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  1. stacyh

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    Hi everyone, I am new! I just want to vent a little...
    One thing that frustrates me so much is when I am in pain and people at work ask about it. It sounds weird, they are trying to be nice, but it is so frustrating to tell them that I am in a lot of pain, because then they want to know why. It is never a simple answer. I had to keep score at my boyfriends baseball game last night, so my lower back is hurting pretty bad today. (On top of the usual) How do you tell them you hurt yourself from the bench? Or that you woke up and are just in pain. Most days I can fake it through, I think they see me as a rude snob or something anyway. I feel so cranky all the time. I just started taking guaifenesin a little over a week ago, so I don't know if that is whats going on this week. I have been feeling worse, but I go through phases anyway. I just want to vent to some people who understand. I have been reading what some of you have been writing and it is so good to feel like I am not the only one. Its nice to be able to talk about the same thing and not feel like I am complaining AGAIN! Some of my friends are so shocked when i tell them everything I go through on a daily basis, but I don't want to bring up every ache and pain everyday. Who would listen after a while, I know i don't like to hear myself talk about it all the time.
    Thanks for reading this, if you made it this far =) I just need to vent, or I might scream. I feel better already.
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    I'm fairly new as well, and want to make sure that you know that you are welcomed to "vent" however much you wish to. I have benefited greatly over the past few months just reading posts! One of the hardest things to handle is our illness and the symptoms as they relate to social situations.

    You are also "invited" to go to the "chit chat" message board. A lot of support there as well. The one we are on right here is basically the "medical" or "therapy" board for FMS and CFS. The other "chit chat" board is more general. I go to both as well as to the "worship" board. Check them out.

    On this board, there are some physicians and others who may be able to answer questions that you have related to the medicine that you are on. Are you taking anything for pain? From your post, it appears that you are having quite a bit of pain.

    Take care, and post again soon.

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    I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I am in one of my flare-ups, I know people get so sick of me complaining. I would probably get sick of hearing it too if the shoe were on the other foot. But this is a great place to vent or ask matter how silly they seem. I have always ran into the problem of people telling me, "Well you look good...or you don't look sick." It literally makes me want to scream!! We understand because we have all been there or are there now. Keep your chin up!

  4. suz41

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    Welcome Satcey:

    If you need to vent, this is certainly the place to do it. I'm new too however, have spent alot of time reading postings which have already helped me in addtion to the research I did on my own while in the process of be diagnosed. I have found that out in the real world I have become rather selective about who I talk to about my situation, mostly because many people are clueless and I have encountered strange looks as if It was contagious or something. Besides that I'm a mental health therapist so I suppose the people I work with in a local school district expect me to CURE myself. You will find some awesome people and postings here which will help you and frankly you just don't feel so alone with all this pain. Again welcome aboard. LOL Suzanne
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    this is the place to do it,because believe me,no one on the outside of this message board,don`t have a clue to what you`re feeling,and are all the time telling me,you sure don`t look sick, you look good, and i told 1 girl when she said that to me on one of my baaaddddddddd days,i said,i might look good(as yousay)but i feel like s---,and i hardly ever say bad words,i really try, but she acted as if i was lying to her. you sound like you are in pain.are you on any thing for pain? if not,then get your doc. to get you something quick,you can`t try to be all brave and not take anything,not with this disease,and i don`t understand how you work?,and there are others on here that work also,a few others. i am 100% fully disabled,it took 1 year to get it. i have been receiving disability benefits for going on 4 months now,plus i got all my backtime pay. the only way to get it, is put in and try. if you know in your heart you really shouldn`t be working,and trust me,if you feel as bad as i do every morning,i would rather die than even think of having to lift my aching hands,and work all day. i`m not saying i`m worse off than you,i belive you are in a lot of pain,but first get something for pain,then see how you feel. i really feel for you, i really do. email me at if you`d like to just talk or vent or ask a question,i`d be more than glad to help.(small hugs) nje
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    Stacy, maybe you could get some of the FMS/CFS patient guides (click on the very first message to fill out the form) and pass them around at work.

    Or if they ask, you could just say that you're "the same". And if they ask why you're in pain, just say from the fibro. I have CFS, not FMS, but I go through the same thing. If people ask me how I am and I say I'm tired, they ask why. Heck, there often IS no reason aside from the DD. I think I usually only answer "okay" now (unless it's a friend or relative who really *does* want to know how I am).
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    I've found that it does little good to complain. Healthy people don't get it, and they will only think that "it's all in your mind". Since I've been diagnosed for over 20 years I speak from experience.
    I am a strong advocate of standing up for yourself. Do not undertake jobs that you physically can't do. I have had strange looks when I tell people I can't move chairs, etc., but I don't care. My real friends understand I have a condition that limits me, and the others' opinions don't matter.
    I once read that the pain of FM is greater than the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Because RA causes deformity, and FM doesn't, people with RA get more sympathy. It's just the way things are. At least the mainstream press is beginning to understand our disease.
    Be strong and realize that there are a lot of us out here. We are all behind you.
  8. stacyh

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    The unconditional support found here is incredible. I don't take anything for my pain most of the time. Ibuprofen doesn't help and anything stronger from the doctor and I wouldn't be able to function at work. It is hard every morning to go in, but I know that I have not reached the point where I just can't work anymore. I know there are others worse than me. It is only in the last couple of years where it has gotten to be a daily problem. I have however taken a "sick" day once in a while, and have been scheduling time off for sanity sake. I have also started taking guaifenesin, hoping this will help and maybe I won't get any worse. I have notice some others on here are taking it. My mom and little sister are also taking it. My sister seems to be responding rather well to it. She is only 13, so there is not that many years to deal with.
    Thanks again...back soon =)