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    Hi Kat, thanks for reply, Yes its sad when your babies are on drugs, are in pain and you cant do anything it really hurts. My first husban dand I seperated after 17 years of marriage, my initiative and 5 months later he died of a heart attack of which I got blamed for re leaving him by both sides of the family except my mum, all of my husbands arteries were blocked and even his cerebral arteries were blocked so a time bomb ready to go off.....My sons were 13,11 and 9 going on to the next year in the next month. My eldest son has always had issues, I had him to counselling etc to no avail. I believe he still hasnt grieved, he is now 30, 28 and 24
    unfortunately my mum passed exactly a year later, 6 months in hospital and nursing home, a very difficult time as I was on my own with no family support. I was working 3 jobs, looking after 3 kids and visiting my mum as much as I could. So there was definately no stabilty for them at this very crucial time except for the fact I was still there for them. I can undestand their pain and inappropriate behaviour and therefore stick by them always but it hurts heaps when they keep repeating the same mistakes and you cant do anything cause you siad they have to learn for themselves. I must admit since being diagnosed with FM I have been much calmer and much more ready for them to do what they have to and stepped back heaps, as I am too tired to do anything else, i guess its a bonus of fatigue!
    now something else........................
    I dont know whether you saw posting on Keppra, a lady posted it to you, I told her I would make you aware of it.

    Hope you doing ok with keppra and am glad you didnt have any seizures today, you hang in there girl.....
    do you have grand mal seizures? dont know what chronic seizures are, did you only just start with them or has there always been something there? I was diagnosed at 7

    I think its amazing how little and how much medicine can and cannot do,

    I cant remember anything Kat so if Iam repeating my self i apologise

    its lovely chatting to you and I look forward to getting on the computer to look at my posts and replies

    lots of hugs to you and your family, enjoy them darling cause they are grown in a split second.....

    luv and light
    ps cant type anymore am getting disorientated, maybe not a good day hey?????

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    for you kat
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    Thank you for sharing some of your life with me...I became teary eyed and filled with admiration for your bravery. Being a single mom is the hardest job in the world as it is, without dealing with the devastating loss of your own mom simultaneously. Your ex-husband's death obviously had nothing to do with you, and it saddens me that people would place blame on you. I think their cruelty probably had to do with their own selfish needs-sometimes people need to point the finger at someone to justify a tragedy.

    The pressure of working three jobs, while raising three boys alone must have been overwhelming, to say the very least...I hope your boys never understand that kind of hardship. If they had an inkling of how challenging that kind of situation is, then they would understand how much their mom loves them and did the best she could. I think they will come to some realizations when they have their own children and realize how demanding being a parent is.

    No matter how hard we strive to be the best parent, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Like I said before, we do the best we can to make sure our babies are ready to leave the nest and then all we can do is pray when they fly free. You need to be more of a friend than a mom now and it is time to put yourself first. I will keep your babies (one of which is my age!), in my prayers.

    There is no good age to lose a parent, but your boys were at terrible ages to lose their dad. That saddens me. I'm sure you have dealt with so many challenges in their behaviors because of this. I hope they find their way and healing finds their hearts.

    I took a peek at your picture! You are so beautiful and your husband so handsome! What a fantastic looking couple!!!!

    To answer your seizures started when I was a teenager. It is sort of embarrassing that I didn't have them addressed until now, but the simplest explanation I can give you is that I didn't know what they were! They are petit mals. I get an "aura" when they begin, which feels like an intense, overwhelming fear that something terrible is going to happen to me. I feel it in the pit of my stomach, like an instinct. Then, I enter a state that feels like being between awake and dreaming. I become disoriented and confused, but I don't lose consciousness. It is during this state that I experience a strange, deja vu like phenomenon, accompanied by intense fear. It is very difficult to describe, but it is almost as though my brain is fast forwarding an event through my head that has not yet happened, but I've been there before. This event flashes through my head so quickly, that it is gone too soon for me to recall it. At times, I've tried to write down what it is, but when I go back to read it after the seizure, my handwriting is an illegible scrawl. After the deja vu episode subsides, I begin sweating and it feels as though someone has stuffed my head with cotton. I feel overwhelming exhaustion and I'm disoriented. The exhaustion usually lasts for several hours unless I cave to the desperate need to go to sleep. These seizures are very frightening and the exhaustion is dehabilitating.

    The first time I ever had one was in the bathroom in my mother's house. After it occurred, I ran out and cried to my mom about what had happened. She told me that I was having "premonitions". She did not take me to a doctor, so I dismissed the idea that anything physically was wrong. I believed my mother. Obviously, I didn't tell very many people about what was happening to me (only my mother, my husband and my best girlfriend), for fear they'd believe me to be insane!

    A few months ago, I had the worst one I'd ever experienced. It was my husband, Van, who finally figured out what was wrong. He said I looked like I was having a seizure. I just kind of stared into space like I wasn't there. It suddenly all made sense, and I could have kicked myself for not having seen these for what they were a long time ago! At least I'm having them addressed now, so that is a positive thing.

    I really hope the Keppra does the trick.

    Have you ever had a grand mal? I've read that the little ones can lead to bigger ones and that scares me.

    I was a single mom, too. I married Van when my son was four years old. I left my son's "sperm donor" when my son was a few weeks old (or kicked him out, technically). My son's "sperm donor" went away for good when my son was a year and didn't bother paying any child support/or contacting my son at all. Van adopted my son last year, after over four years of court hell.

    Interestingly, after a year of trying to add to our family, Van and I found out that we had less than a 1% of conceiving children together, so you know God worked things for a reason. It was kind of convenient that I became pregnant with my son, his "sperm donor" went away, the man who was meant to be his dad came into our lives and then we found out we couldn't have kids together. ;)

    Van and I have a daughter, who was conceived with the help of in-vitro (she had a twin, who unfortunately did not make it). I have an amazing immediate family. I'm so blessed to have a healthy little boy and girl and a wonderful husband. They are all proof that everything has a way of falling into the place it should. :)

    I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams to you!

    How are you feeling, epilepsy aside? How do you hold up with your fibro?

    Lots of love and hugs,

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    for sharing in return, yes life is challenging isnt? but good things do fall in place, You too are brave and strong, I think we all are, we all have amazing stories to tell. I am sad you lost the other twin I cant begin to understand that feeling of loss of a child but lucky you have both a boy and girl who are both healthy and beautiful not to mention your wonderful husband, what a man to adopt your little man, he is certianly very special.
    You know I too was meant to be with Jim, I had left my husband and in the five months I was on my own with my youngest child only and the other two visiting every fortnight I learned to become independant and it was almost a premonition of how life was going to be. Becasue of my epilepsy my mum and dad always treated me like I was supposed warpped in cotton ball, I was very dependant on them, very European. I think I have been with Jim in a previous life, I dont see his disability most of the time I see him as any other man in this world, because he is on wheels donst change the fact he is a man......
    How interesting your mum said you were having premonitions, my parents used to say I was day dreaming and I didnt know till i was 30 that it was epilepsy, very hard to take, I have always worked with special needs kids in schools and thought because of the stigma i wouldnt be able to do that, i kept it secret too, now I tell everyone I just love the look of horror on their faces!!!! The same they think Iam Jims mum and their moths drop to to ground when i tell them :" well actually he is my husband"
    assumption is a dangerous thing!!!!! they assume Jim cant do anything well let me tell you!!!!!

    ok sweetie have to go will continue this tomorrow, am so tired today........

    love n hugs and an seizure free days to you

    ps yours sound similar to mine except mine are more and yours sound harsher and you get warnings, wish I did, maybe, oh well its all the same in the end the old brain is short circuiting hey!!!!!

    write ya tomorrow love to you all........
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    Heyyyy Connie!

    How're you feeling today?

    Boy did I get mad at the assumptions you told me people make about you and Jim! Grrrrrrr. I just wanted to smack someone! Hee hee! You definitely don't look like Jim's mother!!! That is just stupid for people to say! And, if these ignorant people had the brain capacity to look past the wheelchair, they'd see how wonderfully handsome your man is! You make an amazing looking couple! I agree, just because Jim is in a wheelchair, doesn't mean that he is less of a man. Ignorant people will underestimate what he can do, but their opinions aren't important anyway!

    Where did you and Jim meet? It is amazing what you can get through, when you have your soulmate by your side, isn't it? I think half the battle with any illness is having support/love and a positive attitude. My best medicine is laughter. I have a big, Irish sense of humor, which sometimes gets me into trouble! I used to rely a lot on my faith to get me through things, but I have been struggling with my beliefs lately, unfortunately. It has been more of loss of faith in the church/man, than in God. This has been especially difficult, since my father is a priest (I jokingly call him, "Father Dad").

    Now that you're retired, what do you do for fun when the sleepiness/pain doesn't consume you? Do your boys come visit you often? Are they supportive of your fibro and epilepsy?

    The Keppra is still making me drowsy, and yet I'm having difficulties sleeping at night. I think it is because my muscles in my back spasm at night and the pain keeps me up. I was on 10mg of amitriptyline before bed to help me sleep, but I had to stop taking it because the Keppra was making me so drowsy. The amitriptyline leaves you a bit drowsy during the day, so I couldn't function with the combination! My neck is also bothering me from the car accident again, which isn't helping. Oh well...I'm in good spirits and it could certainly be worse. Still no seizures and you know what a relief that is!

    Off to bed! Sweet dreams!

    Lots of love and hugs,

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    Hey sweeti, havent been here for a while, well couple of days I suppose, am really exhausted the cold seems to be playing havoc with me, will extend this tomorrow am just too tired and just want you to know that Iam still around.... Glad no seizures for you and zKeppra prob the answer for you, me not too bad either only had couple today and thats cool have to remember that stress, tiredness, lack of sleep etc also causes these for me..



    ps do you have abeaytiful irish lilt to your voice?????
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    Awwww, (((HUGS))). Hope you're getting lots of sleep today and are keeping warm!

    The Irish in my family goes back two generations. My great-grandmother, Nanny, had the accent...actually there are some words we still "mispronounce" in our family because of her! :) I say that I have an Irish sense of humor because I inherited my great-grandmother's crazy sense of humor. She used to like jumping out of hampers to scare people and giggled at things like people tripping (obviously when they were not injured).

    Most of my family does have a distinct, New Jersey/New York accent (ever watch the Sopranos? Hee hee!). I managed to escape most of it, since my father was from Michigan and was adamant that I not speak like my mother. He made it a point to correct my speech as I was growing up. It makes me smile when I talk to my mom and hear her talking about her "dawgs" (not, "dogs"). People are often surprised to hear that I grew up 40 minutes outside of New York City, since I have no accent.

    I'm sorry the weather is getting to you. It is surprisingly chilly here, too! I'm welcoming it though, since I don't do well in the heat. Gives me an excuse to wear my comfy yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Since that stupid car accident in January, I just hate wearing jeans-the material hurts my body for some reason! It is like my skin is oversensitive and I can't take any additional irritants on top of the pain. If I had a choice, I'd spend the rest of my life in my pajamas!

    Lots of love and hugs,



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    Ounds familiar, I havnt worn jeans for years and years, too fat for that!!!! Wear stretchy things that are not too hard on the skin and oput my PJ's on as soon as I get home and if I dont go anywhere I leave them on all day sometimes changing into fresh ones before Jim gets home.
    Cant remember where iam supposed to continue from so i apologise for that, your post seems bright today does that mean you are having a good day????
    I had appointment for lunch today wih some of the girls I worked with, they have 45 minutes not enough to ssay much and was having a bad day to start off with anyway
    Had a bad night and so went back to bed to watch Big Brother, fell asleep and woke up 1215pm, had 60minutes to shower and get ready, consequently I was seizing but stopped after settling down and had a Baileys latte, yum to seetle my nerves, forgot my tabs though so was very sore and stiff when i got home. Am zoning with painkillers so feeling ok....What do you think about all the different theories are your doctors and specialists in agreeance with some of them?????
    I think the acid/alkaline thing might be valid as well as the Vit D but think that deficiencey is not the problem and therfore not the cure, maybe
    it seems we all try one protocol or the other and it works for some but not for all......
    Today I gof vitamin D and calcium combined as I have low Vit D, am taking Olive Leaf Extract and going to the health shop tomorrow to find out about getting a kit to test my acidity/alkaline
    Hope your kidlets are doing well and you are doing ok too and not seizing

    love n hugs
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    Bailey's Latte...yummy! I could use one of those right now!!! I've actually never had one, but it sounds so good!!!

    Interesting to think about the acidity/alkaline test... I have heard of people going for these special foot baths (don't know what they are called), which pull all the toxins/metals out of your body. I have thought about looking into it. Surely, all the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to cannot be good for our bodies. It certainly can't hurt to get the kit. I bought some GNC vitamins last night, since you're supposed to take calcium and Vitamin D when you take an anticonvulsant. Is it possible that your Vitamin D is so low because of you've been on epilepsy meds for so long???

    I bought some epsom salts last night, since they are supposed to help pull toxins out of your body, soothe your muscles and help eczema (which I suffer from severely on my hands). Believe it or not, I've never tried soaking in epsom salts!

    My docs have never given me a specific reason why I have fibro. Have they for you? I've had it for a long time though, and it went undiagnosed until last year. It runs in my family (my mom has it and we're pretty sure my grandmother did). All my pain started in 1995, when I took a nasty spill on an icy sidewalk (I'd had a few too many drinks with some girlfriends and we were giggling, having a good old time). I flew up in the air and landed directly on my tailbone. I have SI Joint Dysfunction from the fall and sometimes the sciatic pain is unbearable, especially when it rains. My hip is hypermobile from this, so if I try to lift my right leg in the air, the whole right side of my body shakes. It is kind of comical.

    I think half the battle of fibro is maintaining a positive attitude. It is so easy to become depressed from the pain-I've watched that happen to my mom. I REFUSE to let it bring me down. I could have a worse illness, so I focus on the positive things in my life, even when my pain is at its worst.

    It doesn't sound like the Lyrica is controlling your seizures very well. I'm sorry you were seizing today. Have you thought about calling the neuro? There must be something he can give you... You shouldn't have to suffer with these seizures, when there are so many medication options...

    Love and hugs,
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    yes I dont think I will be on Lyrica for much longer I

    think its also making my feet swell.... like an old lady!

    Man, no I didnt know there was a link between vitamin D

    and epilepsy, is there a difference between D and D3?

    I have asked today and they tell me NO but am not feeling

    comfortable about it, I bought some D3 so will start that

    today!!!!! i have no idea why I have fibro, I think the

    long years of stress, my personality soft and sensitive,

    bad nutrition and trying to fix EVERYONE would prob do it.

    I think my whole system upside down, excess weight not


    Do you have times where you look at a word and cant for

    the life of you remember how to spell it.???...

    Gee I need your reply next to me cause I cant remember

    what you said for me to reply to!!!! you have to laugh

    otherwise you will cry!

    At least my mind not as foggy as it was but still very

    disorientated, muddled etc

    Am tired my darling will email again tomorrow, it will be

    Saturday here.....

    ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) I LIKE DOING THIS!!!!


    your family that is


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    Hey Connie lady!

    I think the vitamin d deficiency in people with epilepsy is supposed to be because of the anticonvulsants they take. I'm assuming that you've been on your share of these, so probably need more vitamin D and calcium (which we as women can always use!). Certainly can't hurt to try. I don't know if there is a difference between D and D3.

    Having a hard time with my little ones lately. My son, who is eight, nearly gave me a heart attack the other day when I went to pick him up from school and he was missing! After driving around like a crazy woman and visiting the main office at the school, something told me to check home (he is not allowed to walk home alone). I was relieved and furious to discover that he had caught a ride home with a friend, without asking me. I had no idea where he was! And, I was upset for the friend's mother for not calling me on my cellphone to ask me if she could take my son home (I have only met the woman once, so she had no business putting my baby in the car with her!). My son knows better than to get in the car with someone he doesn't know without my permission. I was obviously terribly upset about the whole incident and my two year old was not helping matters, being quite the beast (although a very cute one).

    I don't need to tell you how challenging being a mother can be! You certainly have your share of challenges!

    I've just been very stressed lately with my babies in general, as they are both at challenging ages. I love them more than life, but I need a bit of a break from them, as I'm feeling frazzled! Yesterday, I was so tired from the pain, the stress and the Keppra, that I put my two year old down for a nap (she refuses to take naps usually) and took a nap myself!

    I was going to try the epsom salt bath again, but like you, am just too tired to bother! I didn't have the water up too high when I initially tried and my blood pressure is generally low (110/65), so I don't know why I felt so awful afterwards! I think maybe my body was just too tired to deal with a bath! hee hee!

    I too, sometimes, have to keep flipping back to take a peek at your reply to see what we were talking about, so it isn't you! ;) I don't have issues with spelling in is math that is my challenge, but then, I hate it so much, that may be due to laziness! :)

    Off to eat something sweet and bad for me...

    How are you feeling?

    Lots of love and hugs,

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    so sorry to hear you are having stressfull time with your babies.....

    know how you feel with little one going home with some one else, had that happen to but not quite like that

    I had the police involved and all very stressfull it will be a wonder you dont have a 'flare" from that!!!!!

    I would be furious too with the lady, for not ringing you first......and your little one prob playing up cause you stressed out.......

    is there a friend, relative who could take the little one for the day???? Or maybe creche????

    maybe taking a nap together and making it our time with little one might work two ways Kat........

    I am confused as usual, disorientated at times BUT no seizures to speak of......knock on wood...

    no seizures but legs and feet in particular swelling think becasue of the Lyrica will find out on Frid going to the docs

    Do you find your symptoms worse in winter then summer or visa versa?

    Mine a horrid at the minute and have been in the land of under the doona not moving or doing for the last 3 days with pain and fatgue.....

    am going out today regardless and having lunch with a friend and doing sum grocery shopping the fridge is BARE..

    I hope all is well with you as you go into your summer and that your symptoms somewhat ease, strange that weather affects it hey?????

    its a very mysterious thing, FM/CFS

    ok darl am getting tired from this first session hope to hear from you soon

    love n angel hugs to you and your family


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    Hey Connie Lady!

    You would have had such a good giggle at me, had you seen me initially trying to figure out what a "doona" is! We call them duvets or comforters here in the states! :) I like "doona"! I'm going to refer to my comforter as a doona from now on!!! :)

    It is funny how the English language has different slangs. I had a friend from the UK once who referred to her cigarettes as "fags". She made a comment that she was "out of fags" one day and had me quite confused/appalled, since that is a horribly rude slang term for a homosexual man here in the US. Hee! Hee!

    How are you feeling? How are your feet?

    No seizures for me! I think the Keppra is working! :) I'm very happy about it, although still a bit sleepy. Maybe this neuro has a cure for my fibro, too? :) Wishful thinking, I know, but it is nice to be seizure free!

    I find that I do better in general during the autumn/winter, since I have no heat tolerance and have low blood pressure. My hubby gets so mad, because I have the thermostat set on artic during the warmer weather. When I lived in NJ, it was worse because it is so terribly humid there. At least the air here isn't so heavy.

    I don't know what I did to myself, but I have felt lately like there is a piece of glass, lodged behind my right shoulder blade! I can handle my normal pain, but this has had me near tears! It is a sharp someone is carving into my back with a razor blade.

    I bought a bunch of fresh cherries, since they are supposed to have pain relieving properties, but they only seem to give me gas! :p I'm going to take some tramadol before bed to take the edge off and maybe I will actually sleep!

    I don't have a babysitter for the kids out here, to answer your question. We have lived out here for nearly two years, but I have yet to find someone I feel comfortable with. The last time I tried leaving my children with a babysitter, my daughter ate a candle. All of my long term, trustable friends and family live on the east coast. I miss them all terribly. It was really hard to move all the way out to Colorado and leave everyone I love so much. My mom and I don't have the best relationship, but I miss her, too. Before we left, she and I would have coffee together all the time..

    Thankfully, my parents are taking the children on a trip for 10 days in July, so my hubby and I are going to make the short trip to Las Vegas, for a little vacation. I don't think we've ever been alone for more than 3 days, so it will be nice. I'm going to sleep next to the pool all day...I just hope my back holds up. It is the flight I dread. All the trigger points in my back hurt terribly when I sit for too long....

    The air was actually dusty here today. I have never seen anything like it! The wind was whipping the dust off the Rockies! The sky was actually beige in color! I couldn't take the kids outside, for fear that it would aggravate my son's asthma (and possibly mine, but I was more concerned about my son!). It is so much easier when I can get them outside to let them run off all their energy!

    Well, I'm off to bed! I love our thread! It helps keep me going!!! When you get a chance, let me know how you're holding up. How is the weather there?

    Lots of love and hugs,

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    Yeah i love our threads too as like you it keeps me going, this whole board does in fact. Have had a difficult 6 weeks lots of pain and other things, like swollen feet, blood pressure, seizures etc.....
    doc has taken me off half the amount of lexapro as iam gaing too much weight and taken me off the BP meds or one of them cause of swollen feet, havent had swollen feet since so think its the culprit hey???

    Am glad your seizures seeimgly under control ( finges crossed) and that the Keppra working, you dont need foggy heads with kids to look after.

    The weather is getting colder here and I like it that way but i think maybe the body isnt as I have been very sore lately, especially my elbows, upper arms , top of shoulders/back, shins and feet....( I think thats all) lol

    We still havent had much rain and are hoping the draught will break in the next couple of weeks, our water storage capacity is 29% full, not much......

    Maybe the dust is being a result of your dryness there, is it dry with little rain there, it definately isnt good for asthma, have you ever heard swimming supposed to be good for asthma???? sometimes we have dust storms for the country ares, very scary

    Love your pic you are a beautiful young lady! Your hubby is very lucky to have you, hope you dont say lots of blonde things though????lol

    I too didnt get on with my mum all that well but the last six months of her life we had really special times and Iam so glad I made the time for her, over the past i realise I was too busy with MY family and my concerns to be there for her, now I miss her heaps and I try amd make ammends with those I have had bad times with..... so the same thing wont happen again, guess i learned my lesson...

    It will be lovely for you and your husband to get away just make sure you look after yourself girl and are able to enjoy.......

    Yeah language strange am glad you are going to use doona and i have ehard of the work fag i too have pommy friend who uses it but Aussies also use that word for cigarette..
    I just take it for granted everybody speaks the same, Iam sure I will use other words that will tickle your

    Am having a awful time with friends who dont understand where Iam at, one in particular who has CFS has so little empathy for me its unbeleivable....she is telling me FMS is a symptom of CFS and that FM isnt a syndrome and that this network isnt good and that any info i get from the net is sus and doesnt believe in alternative meds.....
    I have been friends with her for 17 years and she is ateacher for special needs children, God help them....

    You have any more knowledge on that???? Its so hard to surf the net it takes so much enery....

    K darling girl will make a end to all this and finish cooking tea ( dinner) tea is at the end of the day, round 6 pm in the evening.....

    Hope to hear from you soon

    love and angel hugs to you and your family
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    bumping for kat
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    Hey Connie Lady!

    I'm sorry you have had a bad streak of pain for the past six weeks...(((HUGS))). I've been skirting the edge of a bad flare...still bad pain in my right shoulder and neck and now my left shoulder. I'm just not sleeping well and I wake up all night long from the pain...sometimes my shoulders have been feeling numb in the middle of the night. They say FM isn't progressive, but it sure feels that way sometimes, doesn't it? :p

    It is disappointing that your friend isn't more supportive. I think FM is an illness all on its own. I don't believe that it is a symptom of CFS. Your friend needs to be more open-minded, especially as a special ed teacher!

    I always keep an open mind to both traditional medicine and the homeopathic-what works for one person, may not work for another and vice versa. In fact, I prefer the homeopathic to traditional medicine, as I think it is healthier for you physically and emotionally.

    I think our FM board is wonderful. It is a place to go to for emotional support from people who can truly understand, because they are experiencing the same sorts of pain. If you friend doesn't like it, well then, she should just stay off the board. What matters is that it brings you comfort.

    I read in your profile that you have an interest in crystals? What kinds of crystals do you use? I've just been reading into them myself. There is so much information on the internet!

    Thanks for your compliments on my picture! I may be blonde physically, but I'm not mentally! :) And, I always enjoy a good "blonde joke". :)

    I hope you are doing a bit better and haven't been under the "doona" too much! :) I was very happy to read that your feet are no longer swollen-must've been the bp meds! How are your seizures? I hope not too frequent...

    What do you typically have for "tea"? I was an ambitious girl tonight and made ham fried rice. I'm a lifetime "Weight Watchers" member (lost 50lbs. in 1998 and have kept it off, with the exception of my pregnancy with my daughter) and it was one of their recipes. It was very good and very easy!!!

    Off to bed. My hubby and I call our big comforter a doona now! :)

    Lots of love,
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    So glad to hear from you, usually the first thing I do, check the board...My days ok i think the colder weather has somthing to do with it as well, was feeeling crap today my right arm really sore, upper arm and having difficulty reaching and lifting ie hang the washing and reaching and that "doona" Kat I have so much trouble putting the cover on it girl!

    going to the doctor tomorrow and have heaps of questions again......have you ever heard of leaky gut? its supposed to have the same symptoms as well, cant see it somehow Naturopath thought I had that, its where nutition not being absorbed

    Yes am still getting over my friends attitude and especially someone with CFS and a teacher for the disabled. I too keep an open mind and look for lots of info but as she said most stuff on the net incorrect, i beg to differ with that.....

    am always looking to the natural way to assist but always tell the doc, In the UK I believe they have a homeopathic hospital but here they dont and you have to go to a conventional one and then what? try to combine the two with the knowledge of the gp

    I was into crystal quite heavily for a number of years after my first husband passed. I would go into a crystal shop and want to buy say a rose quartz, its for emotional healing and I would come out with an amethyst, its works on quieting the brain.....I have a beautiful cathedral amethys just near the computer that Jim got me, its really lovely. amethyst good for rhuamatics as well, maybe what we need, maybe we can get work in quarry where they mine it???lol it will cure and aches and pains girl!

    They say you will always go to the ones your body needs, its facinating and i have always wanted to work in such a shop, very peaceful and beautiful. Sadly its seems to have a fad and not many such shops left.........
    What about over there, you have shops, they are usually spiritual shops?

    We can have anything for tea kat, as long as its food.
    Usually its our hot meal, tonight we had pizza delivered as I was too busy socialising! But tomorrow night we are having sweet and sour meatballs with boiled rice, i also cook heaps of veggies like, green beans, carrots, peas, corn, cauli and brocolli and thos that want it can take it. I usually have more veggie than the other.

    sometimes its steak or chicken with chips and veggies.

    Iam a soup person so i may have that itstead with some veggies....

    I have had problems with my weight always i think, and WOW congratulations my darling for losing 50 lbs, how cool! and so much hard work......
    I have trouble losing with everybody, have tried herbal life, jenny craig, weight watchers and sureslim and am over trying anything else. 15 months ago maybe 2 years i lost on my own 10kgs and have promptly put back on 17kgs
    Now I feel like Iam pregnant with twins! that woiuld make the papers!!!! You are fantastic to be able to keep it off, i think its like being a addict the temptation is always there to comfort eat, I dont eat much but i do like my choccy and bread....

    K sweetie have to go am tired, have docs apptment in morning, then coffee with friend ( yeah there are some left) actually she is an old one renewed.....thats cool
    and then have to resubmit my resignation to the school i worked for and also hand my last medical certificate in, emotional stuff.....

    angel hugs and fairy kisses to you all

    happy dreams under your doona!
    [This Message was Edited on 06/16/2007]
  20. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    bumping for Kat 15/06/2007

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