New Test Results CD57 and WB Advise needed

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    Just got our IgeneX test results back and a new CD57 test from LCorp for my Wife. Based on what I can conclude is that Lyme is a YES and co-infections are a NO. All feedback is much appreciated as I really don't understand much of the results after the WB results.

    Here are the results...

    132. This is up from 112 (August 2007).
    IGG WB - According to Igenex = POSITIVE, CDC = NEGATIVE

    30 kDa (+)
    **39 kDa (+)
    **41 kDa (++)
    58 kDa (+)

    All other bands were negative.
    IGM WB - According to Igenex = NEGATIVE, CDC = NEGATIVE

    28 kDa (+)
    **31 kDa (IND)
    **41 kDa (IND)

    All other bands were negative.
    IFA, B Burgdorferi G/M/A - <1:40 Titer = NEGATIVE
    Lyme Multiplex PCR

    Genomic - B burgdorferi = NEGATIVE
    Plasmid - B burgdorferi = NEGATIVE
    B. Microti Antibody G/M

    B. microti, IgM - <1:20 Titer = NEGATIVE
    B. microti, IgG - <1:40 Titer = NEGATIVE
    HME Panel (monocytic)

    Human Monocytic IgM - <1:20 Titer = NEGATIVE
    Human Monocytic IgG - <1:40 Titer = NEGATIVE
    HGE Panel (granulocytic)

    Human Granulocytic IgM - <1:20 Titer = NEGATIVE
    Human Granulocytic IgG - <1:40 Titer = NEGATIVE
    B. Henselae Antibody G/M

    B. henselae IgM - <1.20 Titer = NEGATIVE
    B. henselae IgG - <1.40 Titer = NEGATIVE
    Babesia Fish (RNA) = NEGATIVE
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    But as for co-infections, the testing reliability is abysmal... and it is extremely likely you have one or more co-infections.

    The CDC of course, according to their own web page, require all 5 bands for tracking/surveillance purposes, not determining a diagnosis.

    However, my son did come up with all 5 bands they require, altho nothing else was. I can say tho, that treating for bartonella and babesia showed that he definitely had them.

    This is where a good LLMD is necessary, to tease out what the probabilities are as you go thru treatment. I really hope you have one or will find one... it is tricky to treat!

    all the best,

    PS: Y'all are now part of our Die Lyme Die! unofficial club...

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    And please find an LLMD to treat you if you haven't already!

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    As weird as it may sound...I'm actually glad we are a part of it.

    Not knowing what has been going on and going to Dr. after Dr. is very frustrating.
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    Thanks for the feedback. We have a follow-up Dr. appt. on Tuesday. I live in the North Georgia area.
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    Athens... but my son sees a LLMD in SC... no one knew anything about it here, I had to take him out of state to get it considered in 2005; all the referrals from people at flash lyme net told me to just see him, skip'll see a thread here about him.

    He's 'known' because of the persecution by the powers that be, but has really helped many people from all over the world... of course he's not successful for everyone, but sadly there's no magic bullet treatment.


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