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    I just read an article in the newspaper about RNA Interference technology. It is the hottest technique being used in research to try to find cures for illnesses involving defective genes.

    Seems RNA plays a much more significant role in our bodies than previously thought. RNA is a messenger to our genes, telling them what to do. By using RNA to "turn off" a gene, scientists can determine that gene's role in health. This technique has greatly sped up the time needed to do this.

    RNA Interference may be used to stop the messages to cancerous cells which allow them to divide and grow. There are implications for all kinds of new treatments which do not include toxic chemicals or invasive procedures. I, personally, find this very exciting. I have long believed our illnesses to be genetically predisposed. I am hoping that this technology will reveal the specific gene(s) involved and the methods which can be used to return our bodies to functioning normally.

    I'm going to be doing more reading on this, but I was very anxious to share this info with all y'all. I keep thinking of how many people suffer from chronic illness and how devastating they are to health, relationships, and finances. Dare I dream of the day when Cancer, MS, Lupus, Diabetes, ADHD, Autism, FMS, CFIDS, and a whole slew of other chronic illnesses are gone for good? What once seemed a remote miracle may be closer than we thought. I know this won't happen overnight, but perhaps it will in the next decade or so.

    Love, Mikie
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