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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Newswoman, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. Newswoman

    Newswoman New Member

    On Sunday, I spent most of the day trying to get my eyes to focus. My vision would turn blurry and then clear up in a matter of seconds. This continued for hours.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm concerned because I read that this could be one of the first signs of MS. I've had blurred vision because of the fibromyalgia before, but never anything like this.
  2. KarenL47520

    KarenL47520 New Member

    It drives me batty but I guess it is just all part of the Fibro process.
  3. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    helps moisten the eyes. this has taken care of the temporary blurring that I get too.
  4. Katlover

    Katlover New Member

    My eyes do the exact same thing. Fine one minute and really blurry the next. I've worn glasses since I was 11. I'm VERY nearsighted, but it does seem to be getting worse. My eyes are red all the time - I look like I've been crying or something! I know it is completely aggravating but just know that you aren't alone!
  5. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    I have CFS, but my best friend has Fibro. I am not sure if she has this same thing, but will ask her. She does have something else that is strange . . . when she takes photographs she thinks she is lining it up properly and it is WAY off to the side of the picture. My husband is an optician and says that her glasses need prism . . . I will ask him if he has heard of the focus/blurry symptom in relation to any other eye problems. He usually knows about these types of things . . . he has patients with all types of health problems that affect the eyes. Terri
  6. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    I called my husband just to check with him . . . of course our illnesses aren't understood very well so it could be related only to fibro, however, he said he has known of two cases where they had a similar problem. He asked me how long does the blurriness last each time?

    Two things:

    1. Do you have any blood sugar problems that you are aware of? He said sometimes in diabetes the blurry then fine thing happens and it related to blood sugar levels going up and down . . . if you may have a problem like this or other symptoms that indicate a blood sugar issue see an endocrinologist right away.

    2. Don't want to scare you because this probably has nothing to do with it, but he had a patient who had a similar problem and she had blood clots and when they were in different positions they caused this.

    This type of thing is usually (except for the diabetes thing) caused by an eye problem or a brain problem. He suggested seeing an Opthamologist (not an Optometrist) first and the possibly a Neurologist to be on the safe side.

    Hope this helps . . . Terri