new symtoms after shoulder surgery

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    I had shoulder surgery on 4/26/06 for impingment symdrme.
    I am attending pt. 3 x per week since the surgery.
    About 3 weeks ago, I started having pain and numbness in my elbow down to my hand and fingers.
    My hand is so painful when I wake up, I have to use my left hand to open and close the right hand.
    My pt suggested I see a neuro. I saw her last week , had nerve tests done, diagnosed with carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes..on the right side.
    I also have been having pins and needles and numbness in my left arm and hand, and both legs and feet
    My overpain level has also escalated to almost unbearable.
    Could the surgery have caused all of these new symptoms??
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    just a thought...

    sometimes after surgeries you can get something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. RSD. Now it has another name, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

    If you do a search for the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation of America - they have a pretty good site with all kinds of info.

    It can happen after a surgery, or can strike after a minor injury, which is what happened to me. One of the main things about it is that you have pain way beyond what you should have. Also, the affected areas will be red and or cold or hot. There are many symptoms, just like fibro has many symptoms. But, if you might have it - it is VERY important to get treatment sooner than later.
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    my cfs amd fm started after an emergency appendectomy. I have the exact same pain you are talking about but in my right arm. (along with my shoulder and neck and leg pain) I always wondered what roll the surgery had in my condition. I had one surgery prior to that one (a hysterectomy) and it caused me to have vertigo for 6 months and i finally found someone to fix that, then the appendectomy came.....
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    I had my left shoulder operated on in 97, but that was before my flare from Hades. I don't think that flare has ever quieted down. :(

    The first surgery went extremely well. Now my right shoulder is in the same, if not worse, shape as my left way then. I'm really afraid to go ahead with the surgery b/c everything seems to make me worse. I'd hate to go under the knife again and come out with worse pain that will never go away.

    I'm in the process of discussing this whole matter with my FM/CFS specialist now; also have appointments scheduled with ortho and neurologist. I know I already have bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I went for PT to see if that would resolve anything and possibly negate the need for surgery, but the PT made everything so bad, I couldn't continue. That was the opinion of PT, not me. They told me that my FM aggravated anything they tried to do to help with the rotator cuff/impingement. I'm guessing this is pretty much a no-win deal here.

    Ah! The "joys(?)" of these DDs, eh??

    Love and blessings
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    Thank you all so much for your comments.
    It does help to know that I am not alone with my problems.
    I have been a member of this site since 2002, but haven't posted much.
    I sitting here now. I went to the grocery store earlier.
    Big mistake, I now have numbness and pain in both feet.
    I haven't felt this bad since before I was dx in 2002.
    I thought I was in remission for quite sometime, until I had this surgery.
    I am going for an MRI tomorrow for the lower back, as the neuro wants to rule out any serious lower back problems.
    Thanks again for all your advise.
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    Going for an MRI is a must, it will show up a lot. Has the doc mentioned an EMG for your lower back and legs as well? I wish I had that done before my back surgeries. I'm scheduled for one in July (way too late). I'm betting it will show some nerve damage in my lower back/legs to go along with my neck and arms.

    Like you, I don't come here all that regularly, but I'll look when I do to see how you've fared.

    I have another question. Did you bruise after the shoulder surgery? When I had mine I bruised all the way down to my elbow. It was such a deep purple it almost looked like velvet -- then it turned to the ugly greens and yellows. Yuck! Curious if you bruised, or if I was the "lucky one"?

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    I went to my ortho. Monday. He has released me from all treatment pertaining to my shoulder. Eventhough I still cannot put my rt arm behind me and raise it.
    I informed the ortho about my wrist and hand and arm pain and told him that the neuro. dx. carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel sydromes. He gave me a manual test and confirmed the carpal tunnel; however, wants EMG (neuro. only did nerve conductive studies)of both hands.
    I went back to the neruo. today. She does not agree with the ortho. She stated that performed extensive nerve Conductive studies and EMG is ot necessary(it will only show muscle reaction)
    My mri did confirm degenerative disc disease; worse at L5-S1 levels. NO herniations.
    She did nerve Conductive studies of left leg. It did show some nerve damage. She questioned me about diabetes ( I dont hae it)
    She finally gave me anRX for Elavil and told me to return in 4 weeks. Continue to wear wrist and elbow braces.
    I'm confused betw. the orhto and neuro.
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    but it has nothing to do with the carpal tunnel i have in both hands...i need to bite the bullet and get the surgery...

    no guareentees it will help completely...adn my hand speicalist said he does not go completely by the emgs...he said they are not that effective a dx..

    well thanks for reminding me i should just get it over with...

    i stll have shoulder problems and always my bio...

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