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  1. Donna39

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    With all the excitement of being new here I have forgot to mention that my Chiropractor performed a new test that has been approved by the Rheumotology and disibility board that will take the guess work of diagnosing FMS.I got to be the first one he performed it on,and he didn't even charge me.
    Of course we already knew that I had this DD,but now it is documented on paper.Its all computerized and painless.This is going to help so many people when filing for disibility.
    This test tests each trigger point and gives you the percentage of pressure pain threshold.If anyone wants to e-mail me with and talk about this more please feel free.
    I have a dr's appt. right now,but will be back this evening.
    I think this will be a big step for all of us,having documentation,proof of this
    Be back soon,
  2. dolsgirl

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    Can't wait to hear about your appointment! dolsgirl
  3. Iggy_RN

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    can you explain what it is called and I will ask my rheummy to perform it. Thanks, Iggy
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    Is it an EMG to trigger points????
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    I am wondering what kind of instrument they used to measure the percentage of pressure. My doctor used some kind of small round gauge with a tip on it. It looks kind of like a dial air pressure gauge for tires. He would push on the trigger point with the tip and ask when pressure turned to pain. The gauge would registar the percentage or some kind of amount, I'm not sure exactly how he came up with the figures from the gauge.
    Was it something like this?

    Thank you,
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    Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to everyone.But I am still learning how to use the board. I was wondering why I didn't see any responses to this,I just wasn't looking at the board right. Still learning,I hope that noone thought thatt I was being rude.
    The name of the test is MSM7000-Musculo-Skeletal Metrics.
    It does focus on the trigger points. The pain threshold for each trigger point is measured by a gauge which is,it is exactly like the one that someone here was asking about.
    It is a computerized algometer(gauge like),it is put on each of the 18 trigger point areas where pressure is applied and this will measure the pain threshold for each site and document this on paper.Very simple.

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    Hi Donna,
    Glad you found us/this :)
    I mentioned the gauge type thing. But mine was not connected to a computer. it was done by someone pressing with the gauge, reading the gauge, then putting some type of figures on a paper. Then it was totaled up to give a range that said I was in the range of FMS pain or whatever.
    Sounds similiar though. Maybe I have more ammo for the SDD case!
    Thanks for the info,
  8. zggygirl

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    Hi again,
    How did you find out this was an approved test? I might need to know to tell my lawyer.
    Thanks again,
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    Hi Donna,
    Will you let me know how you get on at your doctors apt.
    sharon dawber(uk)