruvate *

    L-Cystine *


    Of course, there's no way to tell if this may help all of us but those of us who are heavy into supplementing your deficiencies, like amino acids and other metabolites, and are getting results and are looking to try some more should take a look at this Coenzyme A by Coenzyme A Technologies. It's the best $50 I've spent on a single bottle of supps. Funny how the one I put off turned out to be the best. Oh well, story of our lives, huh? Along with the aminos, mito fuels and methyl donors, I consider this to be one of the most important supps I take.

    best wishes,

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    where do you order that from?

    I've definitely seen similar supps, usually just the coenzyme A part, usually called Pantethine. I take pantothenic acid regularly, and I guess my body has no problem converting it, because its one of my must have supps.

    Yours is a pretty souped up version. It not only has calcium pyruvite, which some swear by on its own, but it has malic acid and 2 amino acids. Amino acids are generally brain food, but cysteine in its many forms is a detoxer and builds glutathione. I get a herx from it, but I always feel stronger and have more energy and allergy resistant when I'm getting some form of cysteine, NAC or its end product, glutathione in my regiment.

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    Hi Karen,

    I bought a bottle of Coenzyme A a very long time ago, but didn't find it did anything.

    However, I wasn't taking the other mito things at the time. (I believe I was using just 30 mg of CoQ 10--not nearly enough since I now use about 300 mg to get an effect. I probably was taking a good bit of magnesium, but I wasn't on NADH (or at least enough of it--I now am successful with 50 mg sublingual) either.

    Same thing with acetyl-l-carnitine. I didn't get a response to that by itself either.

    I'm going to add the acetyl-l-carnitine soon and see if I get an effect. Based on your comments, I will order some more Coenzyme A too.

    My main problem with this whole thing is ribose. I took it for a few weeks and may have had a mild positive effect. (it's hard to tell underneath the Famvir antiviral I'm taking.) But the yeast that I absolutely must keep under control in order to prevent the possibility of becoming totally debilitated started to show signs of proliferating, so I stopped.

    how successful do you think the mito supplements might be without the ribose?

    Also, is there anything else you would suggest adding? I've read your "What worked for me" post several times, but might have missed something that you think is really important.

    (Methyl donors don't seem to be "my thing"---Rich Van K made the guess that I'm not one of the people who benefit from them.)

    I'm so very very happy that you're doing well! You've certainly worked hard on it.

    Best, Lisa

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    hi karen!

    thank you so much for the information. i'm on valcyte right now and my body is pretty run down, i'm not sure i want to add anything that might produce more detox or herx affects. but i definately want to get this when i'm done with valcyte.

  6. Catseye

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    Hi, I got it from vitacost. I had been taking pantothenic acid and a bioactive vitamin B complex pill that had some bioactive forms of the Bs, but not the pantethine. I was taking pretty high doses already of the Bs but since I got my metabolic profile test results, which I'm sorry I've been too busy right now to post about, I've doubled up on all the Bs. It's definitely helping.

    I don't really go on about every little dosage I change all the time because we're all so different, I just really need to tell people about what I'm taking and why and then they can do their own research and decide what will help at what dosage. Otherwise, it'd be easy. Someone, somewhere would know what we need at what dosage and then we'd all know.

    best wishes,

  7. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Hi, you would only need a small amount of ribose, depending on how much your body is already producing. I only take about 3 grams in the morning now. It's definitely an integral part of the mito stuff, but it all depends on if your body is producing enough of it. It's supposed to take days to make a certain quantity in your body.

    Along with the acetyl l carnitine, are you taking any free form aminos? My metabolic profile said I needed more so I'm upping free form aminos to about 20 grams per day instead of around 8-10. I get about 8 grams of aminos from the daily energy enfusion powder and then I take amino day by source naturals which have about 1 gram or so each pill. So I just ordered a bunch more of those. Whenever I start to get tired, I've found I need a Co A, an amino day or a mineral pill. I'm popping aminos and kreb's cycle chelates all day long.

    I take several aminos in large quantities, like TMG, carnitine, methionine, taurine, tyrosine, NAC, theanine, phenylalanine and lysine but I always take them with some free form aminos, too. And then I pop the free form aminos (which is a mix of like 10 or so different aminos) all day long in between. I can tell a few minutes after I've taken them that I needed them. And the B vitamins I'm now popping all day long, too, and I make sure I take them with some fat, even if it's just a fish oil pill. They're better absorbed that way and I can tell. And I take the coq10 along with the Bs and fat because they are better absorbed with fat, too. I have quite a regimen with a specific schedule during the day. It's working great for me. Definitely add some free form aminos, your body will thank you. But take several per day, not just one or two unless you feel good enough. They certainly can't hurt anything other than our wallets!

    And have you tried the MSM? It's a methyl donor but is also supposed to be good for killing yeast. Check it out.

    good luck,

  8. Catseye

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    Hi, I'm taking about 200 mg of panthothenic acid in the vitamin B complex pills right now. I was taking what I thought of as megadoses already of the Bs but since my metabolic test said I had a problem with them, I've doubled them and I'm feeling even better with more energy so I think it can't hurt to try. It may be what you need. Apparently, I am having a problem with carbohydrate and fat metabolism along with B vitamin metabolism so more is necessary in some cases.

    take care,

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    Hi Karen,

    I ordered some Coenzyme A today. Thanks for pointing out that large doses are needed....based on the NADH and CoQ10, I should have guessed. No wonder I didn't get an effect when I used it the first time!

    I also resumed ribose at 3 g per day. I will be adding that to acetyl-l-carnitine (I'm thinking 500-1000 mg per day), 300 mg CoQ10, 50 mg NADH (sublingual) and about 600 mg of magnesium glycinate.

    Any other suggestions for the mito stuff?

    I'll order some free form amino acids soon too. (Do you think the fact that they don't include l-tryptophan and thus aren't "balanced" is a problem though?)

    MSM is another one of those things I tried years and years ago but that didn't seem to make a difference. Based on my negative reactions to SAMe, Rich Van K suggested that perhaps I didn't need methyl donors, but I have no idea if that's right. It's interesting that MSM might be related to yeast killing.....I will look into that. (I've been taking Candidase--anti-yeast enzymes--for a couple of days and have fairly high hopes for it, but we will see if it really works. It would be nice if it could help enough that I wouldn't have to be obsessed with the problem any more.)

    I was reading your "What Worked for Me" post and have a couple of questions.....

    Have you started taking the human growth hormone? I've been using .2 mg (I think that's about 2/3 of an iu) for several weeks now. It's done a bang-up job of allowing me to tolerate the Famvir I'm on (which is giving me as much of a reaction as many people get to Valcyte....I'm going to switch to Valcyte sometime soon). It would be interesting to know your response.

    Do you think the alpha lipoic acid is important? What might I expect from it? I think I actually have some, but have yet to try it.

    I have a strong response to folate supplements (the ones used in the methylation cycle block supplements) and benefit from 5-p-5. I'm not sure whether TMG or l-serine would be good for me though. How might I know?

    What specific effects do you note from the Ambrotose? I've been experimenting with that on occasion and it definitely does something, but it seems to have a different effect for me on different occasions.

    I'm so glad you're doing well!

    Best, Lisa
  10. harmony21

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    Hope you dont think am mentally challenged but is that the same as Coenzyme Q10? Must say have never spotted this particular one in the health food shops, maybe not avaiable in Australia it sounds excellent, isnt funny how we always keep proactive well at least most of the time and yet doctors say its better to accept FM and accept the limitations, yeah maybe but I'll keep looking
    Have a great day!
  11. Catseye

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    Hi Lisa, about the only other things I can suggest about the mito stuff is maybe look up the citric acid or Krebs cycle to see how involved it is and if there are other aspects of it you want to play with. The coq10 should be oil based gel caps because coq10 is better absorbed with some fat. When I take it, I take it with the B vitamins because they, too, are better absorbed with fat. So I usually have them with an egg, some chicken or some nuts. And I always take them throughout the day so I don't get the whole daily dose at once. This is especially important for the Bs because my metabolic profile test (which I've been lazy about getting the posting info together, sorry) said that I would benefit from vitamin B supplementation even though I am already taking megadoses. But I was only doing it twice a day so I've since doubled it and have noticed a marked difference in energy production.

    The acetyl l carnitine is best absorbed on an empty stomach and so is the alpha lipoic acid. The alpha lipoic acid, BTW, is more important than I had first thought. It does have an important hand in the Krebs cycle for energy production in the body and I am recommending 300 mg or more per day for myself. Most of us know it as a powerful antioxidant but it is another substance that is crucial and if we're not making enough, then we're deficient and will have problems.

    As for the aminos, I've never used tryptophan by itself. The Teitelbaum Daily Energy Enfusion powder has 115 mg in it and that's all I'm getting of that. But, I use 5 htp all throughout the day, about 400 mg daily. It is what tryptophan is converted into in the body and I seem to be fine without alot of tryptophan. The other aminos, the amino day blend of several that doesn't inlclude any tryptophan, really make my day. I've just run out and am waiting for my next shipment but I was starting to make sure I get about 20 grams per day of the aminos between the Daily Energy Enfusion powder and the pills. They really make a big difference and I can tell just a few minutes after I've taken them that I needed them. Try to take on an empty stomach, they are better absorbed that way.

    About the methyl donors, could it be that you are still not taking everything you need? I didn't have these dramatic, fantastic results until I took EVERYTHING at once. I have tried almost everything I'm taking at one time or another but never everything at the same time. If you need it, you need it. If you aren't getting enough of what you need, then the stuff you are giving your body may just not be enough to get you "over the wall". If you are deficient in 100 things and you're only taking 50 of them, you will still have problems.

    Like the TMG - there is one way to know if it will help. Get your homocysteine levels checked; it will reduce homocysteine and that's very important to heart health. Or just start taking low doses and increase them until you are taking a few hundred milligrams or more and you don't feel any bad effects from them. TMG is one of those aminos that a healthy body should be able to synthesize by itself. I get 750 mg of TMG from the daily enfusion powder and I also take another 1000 mg throughout the day. And L serine, too, is synthesizable in a healthy body. So I take that, only about 100 mg per day, in addition to what's in the daily powder. Take it and see if you notice anything improve, probably especially with neurotransmitters.

    The L serine is supposed to be good for cognitive function (as a neurotransmitter precursor) and the TMG is also good protection for the liver and helps to keep SAMe around longer; TMG is also a neurotransmitter precursor. I have no more problems reading now. They're both good to take as long as you don't have any bad effects. That's the way I approach most of these things I know we need. I assume my body isn't making them and I'm deficient. Then I take them and see if I improve. And it's worked as long as I take them all.

    What's the effect you get from folates? And I don't know about 5-p-5, what's that?

    I'm glad you reminded me about the HGH. I've been feeling so good lately, I forgot about it! I have to call this guy and get the doc's number. She's going to sell me some and show me how to inject it. You've got to love the Dominican Republic - not much of that beaurocratic hogwash we have up in the US. Talk to the right person and you can get what you want, within reason, of course. The dose you're doing is what I plan on doing. I'm ready to start it right away.

    The MSM doesn't give me any obvious results that I can pinpoint but it's been part of the protocol and everything I've read about is sounds promising, nothing bad, so I'll keep on with it. And Cheney said it melts yeast. I will probably up my dose to 3-4 grams per day instead of the 2 I've been doing, though, as he recommended 6-9 grams built up slowly. The methyl donors seem to be something that you have to find the right dose for. I was taking them for awhile, benefiting from them, but when I doubled the dosage on all of them (except MSM), I really got more energy!

    Since I haven't had much brain fog, I totally forgot about the Ambrotose. I was using it for brain fog and detox symptoms but I don't have those now. I'm going to start up with it again and see if I notice anything. I've also been so clean for awhile, I don't have much detox to do. I may have heavy metal issues, but I'll get to that later when I feel like it.

    Have you considered trying colloidal silver or a zapper rather than the antivirals? I think they would be safer and more comfortable. Probably cheaper, too. And what about raw garlic? Obviously, you do have to be careful with all these things and the resulting detox or herx. I used some raw garlic to get rid of strep throat a few weeks ago; worked like a charm. I just ate a clove a day for 3 days.

    best wishes,

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  12. Catseye

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    Hi harmony, no they are not the same.

    The Coenzyme A pill is a collection of substances. They are precursors to coenzyme A which means your body uses them to make coenzyme A which is needed to convert fats to energy in the body. It does not have any coq10 in it, just some other substances important to alot of different metabolic functions. Coq10 is a different enzyme that you can buy which is necessary for energy production and other things. I take them both.

    good luck!

  13. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    Oh man! Thank you for the reply, did ask the chemist and it seems its not all that readily availble in Aus.
    he hasnt seen it in a supplement, will ask the doc although all she is interested in is me taking an anti oxidant of any kind......its gets too confusing and expensive, each of us is different and reacts differenty to the supplements and how to find the right one is just a nightmare......Think I will also ask the naturopath maybe she know more.
    thanks guys, have a great day
  14. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    First thanks for posting this new info. Really interesting.

    I just wanted to let you know that after I read your posts, I've added Acc. L-Carnitine and Co Q 10 to my diet and my heart feels so much better!

    Almost right away when I take the L-Carnitine I can feel that my chest opens up and the tightness goes away! Co Q 10 makes me calm down and stops the Palps.

    I haven't tried D Ribose because I read some of the stories and wasn't sure if I should mess with that one.

    Do you think aside from these I need to add in anything else? I am also taking the chelated minerals which has Magnesium.

    Another question is can you please post your schedule of how you're taking these supplements? I remember seeing that on a post but don't remember which one it was but I know it was so helpfull to know how to time these since there are so many of them.

    Last, (I promise) is what are free from Amino Acides? Are these the same as Whey Protein?

    Thanks a lot and you are so very helpfull and I am giving you a long distance hug for helping me with the heart issues :)

    God Bless.

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