New Title-Can HypERthyroidism become HyPO?

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    Sorry, but I've changed the title in the hopes that I can get a concrete answer to this. Thanks.

    I looked up the pure ISG that Oncearose is taking. It gives a caution for people who are at risk for hyperthyroidism.

    If we have hypOthyroidism, are we ever at risk for hypERthroidism? My mom originally had hypER many years ago, and now she has hypO. I was wondering if the opposite can ever happen.

    Can anybody help with this? (I can't believe I am considering taking something made from the velvet antlers of male deer! My son the Forestry major at college will think I have gone over the brink! LOL)


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    I cannot help you with this but wanted to give you a bump so someone maybe able to help you.

    LOL about your remedy.

    I am taking ox bile for digestion problems so guess that is worse if you think about it. UGH. LOL.
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    about this however I am interested in learning more.

    It's amazing what this illness will cause us to consider using :)
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    Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) almost always turns into Hypothryoidism eventually,and the treatment for it may be partly responsible for this.
    I do not know if it would work the other way, but I doubt it.
    Keep bumping this until Madowolf sees it, as he will probably know.
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    I'll see if Madwolf picks up this thread tomorrow.

    Marian -- I tried to send back a message to your Webtv, but it bounced back to me. So sorry. Do you think I should try again?

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