New symptoms...I think it's more than FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LadyC, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. LadyC

    LadyC New Member

    For about 2 weeks now I have been experiencing somewhat new symptoms. They have gotton so bad that I am seriously worried that something else is going on now.

    I have always had more difficulty with my right side than my left but now it's worse. My right shoulder and arm hurt so much...all the way down to my hand and fingers. That's not new but the way the pain etc. feels is new. There is a pain that comes and goes in the lower right side of my stomach and I can feel and hear my intestines churning. The pain might last as much as a few hours to a couple of days at a time. From time to time I get excrutiating pains in my right thigh. When I get them all I can do is scream. It feels like a sharp knife is being pulled upward towards my pelvic area. When my husband asks what's wrong I can't even answer him at that moment because of the pain. My right leg aches and the arch of my foot burns. My toes hurt sometimes also and sometimes there's numbness at the bottom of my toes. My headaches are more frequent and sometimes more severe. My fatigue is worse also.

    Now I have been struggling with FMS since the early 90's at least, so I have experienced a lot with this illness. Somehow this feels different though.

    Usually whenever I have a new symptom my doc just throws it into the FMS bucket along with everything else. I am afraid he'll just do the same thing this time also. Has anyone else had these symptoms?
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  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, but you know your body best. If you have to, insist that these symptoms don't fit with your fibro symptoms, or find a doctor who is willing to listen to you.

    Lazy doctors, they don't know what to do so they do nothing...kind of makes me angry but I think we've all been there.

    Don't give up on this, your symptoms sound severe.


  3. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    It sounds to me like you may have some pinched nerves that are causing pressure which often causes burning and pain sessions lower (in legs, arms, etc).

    Your doc is annoying if that's all the help he's giving you. Just because you have FMS doesn't mean you can't have other stuff going on! Many other problems are related to FMS, but have structural causes (such as muscular or nerve situations) that need specific treatment to help.

    For example, having trigger point muscle tension and pain can affect nerves that extend through that area and cause pain in those other areas.

    I'd really talk to you doc, even if you think he'll brush it off. Insist how bad it is, track when you are having it, and emphasize how different the pain feels.

    Best of luck and take care! Try not to worry too much, yes it's different and new but that doesn't mean it's something "really bad" or dangerous or unmanageable, it's just new and different.
  4. PatDLT

    PatDLT New Member

    LadyC, I have the same problems you are describing. I hurt all over, but my right is worse than my left. Right side, leg, foot, arm, wrist and hand. I have been probed and prodded, but to no avail. I know there is something wrong with my right arm due to an injury I had pulling heavy tables. Of course they add it to the FM bucket. They are giving me referrals to therapy, but they really are reluctant to really check and see if it is something else. I read where this man broke his leg and the doctors put a cast on him. He would come back and tell him that he was in so much pain, but all they would do is say that it was normal and go home and rest. Well, when it was time to take the cast off, they found that the cast was on to tight and it cut of the circulation, the leg was dead and they had to amputate. The moral of this story is if you feel there is something wrong, demand they check the problem. They complain and tell you not to worry, but they cannot deny you treatment. If the doctor says no, do not hesitate to see another one. Its your body and you know it better than anyone else.

    Hope you find the right doc.
  5. LadyC

    LadyC New Member

    Last night my my back, hip, lower stomach and pelvic area started aching. This morning I scheduled an appointment with my doc for tomorrow. I plan to write everything down and present him with a written list of symptoms and a description of what I have been experiencing. Maybe this will help.

    Thanks to everyone for your support and advice.
  6. Nechama39

    Nechama39 New Member

    These particular symptoms showed up in me two years ago and the first year was just a brief episode that lasted a few weeks. I woke up in the middle of the night, bolted upright and my left arm from the socket all the way down was in such severe pain that I thought I had somehow done something to myself while I was sleeping. My hand also felt dead and numb but so full of pain, there was no position I could put it in to stop it. Last year, and this was in winter, it happened again on a few weeks, feel alot better for a week or so and then back to the severe again. People just think I'm crazy. Including my husband. The pain you describe in your thigh, I have in my left calf muscle. My big toes would get those bad pains on the underside of the fleshy part, couldn't stick my toes under running water because it felt like rapid, sharp, stabbing. I have moderate to severe pain in both feet on the bottom in the heel and that area of (I guess you call it the ball maybe?) Under the big toe. Currently, the leg and feet pains have been ruining me for more than two weeks. These episodes just seem to increase in frequency and severity for me. I suffer through it and there is very little I can do to give myself much relief. A good doctor could help me maybe, along with a proper dx, but now I can't work, afford insurance, or pay out of pocket and even if I could. They would tell me I'm just depressed or that I'm nuts, but in a nice way. I find myself dreaming of RAMBOING the e.r. and refusing to leave until they give me a dx. This winter, I may have no other choice. I can't go through this much longer. Especially not this winter. I can feel it ready to pounce me.
  7. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    Usually a sign of nervous system dysfuction. Perhaps what Nink suggested (RSD). Seek neurologist or rhuemotologist. Get a nerve conduction test performed called SSEP to see if signals are being misfired from brain.

    Good luck!!
  8. lke1165

    lke1165 Member

    I haven't had the screaming leg pain, but have recently had terrible arm pain that keeps me awake. It's obvious it's coming from very taught muscle strands and joint pain. I've increased stress, so that's what chiro is blaming it on. I think I agree, but still concerned that things just keep getting worse.
  9. LadyC

    LadyC New Member

    Well, I went to the doctor today. I have decided this is it. I just can't keep going there.

    The nurse that did my BP and weight seemed to have a very funny secret going on with someone at the front desk. They looked at each other and both seemed amused as I walked in with her. I gave her my written list of symptoms to put with my file for the doc.Then the Physician's Assistant came in to see me. After explaining my symptoms to her she went out and came back in and asked me how my mood had been lately. I was so furious. I just said I'm NOT depressed. I'm in pain. Then she tried to emphasize the fact that I have FMS. As if I don't already realize that. Then she poked me here and there and finally went and got the doctor.

    They could see how upset I was. I couldn't hold back the tears. The end result was that they gave me a medrol injection. I also asked for a B12 which they mixed with it and some lidocain patches that they gave me a prescription. They also gave me a RX for celebrex. This is actually the most time they have spent with me in a very long time. Usually my actual visit with the doctor or PA only lasts about a minute or so.

    I want to know what's causing this not just be medicated for it. Although I did not want to start a new doc search while I'm so far into the SSD process I may not have a choice. I don't want whatever is going on to get worse or be something really bad that could have been resolved.

    I appreciate all the responses and support from everyone. It means a lot to have you all to vent to knowing that you understand.
  10. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I believe that you most likely have something else going on as well as the fibro.

    Some of the symptoms that I had were listed as fibro symptoms, yet turned out to be bulging discs, and inner ear damage. I only found these problems after meeting a lady with similar symptoms, who suggested that I go to her neuro. If it had been left up to my doc I would still be undiagnosed, and getting lectures about diet and exercise.

    In recent years I also found out that I have a mild form of hypermobility. This causes sacroilliac joint disfunction, which explained my lower back pain, and problems with my leg going numb.

    I suggest that you get referred to a neuro for assessment of all your symptoms.

    It may take a good deal of persevereance to get to the bottom of things.

    Good luck
  11. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I agree with sydneysider ... this could be FM related (trigger points causing pressure on nerves and radiating the pain severely) but it could also be something else.

    I'm glad you got some treatment but wish you had gotten more support and understanding at your appt. How are you doing now?

  12. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Please definately go to another doctor, maybe start with an orthopaedic??? or neruo. I started haveing problems with my arms and now my shoulders and it got so bad when I made a move with left arm it was awful. Luckily my doc takes me serious and sent me for an xray and ortho cosult and the xray shows a bone chip on clavicle or something. I have yet to see the ortho doc. I have also seen spine docs, I am going to see a urologist, a cardiologist, she just did more bloodwork on me cause of an awful flare where I feel like I have the flu YOU DESERVE good care and you may have to fight for it. Just persevere and keep track of your symptoms on paper so you can refer to it. I can not remember things otherwise. Both my arms and shoulders hurt when I wake up and I don't even know what I did! I can't lift a jug of milk anywmore without causing pain. That office is not for you. It makes me so sad and mad for you!

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