new symptom pain in elbows

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bewell4, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. bewell4

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    ouch!! so frustrating. feels like the joints and or/tendons hurt. it aggravates it to type; i can feel the muscle that connects to my elbow especially behind/above towards- no, now that i pay attention it hurts up and down from my elbow both ways. i wonder if this is just more fibro fun or if it is from eating this actually arthritis or something else??? and ...please, anyone have some comfort or humor or any distraction/whatever to give?????? i already am just 32 years old and hurt head to toe!!! did i really* need *another pain???! NO! (lol)
    my boyfriend just god me a hands-free phone...aaaahhhh!!! so happy!! but i wonder if it was a little too late. i spent a lot** of time holding the phone and it would hurt my wrists..wonder if i have actually damaged something in my elbows also. okay, must stop typing. plz help! thx all
  2. lighthouselady

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    Sounds like tennis elbow to me. I also suffer from it. The real name is tendinitis. Many ways to treat it, with injections, a brace, rest. If you do a search on it, you'll find many responses.

  3. jvrealty

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    elbow pain is one of the tender points for fm. this is very painful and there is not a lot you can do, but rest it and wear a elbow brace. i have a lot of wrist pain, elbow pain and finger pain... worked in a paperless environment for a number of years and this has destroyed this joints.....

    talk to your doc....

  4. minnyme

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    I have it in both my elbows neck shoulders and knees i have not been diognosed yet had it for 10 years going to rheumatology on july have not worked from jan in constant pain from last april cannot lift any thing with out pain
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    I have a lot of problems with my elbows, specifically the left. At first the doctor thought it was a trigger point, then we figured out it was tendonitis. Every few months I will get injections when I absolutely can't stand it anymore, I use a brace that helps a little, not much though. I try not to use it to much.I know it can be excruciating!

    God Bless