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    I was diagnosed with FM back in 1991 when it was pretty much a new thing. I was sent to a rumy (sp) and saw him once thats how I was diagnosed. Since then I have been able to work full time and keep it somewhat under control by taking immpremine and percocet. Just in the past few months my thumbs and forefingers on both hands are very sore as well as that side of my arm. My wrists don't want to bend like they did before and I can no longer use my hands to help myself stand. When I stand up I have to just stand there for a minute or so before I can get my legs to work, and if I am walking for a period of time, such as grocery shopping, I literally have to pick my right leg up to get in my car, to avoid the pain. My dr a wonderful man, retired a few months ago and I have seen three other doctors so far. You all know the routine so I won't go there. However this last dr, who I just might keep (HMO-limitations)had Lupus tests done...nothing found but atleast he was looking for something else because he said fibro is mostly in the large areas, the problem with my wrists sounded to him more like lupus than FM. What is causing me to have the new symptoms? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have the same problems--in fact it was freaky to see you writing about how I'm feeling!

    I was diagnosed with Fibro nine years ago. Since then, I have been diagnosed with OA, and Duchaine's (I know that's not spelled right, but it is pain and stiffness in thumb and wrist) as far as pain problems go. Always check with your doctor about new symptoms--but one thing I've found out being here on the board, is that everyone suffers the pain and symptoms of Fibro differently. I feel jealous when I read that someone is feeling so much better, and I feel relieved when I read that what I am suffering is what so many others here are going through.

    Take good care of yourself--hope you are feeling better soon...

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    what is OA? So you mean I am not loosing my mind? there is someone else out there with the same problems. It seems to get worse as the day wears on. By the end of my work day I am stiff all over. Going to the Dr. today, hopefully he won't brush me off like so many drs do.

    Thank you so much for responding to my post. I don't post often, but am always looking.

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    Carpal Tunnel? I looked @ what you do & that you like to crochet/knit...might be worth checking into.
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    I have been tested twice, the last time was about 3 or 4 years ago.
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    No, you are not going crazy! My pain and stiffness get much worse by the end of the day--just like first thing in the morning, it is horrible. My kids usually make my first cup of tea--I can't hold the cup to make it! OA is Osteoarthritis--something we all get as time goes on!

    I wish you less-pain days ahead, and if you get a clue as to what this might be, please give me a holler...

    Gentle Hugs,

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    I'm so sorry that's happening to you too, but I'm glad someone else can relate. I've had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists (r)5 years ago and (l)3 years ago. It was after my left one was done that I developed this strange numbness in my thumb, index and middle fingers. The top of my hand swells from the wrist below my thumb across to the middle finger. The swelling is so distinct you can see the line between the swollen and non-swollen sides of my hand. Those finger are very stiff and sore all the time. The right hand (dominant)is not as swollen as the left but still noticeable. I also have to literally pick my legs up to get into the car. I was diagnosed w/ OA (osteoarthritis)but the rheumy ruled out Lupus or RA, but neither he nor the orthopedic Dr who did the Carpel Tunnel release can explain why my hands are doing this. I know I haven't helped any but to know that someone else has the same problem, sorry!!
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    Went to new dr yesterday, he took me off the immpremine and Trazadone and put me on Ambien. He also has me scheduled for "triger point injections" with a steroid in my wrists elbows and hips. I am thinking this is going to be a very painful thing, but hopefully it will help me. I is the first time in years that a doctor has attempted to do anything other than shove more pills down me and send me home. Keep your fingers crossed for me.